I’m 300 year old, and I have a hard time to understand mortals.

Nowadays it’s exhausting and difficult to be the friend of someone who is having a baby. You gotta put yourself together and buy a present for the baby shower. Then you gotta buy a present for the sip and see. And now you gotta put yourself together for the goddamn gender reveal party.

Humans just love coming up with ways to waste money.

A gender reveal party used to be where the mom and dad just cut a cake, and it’d be pink cake for a girl and blue cake for a boy. *eye roll* But now people are getting more and more theatrical and over-the-top with revealing to their friends and family what kind of genitals their unborn baby has.

Seriously, whatever happened to the magic of keeping some privacy.

Gone are the days when you revealed the gender of your baby by having it!

You can watch the video here.

And yes, it’s Bill Murray. When Bill hit it, blue glitter exploded everywhere, which means she’s pregnant with either a boy or a Smurf.

Frankly, couples doing this type of stupid unnecessary parties are meant to divorce.