It’s only Wednesday but my week is been pretty agitated, sexually, and not with my usual men.

Exposing myself is never the best idea to keep my virginity intact. Despite my self-deprecating ways, I attract people no matter what and so by Tuesday at least eleven guys offered me their bodies as ancient cultures offered living creatures to the gods. In this case no one died, except a dick in my ass.

Privilege is a luxury I have access to, and so I chose Bruce to make me company last night.

He was fun, friendly, passionate, sexual and all that, BUT (I’m picky AF) he had a small penis to my surprise (small = less than 7.5″) which made me realise I’ve become a superficial tramp.

But don’t get me wrong, I was not frustrated whatsoever, he ate my ass really good, in fact, he was mesmerised with my anatomy, which satisfied me, because I’m a pleaser, I’m happy when people has pleasure with my body; yet, charity I only do for animals, not for men.

Meaning, I was happy he cummed, but he’s not what I need.

Still, I hate to break people’s heart ’cause he seemed sincerely interested to get to know me more…

Perhaps I don’t deserve any one, I already gave up love and romance long ago. But that’s the curse of a vampire… Everyone around you dies while you still alive, no longer having a heart.