It was my day off yesterday and I tried to be as productive as possible, among the stuff I did I got a new iPhone and I also went to the clinic to do my std screening… 

The last one was 3 months ago.

Sexual active people like myself has the obligation to do it often because I may be a slut, but I’m not a bitch. (A slut cares for your pleasure. A bitch doesn’t care about your life).

So, there I was waiting to be called and when that happened, I got up of the chair, walked to the doctor, stood next to her, and strangely… She called my name again looking for me.

I was like:

  • Me: I’m here…
  • Dr: Are you *insert my name*?
  • Me: yes
  • Dr: Are you *insert my age (300 year old)*?
  • Me: yes
  • Dr: “You look like 20’s”
  • Me: lol

This is not the first time a doctor, a trainer, or whoever else who check my ID is in disbelief. Last month at the dermatologist, the doctor asked me the exact same thing.

After the doctor (she was a new young doctor) did a check-up on me, she called another doctor (her superior) just to make sure all was good. Reading my medical file the other doctor looked at me and said: “What’s your secret? You don’t look over 28”. 

I laughed again, and said “Solitude, that’s the secret”.

And that has become my truth, because as Gabriel García Marquez rightly quoted:

The secret of a good old age is simply an honourable pact with solitude.