The first thing I did today was calling my mom and my sister. Then I texted my cousins, aunts and some of my exes to wish their moms a happy day.

My ex’s moms always considered me part of their family and I’m very appreciative of that. Also, they are ladies I admire in their role of moms.

Over the years, I’ve seen how supportive and cool they were about my ex’s sexuality and it was impossible not to love them.

Although my mother love me, I never got that support from her when I was young. Unlike the mothers of my exes, my mom just turned her back pretending I was not different… She didn’t protect me whenever I felt discriminated, or encouraged me to be myself.

However, my mom is from another generation (and country,) she’s now 70 and back when I was a kid, society was different (closed-minded and full of prejudices,) parents didn’t have the information we have today and even them were raised with taboos.

Meeting Bunny’s (one of my exes) mom years ago was a revelation for me. She was so ultra open-minded and supportive of him that in my eyes she was heroic. 

From then, I got used to the rest of cool other moms.

Every time I heard Bunny, or David, or Xavier, talking to their moms over the phone (even about sex) I felt incredulous and also fascinated thinking how lucky they are.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom and she raised me the best she could.

After all, I built a strong personality thanks to her lack of protection. I don’t need any one around during hard times because, in that regard, I’ve always been alone.

That said, Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there.