I’vent been able to make a proper update and for that I apologise. I know I shouldn’t because who cares about my stupid blog anyway, but I like to believe some lost soul relates with my incapacity to understand this basis society and do as everyone else. I like to believe I’m not the only misfit.

Last week was pretty hectic at work and life in general. But this one I have more days off, so I’ll have more time to blog about the usual sex, politics, art and society in general.

So… I haven’t had sex in several days. I haven’t heard or contacted any of my men because I don’t like to bother people, I just wait for them to ask me for it.

However, I have these 2 new guys wanting to date me. Joe and Jhaime because the letter J keeps following me… See the majority of my exes names start with J.

Who tells me if one of these guys is not my next ex?

On the other hand Bruce wants to fuck me tonight, and I may say yes, because I’m overdue for some action. As I said, maybe ’cause I have a date with Jhaime tomorrow night.

In other news I received this package this morning…

It’s a dumb pricey book I bought to one of my cousins, as a present, for when I’ll go visit them next month in South America. She collects unnecessary fancy stuff as any rich girl does, but she totally deserves it ’cause she truly treats me like a star.

Anyway, I gotta get ready to gym and try to look hot for my new man. Be right back!