It must be the Spring effect because lately I’ve been getting more compliments than usual… Or maybe the fact I’m not hidden under sunglasses day and night is helping to feed my narcissism. Regardless. Thank you.

The thing is I’m not stranger to compliments despite the fact self-deprecation is my jam.

But these days it’s been a lot more frequent to hear a nice words from random strangers. 

The other day at some store the pretty girl on the cash, I was about to pay my stuff, just stared at me for few seconds before apologising for staring at me saying I have a nice shape of eyes while I pretended nothing happened. At the clinic last week, some lady on the elevator complimented my outfit before getting off, and the doctor complimented my vampire face. 

Today at the gym, renewing my membership, the jock at the reception was like “You look younger than me.” And today also at another store, another girl told me “Nice style.”

So, I was like… 

Yes it’s nice to hear nice stuff, but it’s also uncomfortable in a way, specially for someone like I who’s pretty shy in real life. 

I know here on the blogosphere I post assorted slut-snaps and inhibitions don’t exist, but it’s only here because I don’t have that real face-to-face contact that make me anxious.

That said, my quasi-boyfriend, Jhaime, is the opposite of me and he also showers me in compliments but totally hates when I undervalue myself…


Truly, I’m all for when you got it flaunt It!

But… l’d like to be rich instead of whatever else.