It’s no secret sex is my fuel, it gives me energy, inspiration, motivation and all the good stuff to keep my spirit high.

Sex is also my downfall, my krytonite, and what gets me in trouble many times.

Still, I need it because, blame my Latin blood!

My plan today was to fuck with Bruce this evening, but his plan was to cuddle after fucking. And since I just want him to go after fucking me, he didn’t like the idea. So I was like thank u next! 

See, I get up at 5:30 AM, I work the whole day and by 8 PM I just want sex without the extra work of cuddling someone I don’t even have feelings for.

Obviously I had other options, and one of them was this hungry 23 year old power-bottom (Lucas) that harassed me the whole day to eat his ass… He knew I used to be a top, and still a 100% ass-lover.

Obviously I said yes for 3 reasons:

  1. He is a dancer = HOT ASS
  2. He was cute
  3. He had a great slutty attitude

In other words, he was my type! 

His ass on my face was love at first sight. God! How much I missed a good bubble butt. He had a perfect fuckable ass and I feasted to exhaustion. At some point I even penetrated him but only to taste it. Our deal was only eating, even though, once in climax he asked me to go all the way.

After we ejaculate he said “You are amaaazing,” and I replied “YOU are amazing!” “You should top again” he continued, and I was like… “I should…” 

We got along pretty well, and I may see him again when he comes back to Montreal in few months… Yeah, he’s not from here but he comes often.

All that been said, bottoms like Lucas make me realise that although I have a great sex life, I enjoyed the most when I was the top.