More Miscellaneous

Sorry for the lack of updates, my life has changed since I started my new job… I’m just exhausted with no energies left to do whatever else. This week I went to bed super early, most days I was already sleeping by 10 PM, except last Thursday that I finished work at that time… And BD came to sex me several hours after that.

I mean my sex life still pretty active, in fact I have a “date” with a demigod later, but blogging requires more concentration. Anyhow, here I am catching up.

So this week I got three small books/catalogues related to Montreal.

J’aime it’s about all the things the author loves. She invites you to discover all the colours of her universe, mainly in Montreal, sharing her favourite spots and discoveries in the city. It’s like a touristic guide of unusual stuff.

100% Montréal it’s a collection of profiles from people of different backgrounds living in the city. The concept of this book is to show how diversity makes of Montreal a multicultural paradise.

Derrière la neige it’s the testimony of a French family living in Quebec (Montreal). They compare in a funny way the extreme of both countries (France and Canada) that only have in common the same language (French). 

You can tell I love Montreal.