I couldn’t wait to watch the latest Avengers, so I did yesterday.

Although I’m a fan of superheroes movies, I don’t act like a child laughing, screaming and clapping whenever something seems exciting, which was the reaction of many adults in the room getting on my nerves… Jesus! Can we all just watch the fucking film without overreacting?

That been said, Avengers: Endgame was well done (despite the many plotholes,) and VERY long.

I won’t give away much, but it was satisfying seen some main characters die at last, because being a hero doesn’t mean surviving every battle, but fighting until the end for what’s right.

I was bored by the “new” Thor and Hulk. I was excited by Captain Marvel. And I was satisfied to see again some female characters and sidekicks taking back the big screen.

Endgame feels like a summer camp sad goodbye for the friends we won’t see again, but leaves you happy for the memories.