David vs Goliath

The crowned crane may look like an uppity bitch of opulence who would rather destroy a bitch with a devastating side-eye or ask to speak with its rival’s manager than get its feathers dirty with peasant dust by fighting a bitch.

But I shouldn’t judge a decadent book by its cover because this crowned crane was ready to try to fuck an elephant herd up for getting too close to its nest for comfort.

The video was taken at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya by Tayla McCurdy who said that when the herd of elephants got close to a nest of eggs, a crowned crane’s feathers ruffled all the way up and it pulled some “hold me back, bro” shit, which apparently amused the elephant until it didn’t anymore and it tried to trunk slap a bitch before exiting the scene.

Honestly, though, that crowned crane may be an overrating drama queen, but that’ll teach those elephants!