Was I drunk? Not really, but alcohol definitely affect limits and inhibitions… And I had some. That, plus the fact I was totally comfortable ’cause I already knew him despite haven’t seen him in some months…

So, Nick texted me yesterday evening, we made plans for Saturday, but since he was not far from Montreal (he lives like an hour away) he came last night and pretty much destroyed my hole. 

Unlike last time, he only fucked me twice, but that was enough ’cause I was exhausted from work. Not to mention my ass needed a break from all that pounding, stretching and filling.

If I were a woman, I’d be pregnant of him because he’s a cum machine.

Before kicking him out we cuddle a bit… He hugged me, kissed me, and got way too comfortable… And I felt horrible to tell him to go, but I work!

See, although I could be totally reckless during sex, I’m very responsible with my obligations.  In short, it was great to feel Nick again.