Realistic Sand Sculptures

If you’re an artist, everything is a medium. And for Andoni Bastarrika, that’s sand. That’s right, while most of us feel really good about ourselves after we build a castle at the beach, Bastarrika isn’t content with that. His works are much more ambitious, usually revolving around the natural world.

From bulls to sharks and beyond. Check out (below) some of the best creatures the artist has made.

And yes, they aren’t just animals that he unearthed, Bastarrika really did sculpt them.

Sand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaSand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaSand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaSand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaSand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaAndoni Bastarrika - Sand sculptures (con imágenes) | Arte, Arte ...Sand-Art-Andoni-Bastarrika

Very talented.