After working 10 days in a row, a day off at last!

And my day off started yesterday as soon as I arrived home… I had a feeling the night would be busy and my intuition was right… HugeD Top22 (another of my regulars) texted me asking if I was home (code for I’m coming to fuck you), and I couldn’t lie. #BlameMyHonesty

He was in Italy for over a month and returned last week because classes have already started. Needless so say back to school is always a welcoming fuckfest, so we pick up where we left off.

This guy has one of the thickest cock… And I swear I’ve been with many men, most of them super well hung, but HugeD Top22 is thick, shameless and memorable.

Gladly, he didn’t put my ass out of service like he did few times before even though he filled me twice.

You know, every time I post about my sexual encounters with different guys, there’s a moment when a part of me (my reasoning side) is like “WTF happened to you?”, because the essence of my blog was something else, something I no longer have. Trauma permanently changes us and this is the frightening truth about deception. You never really get over it… At best, you grieve and make some kind of peace with it. But a heavy disruption leaves a new normal behind.

There’s no going back to who you were before.

And again, when I get too serious I also dislike it….

So, back to sex.

Today I also got a message from another hot specimen that it’s been trying to do my old bones for a while. During the time I was exclusive to Max, so the timing was bad. But now single the moment has arrived.

In short, monday night was sexpectacular.

And it will repeat tomorrow tonight.