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Diamond Candy by QUEEN Elva Hsiao

Go forward with no worries, there are hopes for every moment.


Reuters reports:

Peru’s former president Alan Garcia shot himself in the head early on Wednesday after police arrived at his home to arrest him in connection with a bribery investigation, the interior ministry said. Garcia, 69, underwent emergency surgery at the Casimiro Ulloa hospital and suffered three cardiac arrests, Health Minister Zulema Tomas said in broadcast comments.

Garcia was one of nine people a judge ordered to be arrested on Wednesday in connection with an investigation into bribes distributed by Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction company that triggered Latin America’s biggest graft scandal when it admitted publicly in late 2016 that it had secured lucrative contracts across the region with bribes.

This bitch has stolen soooo much… And even now, he’s stealing Jesus’s spotlight on Easter.

That is one way for his story to end.

Drumpf should take a lesson.

There are so many holidays happening this weekend in Montreal and there will be no shortage of events celebrating them.

Earth Day is this Monday, April 22, but many events honouring the planet will be taking place this weekend. Of course, 4/20 is on Saturday, and the entire city is gearing up to celebrate this day legally for the first time. Finally, Easter is around the corner, which for many means brunching with family (and a long weekend!).

Below some public activities happening in the city.


This is a collective musical production in which a single moving swing sets off a note, and several create a melody!

The 21 Balançoires installation was custom-made for the Promenade des Artistes in the Quartier des Spectacles. The work was created by Daily tous les jours, in collaboration with animal behaviourist Luc-Alain Giraldeau from UQAM and Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, who composed the score of this fun installation.

PLOGGING (jogging and picking up litter)

As the spring thaw lays bare the discarded waste of winter, many Canadian fitness enthusiasts are trying to spread the word about plogging, an eco-friendly exercise mashup that combines the endorphin rush of jogging with the environmental benefits of picking up trash.

Celebrate 4/20 In The Park

Drums and smoke will be part of the festive vibe at Mount Royal Park to mark 4/20, the annual day of celebration for cannabis culture, now fully legal in Canada. 

Lufa Farms Earth Day Open House

Lufa Farms built the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse with the vision of changing the way we feed cities and creating an ecologically and economically sustainable model for urban farming. Meet the team and see how we grow veggies on Montreal rooftops year-round.


Taking place on the 46th floor of the Observatoire Ville Marie, the Yoga Brunch includes one full hour of yoga class followed by a brunch at the restaurant Les Enfants Terribles. 

And there’s more stuff happening this weekend, but I just leave it here…

Any season in Montreal there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Seen on the picture dressed like a child beauty pageant queen about to do a dance performance of the Dixie Chicks’ White Trash Wedding, Madonna has queefed out Medellin, the first single off her new album Madame X.

Madge has taken a much-needed break from terrorising the corneas of her Instagram followers with beyond filtered selfies from creepy HELL and has been using her social media pages to tease her new album and new song with my ex-husband Maluma.

The beginning starts with some whispery cha cha chas and Madonna letting us know that she auto-tuned her voice more than she filters her Instagram selfies, and then it’s just 5 minutes of an intro.

I kept waiting for the damn song to start. I thought I was going to get the sequel to La Isla Bonita and instead I got La Isla BOREnita.

Dear Madge,
It’s okay to retire from making new music, and just perform your hits and classics at a Vegas Show. You know, the shit people actually want to hear and remember you by.

All your original fans.

Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

I owe it all to you.

The winners of the year’s most highly anticipated photojournalism contest have been announced. At the April 11 awards ceremony in Amsterdam, American photojournalist John Moore took home the top honour at the 62nd annual World Press Photo Contest.

His haunting image of a Honduran toddler wailing as her mother is searched by US Border Patrol in Texas was named 2019 World Press Photo of the Year.

Crying Girl On The Border By John Moore

Below other winners:

Akashinga – the Brave Ones, by Brent Stirton. Brent Stirton’s photo shows Petronella Chigumbura, 30, a member of an all-female anti-poaching unit called Akashinga, participating in stealth and concealment training in the Phundundu Wildlife Park, Zimbabwe.

The Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, by Chris McGrath

Almajiri Boy, by Marco Gualazzini. Marco Gualazzini captured a shot of an orphaned boy in Bol, Chad, walking past a wall with drawings depicting rocket-propelled grenade launchers. The image is part of the documentation of the humanitarian crisis in the Chad Basin, caused by a combination of political conflict and environmental factors. Lake Chad, once one of Africa’s largest lakes and a lifeline to 40 million people, is experiencing massive desertification, shrinking by nine-tenths due to climate change, population growth and irrigation.

Blessed Be the Fruit: Ireland’s Struggle to Overturn Anti-Abortion Laws by Olivia Harris

Flamingo Socks By V

Unilateral by Brendan Smialowski

Syria, No Exit By Mohammed Badra

“Evacuated” By Wally Skalij

Glass Butterfly By Angel Fitor. A winged comb jelly, Leucothea multicornis, its wings widely opened, propels itself through waters off Alicante, Spain.

No words.

The American politicians are the gift that keeps on giving…

Some Republican homophobic douche, Aaron Schock, who repeatedly voted against the rights of gay people while in office  was spotted making out with a guy (or two) over the weekend at Coachella.

(Coachella? He’s an even bigger douchebag than I thought).

Schock is known for his support of a federal amendment to ban same-sex marriage and his support of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. 

Not to mention he recently slid out of corruption charges including filing false tax returns, mail fraud, wire fraud, submitting false reports to the FEC, false statements, and theft of government funds, defrauding the government of more than $100,000.

Yes A REAL JEWEL this motherfuker is.

Long history of it in the republican party…

You know, I just did some research on him and to be honest, I don’t know who he was fooling…. His poses, lifestyle and clothes scream I LOVE COCK to me.

It’s so unbelievably frustrating to see a man that voted against other people rights time and time again, living so freely and openly, while his voting record is responsible for so much misery in the gay American community.

He’s a Republican after all, and gays like him only know 2 things: The gym and being a whore! Never expect anything more.