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No longer Bored

After a miraculous sexual abstinence for almost 14 days, I got fucked last night.

Joe is straight-curious, he was super easy going, HOT, and provided what my body was craving for… some well-deserved passionate fuck!

Despite the fact he cummed relatively fast ’cause I’m pretty tight, I had a good time. Not only he had the body and dick, but also a fun personality.

And speaking of great personalities I skipped meeting Anthony the other day out of laziness (he wanted to go to a bar and clubbing, instead of just fucking, while I worked that day and had to work the next day again,) but also because I liked him.

And that should be a good thing, but he was in town only visiting… 

That reminded of my story with Justin (he was also in town visiting, and after much insistence I met him only to fall for him and never see him again #FML) and I didn’t want to repeat that. I no longer want to miss anyone!

In short, not having sex for almost 2 weeks made my blog more human, but also everything too slow, which makes me bored.

And boredom is another state I can’t allow myself to feel.

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Tune Of The Day

Can We Dance by The Vamps

Should I go, should I stay? Just can’t let her slip away.

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Latin History for Morons

I watched this Off-Broadway play on Netflix last night.

Although overall comical, I didn’t like the”ghetoness” and raunchiness. Not all of us speak or act that way. Or come from an island, or a poor environment. But anyway.

Lohn Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons, now online, is not for morons, and it is not just a “history” lesson. It is an homage to heritage, to parenthood, to Leguizamo’s family and specifically to his son.

Two words: Not bad.

At first I thought this might include lots of Mexican and Puerto Rican history, since that’s the majority of Latinos living in the US. But he got to talk a bit about South America and the richest & biggest Empire of all, THE INCAS! (from whom Spain stole all the gold to become who they are).

This play is like a treatise being given by a slightly mad professor.

So when his son experienced bullying in eighth grade, Leguizamo took it as a personal mission. He was going to figure out a way to show his son that his Latin heritage (never mind the Jewish part his wife provided) was something to be proud of.

Hundreds of years ago there were 9 million Incas, 8 million North American Indians, 3 million Caribbean Indians, 6 million Mexican Indians for a total of 26 million people.

After the GREAT EXTERMINATION there were 1.3 million. Period.

Between all the mentioned above, they gave us tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate, avocados, corn, tobacco, cotton, aqueducts and pyramids, and oh yeah, GOLD!

In return the Spanish conquistadors gave them diseases such as smallpox and syphilis.

I don’t know the history of Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico, because I’m South American and we have 12 other countries there, but what he said about the Inca Empire was accurate.

Now, this is not xenophobic speech, just facts! (At least the South America side). And most important, a comedy show.

Leguizamo is one the greatest actors of Hispanic background in the United States, he’s irreverent and super versatile. However, he’s also the most underrated for some reason.

And although he was born in Colombia but raised American, he considers himself Puerto Rican, for some reason too. Regardless of his personal choices and delivery, he’s incredibly talented.

I would never forget him as a drag queen is the 90s film “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.. he was AMAZING.

Again, this play was not bad!

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Why everyone is so Shocked and Upset?

Yesterday on the internet every single page had Ariana Grande on the news.

At first I thought she died. But then I realised society was just being dumb.  

Ever since she broke up with the meth face guy, Ariana have followed up her always-in-the-media relationship campaign with a mostly-in-the-media break up tour.

Apparently, her show is not over. Now she has moved into the next phase of her post-engagement renaissance: a dramatic haircut!

She revealed the “dramatic change” to everyone on Instagram.

And I put the words “dramatic change” in quotations because, what? I need someone to explain why everyone is so shocked and upset about this?

Some of her fans were commenting such extreme reactions as: “OMGOGMGOG” and “Noooooooooooooooooooo”.

What I want to know is: do these people really think all that hair was HERS and didn’t involve just  removing some extensions and a fake pony tail? 

No wonder some people believe the Kardashians are “natural”.

Anyway, now she doesn’t have to mess with it during oral.

On the other hand, she looks like 12 with all those idiotic snapchat filters.

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642 Things To Write About: The biggest Lie Anyone Told You

IMG_3349I don’t consider “the biggest lie” any of the lies I’ve been told.

Although is not cool, I’ve never trust anyone enough to be affected by a lie.

A lie may hurt less than the truth, but a disappointment hurts more than both, and it last longer than pain.

Some liars are clever and some pretty dumb, but in the end none bright enough.

Also, finding out a lie is never as shocking as finding out a secret, and for THAT… I do have a story.

Back in 2012 I was in a relationship (obviously) when I found out via Facebook (while having him next to me) that my then boyfriend got a job in Toronto and was planing to move back.

I confronted him on the spot (speaking out is always the best way to go,) I was in disbelieve, flustered and hurt. We lived together and he was hiding important stuff to me.

Against the suspicions I had for few months (due to his unusual behaviour: He changed!) this episode was the prelude of our end. 

To come to the point…

Nobody ever told me the “biggest lie,” but someone made ME feel like one.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss by P.M. Dawn 

I wonder what I would find if I met you.

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Double Knockout

Dolph Lundgren famously battled Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV. The 61-year-old Swedish actor returns to the franchise to reprise his role of Ivan Drago in Creed II

And here he is gracing the latest cover of Men’s Health with German-Romanian panty-creamer/boxer/actor Florian “Big Nasty” Muntuneau who plays his son in the film.

The first movie was good, but this one is hot! 

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