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It was all supposed to be so simple… Go to India, show off our Indo-Canadian cabinet ministers, sign a trade agreement or two and cap it all off by gladhanding with everyone’s favourite world leader, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Instead, trying-hard Canadian Prime Minister turned into a Bollywood parade of foreign gaffes.

The first days politicians refused to meet him (due to Trudeau’s support of Sikh separatist groups,) Trudeau was in India for several days without seeing the country’s Prime Minister… But this isn’t all that unusual.

India is a populous, emerging economy that generally has better things to do than hang around with the now  attention-whore America Junior.

Still, after numerous hug-saturated foreign trips, it’s a little discordant that Trudeau was brushed off by the huggiest leader in Indian history.

Seriously, dude hugs whatever moves…

Anyhow, the fact is Trudeau was acting like a clown ruining the honourable image of Canada with his tackiness.

But the gaffe-prone visit morphed into a full-blown foreign policy disaster when Surrey, B.C., businessman Jaspal Atwal was invited to a Canadian diplomatic event Tuesday where he was photographed next to both Sophie Gregoire Trudeau…

Atwal is also a convicted terrorist, having attempted to assassinate a Punjabi cabinet minister in 1986 while the latter was visiting B.C. Atwal was also charged, but not convicted, in the vicious 1985 beating of Ujjal Dosanjh, a vocal anti-extremist and later Liberal cabinet minister.

Keep in mind that this visit is happening amid widespread Indian accusations that Canada is nurturing a resurgence of extremist Sikh terrorism… And that the government is too incompetent to notice.

This was nothing more than a family vacation at our expense with a heavy dose of indecorum.

I guess, we can finally all agree that when it comes to World Leaders Justin Trudeau is without a doubt proven himself over and over again that he is NO LEADER whatsoever. 

The good news is, we can dump him the next election!

On behalf of my fellow Canadians, I apologise for all the embarrassment.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Djobi Djoba by Gipsy Kings

Cada dia yo te quiero más.

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About My Previous Question…

Exactly puritan American. Kill each other but god forbid you have consensual pleasure.

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Teens Are Better at Grilling Politicians Than Reporters

As American Senator Marco Rubio was grilled by teens few night ago, scores of actual professional journalists asked themselves some variation of this question:

It is actually not a hard question to answer! The first reason is access.

Teens don’t have to worry about losing access to Marco Rubio. It took an extraordinary and tragic set of circumstances for these particular students to have the access to him, and they knew it would be their only chance to directly confront him.

For the students, their livelihoods do not depend on being able to gain access to Marco Rubio (or any other jerk whose sole priority is money) in the future. 

On the other hand, that issue of access is so sad and disgusting.

This is a man who refuses to meet or talk with the people he’s paid to represent (the people who elected him in fact,) unless they’re willing to shuck up thousands of dollars.

Also, WTF with the orange idiot and assorted imbeciles wanting to arm teachers??? WHAT DA FUCK is going on in that country? Legit question right there.

Regardless, I’m not American but I’m very proud of those teens.

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First Come First Serve

Kevin is a Belgian I’ve been texting with for several weeks, but we have been too busy to get together… him doing homework and me doing guys. Kevin is a bottom, and even though he knows I’m a retired top, he still wants us to play.

Obviously I couldn’t say no.

I may see him this weekend, but nothing is confirmed yet cause I’m waiting for Mark2 to let me know if we are also having plans… Not to mention Randy… Or whoever else.

It’s my weekend off after all, so first come first serve.

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The Only Music Critic That Matters

If Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Pitchfork really cared about the integrity and quality of their music reviews, they’d get into a massive bidding war to hire this Chihuahua with flawless taste as their new chief music critic.

There’s not much info about the clip below, except for the fact that this  Chihuahua has an impeccable ear and gives the only review of Fergie’s National Anthem performance that is needed.

@TheJose8A, who posted the clip on Twitter, says that thedogs isn’t his…

Well, whoever is the human of this pooch should be proud that they’re caring for one of the greatest critical minds of our time!

This pooch obviously spends all of its time studying musical technique and performance, and doesn’t have time for silly shit like brushing its teeth, going to the dentist or flossing.

When Fergie hits that high note, she sounds like a cat getting ass fucked with a taser, so you would think that the Chihuahua would give a thumbs up to a torturous cat sound. But this pooch is able to suppress any feeling about cats to give an unbiased review.

A total pro!

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Tune Of The Day

Rien ne sert de courir by Karim Ouellet 

Tant pis baby je ne suis plus le même.

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