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A Human-Robot Dance

During a TED Talk event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Taiwanese choreographer and engineer Huang Yi performed an absolutely gorgeous pas de deux with an emotionally responsive, intricately reticulating single arm robot affectionately named KUKA.

For this performance, KUKA was programmed to move not only in harmony with both the graceful movements of the dance but with the sound of Joshua Roman‘s cello solo.

Huang Yi’s pioneering work is steeped in his fascination with the partnership between humans and robots and it’s beautiful. Art has no rules and this is visual poetry to me.

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Tune Of The Day

Summer Days by Milow ft Sebastián Yatra  

Hold on to meet one more time.

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This Holiday Season, Get A Life!!

Every year when the new Starbucks holidays cups come out, someone finds a reason to get offended by them.

First they were too “Christmassy”, then they weren’t “Christmassy” enough, then people thought Starbucks was waging a war on Christmas because, AMERICA!

Now some people are freaking out over what seems to be a pretty innocent design.

Sure it has some Christmas references, but that’s not whats’s pissing people off. Pathetically enough, those hands on the picture on top are the issue.

Some people with nothing better to do are saying that those androgynous hands on the cup may be of a same-sex couple… Obviously, Fox news even went as far as accusing Starbucks of pushing ‘gay agenda’ ’cause they do all, except journalism. 

Starbucks claims their cup was intentionally designed so their customers can interpret it in their own way. So whatever those people are getting offended by, it’s all in their own fucking twisted head.

Seriously, some humans need real issues in their life. Actually, they need a life!!

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Shit Sequels Say

Sorry for the lack of updates, between work, errands and fornication I had no energies to blog. But today is another day and I’m off at last.

I’m in the wrong realm and I think everyone can tell.


I’ve learned enough watching sequels of romantic comedies (or sequels in general) that the sequels of romantic comedies are complete wastes of romance and my humour.

Take Bridget Jone’s Diary. The first film was fine because it hit the right tone of humour, irony, sarcasm, humiliation, and heartbreak which is what a good romance is.

Then there’s the Edge of Reason, the sequel to the Golden Globe nominated film which was so bad, even the sheep in my dreams had bruises.

And there’s also Aladdin 2, or some other sort of stupidity that completely destroys the fantasy of happy endings.

The message is simple: there are no happy endings, but shitty sequels.

Life isn’t that much different…

After a while, some of us, looking for that end, turned into a shitty sequel of ourselves.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Alex seems confused with my attitude. The fact that I gave him another chance to hang out didn’t mean exclusivity. He thought we would be dating like before, but even if his penis pleasures me, his personality doesn’t.

A sequel won’t be the best idea simply because, I do not trust him.

Perhaps I am the issue…

When I was young and pure, after my 7 years relationship (Hubby) I got into a relationship with the next guy I met (Bunny). After that breakup (Bunny) it took me 2 guys before I met my next boyfriend (Jaden).

After that bf (Jaden), it took me 8 guys before I met the next one (Joseph).

Once over (Joseph) it took me 4 to meet the next (David). After him (David,) it took me only 1 (PatrickA). And after that one, 1 again. (Xavier)

It’s been over 50 guys since my last bf, and I still haven’t met the next one.

I AM a shitty sequel!!!

See, it’s not my intention to make Alex feel stupid, but he should be grateful I accepted to fuck again ’cause I had the choice to say:

“I wish you never acted like an asshole so I could have some faith in you.”

My other choice was to leave the space below his message blank, like he left mine.

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Currently Reading…

I bought this book few days ago, The Zookeeper’s Wife.

I thought it was a fiction when I saw the cover with the beautiful and talented Jessica Chastain on it, but reading the introduction I found it’s a true story of a Polish couple who hid Jews at their zoo in Poland during WWII. 

Since it has two subject I’m fascinated by (history and animals) I didn’t have much to debate. 

Obviously there’s also a movie of this book, which I’m planing to see as soon as I’m done with it. 

In short, I never heard any of these. All I know is that this book is about the heroism of Jan and Antonina Żabiński, a couple that put their lives in jeopardy to save others. And that is reason enough to honour their memories by reading their story.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Om by Smolik ft Mika Urbaniak

You sucked our core, I don’t love you no more

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Quiz Du Jour

Light is easy to love… Show me your darkness!! Click

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