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David vs Goliath

The crowned crane may look like an uppity bitch of opulence who would rather destroy a bitch with a devastating side-eye or ask to speak with its rival’s manager than get its feathers dirty with peasant dust by fighting a bitch.

But I shouldn’t judge a decadent book by its cover because this crowned crane was ready to try to fuck an elephant herd up for getting too close to its nest for comfort.

The video was taken at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya by Tayla McCurdy who said that when the herd of elephants got close to a nest of eggs, a crowned crane’s feathers ruffled all the way up and it pulled some “hold me back, bro” shit, which apparently amused the elephant until it didn’t anymore and it tried to trunk slap a bitch before exiting the scene.

Honestly, though, that crowned crane may be an overrating drama queen, but that’ll teach those elephants!

Winners Of The 2020 BigPicture Natural World Photography

When the California Academy of Sciences announced their 2020 BigPicture Natural World Photography competition, they asked the photographers to send their work that “will both celebrate and illustrate the rich diversity of life on Earth and inspire action to protect and conserve it through the power of imagery.”

Now that the contest is over and the results have been announced, it’s safe to say that the call was answered.

Grand Prize: 'Hare Ball' By Andy Parkinson

Grand Prize: ‘Hare Ball’ By Andy Parkinson

Winged Life, Finalist: 'The Bee Eaters And The Agave Flower' By Salvador Colvée Nebot

Winged Life, Finalist: ‘The Bee Eaters And The Agave Flower’ By Salvador Colvée Nebot

Photo Story: Coexistence, Winner: 'Guardian Warriors' By Ami Vitale

Photo Story: Coexistence, Winner: ‘Guardian Warriors’ By Ami Vitale

Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist, Yeye In The Mist By Ami Vitale

Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist, Yeye In The Mist By Ami Vitale

Terrestrial Wildlife, Winner: 'Cheetah Hunting In Maasai Mara' By Yi Liu

Terrestrial Wildlife, Winner: ‘Cheetah Hunting In Maasai Mara’ By Yi Liu

Winged Life, Finalist: 'Camouflage Between Ferns' By Ruben Perez Novo

Winged Life, Finalist: ‘Camouflage Between Ferns’ By Ruben Perez Novo

Photo Story: Coexistence: 'Guardian Warriors' By Ami Vitale

Photo Story: Coexistence: ‘Guardian Warriors’ By Ami Vitale

Aquatic Life, Finalist: 'The Green Iguana' By Lorenzo Mittiga

Aquatic Life, Finalist: ‘The Green Iguana’ By Lorenzo Mittiga

Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: 'Bear-Spoilt Eggs' By Jon Langeland

Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘Bear-Spoilt Eggs’ By Jon Langeland

Photo Story: Coexistence: 'Guardian Warriors' By Ami Vitale

Photo Story: Coexistence: ‘Guardian Warriors’ By Ami Vitale

Winged Life, Winner: 'A Sip' By Piotr Naskrecki

Winged Life, Winner: ‘A Sip’ By Piotr Naskrecki

Landscapes, Waterscapes, And Flora, Finalist: 'Rain’s Visitors At Dusk' By Agorastos Papatsanis

Landscapes, Waterscapes, And Flora, Finalist: ‘Rain’s Visitors At Dusk’ By Agorastos Papatsanis

Winged Life, Finalist: 'Blue Room By' David Merron

Winged Life, Finalist: ‘Blue Room By’ David Merron

Beautiful and powerful!


Bobcats are elusive and nocturnal, so they’re rarely spotted in daylight. But here’s a treat for all the wild feline fans out there.

The impressive moment of a bobcat leaping across the weir for what seems like forever was captured on camera in Pecan Island, Louisiana.

The feline is seen composing himself right before the jump and reaching the other side in one single move.

There’s only 1 Olympic gold medal and the winner is clear!

Murder Hornets Because 2020 Just Keeps On Going

Murder hornets: The Asian giant hornet has arrived. Bees beware. - Vox

Another day, another story that really starts to feel like 2020 es un año DE MIERDA (shitty year sounds forceful in Spanish).

Asian giant hornets, which have been not-so-fondly dubbed murder hornets, have made their way to North America. They were discovered in British Columbia last summer but there’s growing concern the insects are establishing themselves in the U.S. and Canada.

“They’re like something out of a monster cartoon with this huge yellow-orange face,” said Susan Cobey, a bee breeder in the entomology department of Washington State University (WSU), in an April news release.

Officials in B.C. issued a warning in March about the winter-hibernating hornets appearing this spring and summer after some were found in White Rock, B.C. as well as neighbouring Washington state late last year.

“The Asian giant hornet is classified as a serious honeybee predator. Asian giant hornets hunt insects for food and generally are not interested in humans (however, they have killed as many as 50 people a year in Japan,) pets and livestock. When their nest is disturbed, they will attack with painful stings, which can be hazardous to people’s health,” a provincial bulletin reads.

The queens of this species can grow over five centimetres long, while other hornets are usually around 3.5 centimetres. 

The “murder hornets” invade hives and decapitate all the bees inside in a matter of hours. Scientists worry if they gain a foothold in North America, they’ll decimate already fragile bee populations, which in turn will affect food crop production… 

Giant 'murder hornets' that kill up to 50 people a year spotted ...

Great, without bees humanity will also collapse!

Spy in the Wild

With its clementine-coloured wings bordered with black lines and white spots, the monarch, also known as Danaus Plexippus, is a widely recognisable insect. As the weather changes and gets cooler, the monarchs migrate from their breeding grounds in Canada and the northern United States and fly to central Mexico, where they form clustered colonies on oyamel fir trees to conserve heat until the days grow longer and they migrate north once again. 

In this spectacular clip filmed by the PBS series Spy in the Wild, a mechanical “spy hummingbird” flies over a swarm of resting monarchs. Creators chose the flying creature because it feeds on nectar and thus isn’t seen as a threat.


Glowing Dolphins

Stunning new 4K video of dolphins swimming in blue bioluminescence ...

Photographer Patrick Coyne was lucky enough to capture some dolphins swimming through bioluminescent algae off the coast of Newport Beach, CA.

When this kind of algae is disturbed, it emits a bluish light, which causes the dolphins to glow as they move through the water. He wrote about the experience “one of the most magical nights of my life” on Instagram:

More dolphins swimming in bioluminescent waters here. Incredible!!! 

The Graceful Golden Retriever

Okay, standards are low and entertainment value is significantly down right now. So as a result, people are turning to Tiktok videos and in order to stay sane… although, why paying for onlyfans when you can watch amateur porn online for free?

Anyhow as expected, some of these videos are buzzworthy,  just like this one!

The video in question appears to have been created by some bored pet owner who is clearly having a moment and dancing dangerously close to the edge. In it, an obstacle course of random household items has been set up in the hallway frequently travelled by the owner’s cat and dog. While the cat tackles the imposing items with a cat’s usual level of IDGAF, the pupper, who has been seemingly terrified by the randomness scattered in front of him/her, needs a little motivation.

When the dog finally works up the courage to walk through the minefield of triggers, it does so with a level of confidence and grace typically reserved for those on a walk of shame home after a night of questionable choices.

I was a bit sceptical the Golden would do it, but it was done beautifully!