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Hot Week

The weather for Montreal announces a hot week, specially from Tuesday to Thursday…  But not only that, announces hot in my bed too because the heat always makes horny guys hornier.

And so Sebastien texted me early today to let know how bad he need to fuck my pussy againRomantic!

Logistic is an issue for taken guys.

To cheat is not always so easy, but, if there’s something life has taught me is that nothing is impossible for a man who needs sex.

Because once a cheat, always a cheat.



Was I drunk? Not really, but alcohol definitely affect limits and inhibitions… And I had some. That, plus the fact I was totally comfortable ’cause I already knew him despite haven’t seen him in some months…

So, Nick texted me yesterday evening, we made plans for Saturday, but since he was not far from Montreal (he lives like an hour away) he came last night and pretty much destroyed my hole. 

Unlike last time, he only fucked me twice, but that was enough ’cause I was exhausted from work. Not to mention my ass needed a break from all that pounding, stretching and filling.

If I were a woman, I’d be pregnant of him because he’s a cum machine.

Before kicking him out we cuddle a bit… He hugged me, kissed me, and got way too comfortable… And I felt horrible to tell him to go, but I work!

See, although I could be totally reckless during sex, I’m very responsible with my obligations.  In short, it was great to feel Nick again.

Happy Victoria Day

Today is Victoria Day in Canada, that was initially in honour of Queen Victoria‘s birthday, but it is now celebrated as the official birthday of the current Queen of Canada (Queen Elizabeth II).

It is informally considered the beginning of the summer season in Canada.

Unlike the rest of Canada, here in Quebec (Quebec is a separatist Province and the old folks grew resentful with history, so they never accepted being part of English Canada) we also celebrate la Journée nationale des patriotes (to underline the importance othe struggle of the patriots of 1837–1838 for the national recognition of Quebec…). As I said I love Quebec, but they can’t let go of the past, and have the need to install a separatist spirit in its people.

Obviously, new generations don’t even care, having a day off (in English or French) is enough reason to celebrate!

Canada Day in Victoria! | Tourism Victoria

So, I’m chilling on my balcony today…

I’ve been too lazy (or thoughtful?) to get fucked this weekend, I don’t know, I guess I just had schedule conflict with those wanting to do me… Or a conflict… Like David, he wanted to come yesterday but not alone… he wanted to invite over someone else and I was like FUCK NO! 

You know I don’t mind being an scrupulousness lecherous slut, but during a pandemic I’m not for threesomes. And probably it doesn’t change anything since getting fucked is already risky, but it makes me feel safer one-on-one.

That been said, I have another straight dude wanting to do me on Wednesday. He’s also in a couple (how unusual *sarcasm*) but he’s hot, and I haven’t had any action since Sebastien, so I’ll probably let him.

On that note, HAPPY VICTORIA DAY! 

Speaking Of Art…

Nude Body PaintI am a firm believer that art is 50% legit and 50% bullshit. And artists who call themselves art are bullshit.

Visionary only few. Most ate just fluffy nonsense to make things that take no time to do, no effort to do, no skill to do… it is polarising garbage and turning it into gold…

I love art, I appreciate it, even if I don’t believe what I see, especially when it’s perverted… and the artists are naked girls in paint and supplies…because all pervert art is good…or you can call it whatever you want…

Art, a mess, a lie, bullshit… 

Nude Body PaintNude Body PaintNude Body Paint

But it is still worth looking at!

Shah… is Back

Sorry for the slow start. A slept super late last night, and I was not in the mood to blog. Also, I was a bit busy with the many text messages I’m receiving… I’m in talks again with the horny Brazilian that I’d probably see tomorrow. Also a horny Portuguese, and three horny French Canadians.

Oh and also… Shah.

Shah is one of my on/off fuckfriends, he’s a 23yo G.O.D. (we met 3 years ago)

I was a bit surprised to see his text yesterday ’cause I haven’t seen him in a while. But again, he’s also hetero-curious and they all share the same ambiguous pathology. Although I don’t have him in my head (’cause I’m busy with the rest) he’s unforgettable for all the reasons of the picture above.

He’s over 6 feet tall, every inch of his body has muscles, he’s hairy (I love hairy tops) and he also has a gorgeous face… He actually reminds of Philipe (one of the most stunning guys I’ve been with) only taller, and more muscular. Although Shah doesn’t have Philipe’s blue eyes, Shah is the next level of HOT!

Anyway, he may come do me soon… he just needs to take a number.

6 AM Indiscretion

 lost my virginity this morning… 

Sebastien, the hot straight-curious, who has been texting me for about a month, finally escaped his girlfriend to cheat with me. That part, obviously, was not my ideal, but whatever other’s behave is not of my business.

As I told Xavier (my last ex) once…. I don’t care what you do when I’m not with you, I only care of what you do when you are with me.

So Sebastien arrived around 6 AM, because early in the morning was the best time for his indiscretion, and I accepted because I had no excuse to say no. Besides, I’ve been waiting to feel his strong muscular body, and his sex pounding me since the pandemic ruined my sex life. 

The first thing he did once inside my flat was to go to the bathroom to wash his hands. And the second, to strip off his clothes, and take control…. I was mesmerised with his body (apparently he works in construction,) he was physically my perfect 10.

Taller than me, hairy in the right places, tattooed, muscular, handsome, and most important, horny! 

Visibly, I wore a slut number… Straight guys favourite’s: fishnets!

He did me good, I was pleased. And not only that, to my surprised he also friendly… After fornicating he stayed a bit and we talked… He’s only 33 (the oldest I’ve ever had, but still a lot younger than I,) he told me he’s divorced and has a son.  Me, on the other hand I didn’t know what to reveal. I have no issues giving them my ass, but my privacy is classified. 

Since I’ve gotten used to get fucked by heterosexuals, I’m a bit desensitised, I’ve lost social interaction. I’m not that spontaneous.

See, most straight looking for “sexy” gays, just need to cum. They don’t need a conversation, they don’t need to know details of your life.

They just want you to look pretty, and ready to please them.

Anyhow, Sebastien was not only hot but was also nice.

And on that note… Until next time! 

Fuck Me Before I Die

Giving that at these rates the time to go could be any, plus this dumb pain is clearly killing me slowly, I’m so getting laid! Today another 24 yo straight-curious approached me, and also a 20 yo Latino. Both very hot!

However the straight, as often, has a girlfriend and live with her. So it’s not so obvious for him to cheat at the times I request (usually night time because #Vampire). And regarding the Latino, most likely that’s happening tonight.

I kinda lost interest for the other Latino, the Brazilian guy. He’s not fast enough and that’s already a bad sign because a slow guy in sex means BORING! I need someone ready to dominate me. Not someone I need to explain how to fuck me, or waiting for an invitation. 

Death won’t find me lying in bed. But getting banged by a hot guy!