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Thank You, NEXT

Gaga managed to release her new single ft. Ariana Grande Latte, Rain On Me, without any premature leaks (insert joke about pre-cum). According to Gaga and Ariana, this song is the “most meaningful” musical collaboration since Hall met Oates… WHATEVER son!!

Ditch your therapist and forget the emotion known as “sadness,” because all your struggles are over.

Uh huhhhh… Didn’t realise that these two MEGA-RICH pop stars felt pain on such a higher level than the rest of us…. These two overly dramatic trying-hard just loooove to play with their fans feelings.

They’re always oh so damage, so much tears...

So I sacrificed a couple brain cells and watched most of it.

It’s just another mediocre song, same as Stupid Love (perhaps more catchy) with Power Ranger pink warrior aesthetic, only darker, and with rain.

Those bitches can’t compare to Hall & Oates, they were perfection! 

Even this Rain was A LOT BETTER, fun and way more original:

The fact that Ariana, and Gaga can charge over $500 for a concert ticket (that includes cheap looking outfits, and medriocre songs) is beyond me.

Thank you, NEXT!!