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TRUMP: US Will Not Close Again If Second Wave Hits

CNBC reports:

President Donald Trump on Thursday said “we are not closing our country” if the U.S. is hit by a second wave of coronavirus infections. “People say that’s a very distinct possibility, it’s standard,” Trump said when asked about a second wave during a tour of a Ford factory in Michigan.

“We are going to put out the fires. We’re not going to close the country,” Trump said. “We can put out the fires. Whether it is an ember or a flame, we are going to put it out. But we are not closing our country.”

Trump has previously said there may be “embers” of the pandemic that persist in the U.S. past the summer, but he maintains that they will be stamped out.


This man is killing Americas. Live, on TV. In HiDef, colour-corrected, soft-lit, Dolby Digital Sound, streamed daily for your viewing pleasure.

BRAZIL: 3rd Most CORONAVIRUS Infected Country In The World

Christ the Redeemer 'wears' mask to raise COVID-19 awareness

CBC reports:

Brazil recorded 674 new coronavirus deaths on Monday, the Health Ministry said, and announced a total of 254,220 confirmed cases, overtaking Britain to become the country with the third-highest number of infections behind the United States and Russia.

As of Monday evening, Brazil had more than 255,000 cases, according to the database tracking system maintained by the coronavirus resource centre at Johns Hopkins University. The U.S. had more than 1.5 million, Russia had nearly 291,000. The United Kingdom’s number of cases stood at almost 248,000.

There are now 16,792 people in Brazil who have died from the outbreak, the ministry said.

Sadly, NO ONE is surprised.

BOLSONARO is the Trump of Brazil!

Below a tweet from March… 2 months later the virus is out of control.

Coronavirus cases top 50,000 in Brazil

USA, RUSSIA, BRAZIL… All lead by by right-wing authoritarian idiots who denied, and keep denying, this was a bad thing.

 The alt-Right are DEATH CULTS. It’s quite literally a worldwide phenomena.

Fuckface von Clownstick Can’t Accept Science

Dr. FAUCI: A globally respected expert in the field.

TRUMP: A retarded pathological lying sociopath nitwit with the worst utter mismanagement of COVID-19 in the world.

Protesters Carry ROCKET LAUNCHER Because… AmeriKKKa!

The Raleigh News & Observer reports:

A dozen people walked through downtown Raleigh Saturday afternoon with weapons and flags on the first full day of North Carolina’s Phase 1 — when some coronavirus-related restrictions have been loosened. The protesters are seen in photos ordering sandwiches from Subway on Fayetteville Street. One is carrying an AT4 rocket launcher, with a sticker saying “inert” on it, slung over his back. The man also has two pistols in holsters on his waist.

I guess I speak for all people in civilised countries when I say:

  1. HOW ON EARTH THEY ARE ALLOWED to carry all those arms?
  2. A freaking rocket launcher is not gonna help against a virus. 
  3. How can be a rocket launcher LEGAL to own by anyone under any law?
  4. It’s totally OK your penis isn’t huge. Not everyone wants a horse hung cock. 
  5. Seriously, how insecure are those rednecks?
  6. Protesters don’t carry around absurdly overpowered weaponry to cow their political opponents. TERRORISTS DO!

Insecure Small Penised Nationalsmallpenis Associationcom WHITE ...Thumbnail

Y’allQueda? Talibangelicals?

Welcome to Trump’s AmeriKKKa!

F$nd$ng Fr$$dom

I think I just pulled a muscle rolling my eyes.

Finding Freedom?! These two overprivileged entitle assholes make it sound like they were locked up in the tower of London and fed food pellets once a week. None of them have real world problems. This is a blatant money grab by two people who want to remain filthy rich without the pesky hard work.

These whores only need  freedom from their own attention seeking.

ShiTstirrer-in-Chief Backs “Very Good People” at Michigan CHAOS

Trump’s USA is a broken country… He didn’t make it great.