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Like something out of a fantasy movie, a blonde in a misty field calls to her animals in a beautiful and ancient call, known as Kulning. This call has been practised for hundreds of years in Scandinavia, and Jonna Jinton of Sweden is bringing attention back to the art of kulning through her YouTube videos.

Fantastic sounding history.

Post Office “Courtney” Destroys Homophobes

Meet Courtney, the social media maven of the United Kingdom’s post office. Fed up with postal customers attacking the office for celebrating Pride Month, she issued a very public smackdown to homophobes on Twitter.

It started on June 28, when Twitter user @jamesmc13123269 referred to a postal employee as a “degenerate.” The employee, named Emma, appeared in a short video posted to the social media platform talking about her coming out and the importance of the LGBTQ community.

As I always say, your sexual orientation doesn’t define the person you are. Either you’re a good human being, or you’re not.

And all those hating on people who loves each other (regardless of the genre) are just insecure and unhappy with their own existence.

This is the type of Post Office every country needs!

Netlix’s Walter Mercado Documentary

Walter-mercado-boycultureToward the end of 2019, the Earth was depleted of a major source of glamour, sparkle, and celestial flamboyance when human estrella Walter Mercado returned to his homeland of the galaxy. 

Now, and jokes aside, Walter Mercado was very famous in The United States (mainly Florida) and the Caribbean countries (he was Puerto Rican, therefore American citizen by default) but he had no impact in South America because all the South American countries have their own entertainers (and magical charlatans,) but mostly because the mentality of South Americans are also different than those up North. 

In other words, he was just a joke!

And that’s how I saw him all my life too.

However, Mercado was a “psychic” Liberace for many ignorant, and cult followers. And he made a fortune out of those people. 

Walter Mercado is proof that it doesn’t matter how ignorant, educated, hot, or not Latinos are… They just love fantasy, drama and excess!


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And as a proud Canadian, here are 7 reasons why I love Canada.

1) The beautiful nature that one finds in Canada… the animals, the lakes, the forests, the mountains, the arctic and the sea. The incredible variety of landscapes across this vast land.

Snowy Owl in Flight Digital Art by Mark Duffy5 cool Canadian animals | Explore | Awesome Activities & Fun Facts ...Moraine Lake Canoes Photograph by Mike Centioli

2) The quality of life, our healthcare system, our “peace keeping tradition” and the equality for everyone.

3) The beauty of cities such as Ottawa, Quebec City, Vancouver to mention few.

Ottawa: A Guide to Canada's Charming Capital City | Canada eTAEnvironment Canada releases Vancouver's Canada Day forecast ...

4) Bilingualism (English & French).

5) The diversity of its gorgeous and super cool-chill-open-minded people. 

6) Our coloured money.

7) The LEGENDARY Christopher Plummer, the late Loenard Cohen and Leslie Nielsen, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Linda Evangelista, Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, Kim Cattrall (a.k.a SAMANTHA JONES,) panty creamers Jared Keeso, and Karsten Sollors, Mike Myers, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Raynolds, Godfrey Gao (RIP,) Rachel McAdams (a.k.a REGINA GEORGE,) Pamela Anderson, Sandra Oh, Evangeline Lilly, Alanis Morissette, Shawn Mendes, Drake, The Weeknd, Alessia Cara, Diana Krall, Nelly Furtado, etc, etc, etc…

GODFREY+GAO+SUIT -qx6 ud5uc by veedlosedaz - issuuIntroducing Opera News Lite | Keanu reeves, Keanu charles reeves ...Animated gif about gif in Mean Girls by 击 Sofia 击Sex in the City Quote (About swimming pool sex gifs funny) - CQ

What I dislike: Quebec double tax (UGH!), my passport picture, Justin Bieber doucheness, the embarrassing seal hunt, Canada’s 4 seasons: Almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction.



Reddit and Twitch SUSPEND Trump And Pro-Trump Forum For Hateful Content

The Verge reports:

Twitch has temporarily banned President Donald Trump, in the latest surprise and high-profile suspension from the streaming service. Trump’s account was banned for “hateful conduct” that was aired on stream, and Twitch says the offending content has been removed.



Is he having a stroke yet? More PLEASE!

Meanwhile In America…

As much as I want to keep my blog irrelevant and erotic, I simply can’t ignore all the news feed from the MESS that is the United States.

I remember when I was kid, the US was related to Disney, nice beaches, big buildings, Malboro posters, and whatever visually stunning.

These days, and particularly since Trump, the image of the US and the behaviour of its society has degraded to levels lower than below.

As Trump pejoratively referred to other Nations, he has turned The United States into a shithole country! He didn’t make “America Great,” but he’s making it more violent encouraging Nazis, white supremacist, homophobia, criminal cops, and assorted pariahs like him. 

Yesterday, during a peaceful Pride March on the Anniversary Of Pride, the NYPD physically storms into it and gratuitously pepper-sprayed marchers.


And FUCK all the crazy gun psychos too:

That couple needs to face criminal charges, loss of law license, loss of right to own guns, and… Horizontal stripes and capris are also a crime! 

The era of Trump needs to end, before Americans end each other.

Facebook Will Ban “Hate Speech” Ads After Giant Companies Pause Social Media Advertising

Facebook Boycott | Big Companies Boycott Facebook | Full Story ...

CNBC reports:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday said the company will change its policies to prohibit hate speech in its advertisements. Under its new policies, Facebook will ban ads that claim people from a specific race, ethnicity, nationality, caste, gender, sexual orientation or immigration origin are a threat to the physical safety or health of anyone else, Zuckerberg said.

HA! He didn’t care about decency and human lives, but of course he couldn’t handle losing billions of dollars on his bank account.

I’m so glad I deleted my Facebook many years ago.

Sucky Zucky don’t like the Fucky Fucky from the rest of us…

The Chaser goes viral with provocative post mocking Zuckerberg's ...

Proving, again, that all he cares about is Money!!

This robotic Himmler can FUCK OFF! 

The Domino’s Wedding Registry

Clearly someone at Domino’s Pizza decided they had to come up with some kind of promotional thing involving coronavirus and then they threw a dart at a board and it landed on the word: “Wedding.” 

Because Domino’s Pizza is now in the wedding registry business. Specifically, a postponed-wedding registry. So if you know any people who aren’t exactly high-class broads and love shit pizza and have a wedding to plan or cancel, then Domino’s has the perfect promotion for you!

Considering how things are going for Prince Andrew, this may have to be how Princess Beatrice has to celebrate her marriage.