Belgium Claim Third Place

Today the World Cup ends and it’s a sad day for all football fans of the world.

Yesterday The Red Devils of Belgium (wearing yellow) defeated The Three Lions of England 2-0 in The World Cup third place match. A game for the history.

Well done England. Well done Belgium. It’s time for both to go home.

Congratulations to Belgium on making World Cup history.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Jerk by Kim Stockwood

I’m so glad I found the nerve to say what you deserve.

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I’m not someone of vengeful nature, or into holding grudges, but I’ve ignored Randy twice this week. He messaged me few days ago all horny, and he did it again today, but I never replied because I’m done with his lack of consideration and by that I mean being absent when I need him too.

This is not even about how good of a lover he is, this is more about how he doesn’t realise how lucky he is that I consider him someone special, because let’s face it… Good sex (and hotter guys) I can have any time, any day, anywhere.

Which as a matter of fact, I do! 

I have appreciation for him for all the time together (over a year) and I make him my priority all the time, but I wonder if I do right, specially when he fails my trust. 

I guess I had enough. As I said, I ignored him again today. 

And while doing so I was taking applications for more new fuckfriends.

I’m not lucky men want me in their life. They are lucky I allow them in mine.

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Tardy Bitch

First dates are always like walking on eggshells: you best keep the conversation light, dress impeccably, and above all don’t keep your trick waiting on you to arrive at the restaurant.

Well, Donald Trump must not have gotten that memo because on his first meeting with THE QUEEN yesterday, some are saying QE2 was left waiting around for Donald and Melania.

Vanity Fair says even though the Trump European tour as so far resulted in insulting just about every European leader, Queen Elizabeth is a woman of her word and still agreed to meet Trump, but it appears he may have forgotten when they agreed to get together since the American trash caused her to look at her watch:

A lot of analysts noted that the Trumps weren’t meeting any of the younger royals like Prince Harry & Co., and that may be because Maw Maw Liz is the one who can handle the real assholes of the world

On the other hand London wasn’t happy at all with President Shitler visit.

Truth be told, I feel for the Queen.

You know that poor woman didn’t want to be next to the fat orange idiot.

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Exe’s Night Out

Hubby (aka bello) invited me to supper yesterday, I went on vacations, he went on vacations, and we haven’t had the chance to see each other in a while.

So when he told me “Supper on Friday?” I obviously said yaaas!

Hubby loves road trips, nature, the outdoors… In other words, the opposite of me.

While telling me about his 5 hours drive to some destination, I was like. “I’ll go too but by plane”. But he knew that, after all we spent 7 years together and knows how much I love my comfort… Reason why he still spoils me to this day.

Anyhow, as usual I had a great time. Because my exes are the most amazing guys!

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Tune Of The Day

Bailar Contigo by Monsieur Periné

Sin que importe nadie más…

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Speaking Of Pussies…

You already knew this, but guess what, this is a cat’s world and they’re letting us run it into the ground (which we’re doing an A+++ job of) so that they can take over.

But before that happens (and it can’t happen soon enough), they’re still going to roam the land like they own this bitch 100%. Case in point: The Washington Post says that Polish historian Jerzy Targalski was doing an interview from his home with Dutch public television station Nieuwsuur about “the controversial forced removal of Polish top judge Malgorzata Gersdorf” by the country’s conservative party.

Never mind that Poland is stealing America’s move, Jerzy’s ginger puss stole his interview right out from under him by being a cat. 

Lisio showing his ass to the camera is the most thoughtful and intellectual commentary on any political subject I’ve ever seen.

There’s a very good reason for why there’s a Napoleon-like portrait of Lisio in Jerzy’s office and it’s because that pussy rules that place.

And hopefully, this leads to Lisio getting a contract with CNN or BBC News, because he’s obviously the most brilliant political thinker of our time!

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