21 Years

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The world changed 21 years ago.

It’s a day I shall never, ever forget. I watched the whole thing on TV with my dad, here in Montreal, absolutely horrified. Seeing both towers collapse and people jumping to their deaths out of the burning towers.

So many lives lost for no reason at all. And so many heroes, including the serving dogs, that were there to help.

Congress Turns Its Back On 9/11 Heroes | by ZeroPark30 | MediumRiley911RescueDog__Banner__Getty.jpg

Rest in peace, all of 9/11’s victims.

Prints for Wildlife

Dennis Stogdill – Prints for WildlifeAfrican Parks, a nonprofit focused on conservation and protecting endangered species, is behind several efforts to address the loss of biodiversity across the continent, and its latest initiative is to preserve 30 million hectares of parkland by 2030.

Prints for Wildlife is supporting the effort through its annual fundraiser, which sells limited-edition works from more than 100 photographers around the globe. This year’s collection includes a diverse array of animals and environments, including multiple vulnerable or engaged species like the western lowland gorilla and polar bear.

Scott Ramsay, Mbeli Bai, Nouabale-Ndoki National Park, Republic of Congo, western lowland gorilla. All images courtesy of Prints for Wildlife, shared with permission

Pie Aerts, Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya, Masai giraffe

Marco Gaiotti, Spitsbergen, Norway, polar bear

Marsel van Oosten, Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia, African elephant

James Lewin, Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Masai giraffe

Gurcharan Roopra, Lake Magadi, Kenya, flamingos

Chris Schmid, Serengeti, Tanzania, cheetah

Beverly Joubert, Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Botswana, plains zebra

Now in its third year, Prints for Wildlife has raised $1.75 million since it launched in 2020, and 100 percent of proceeds benefit African Parks.

Anything involving vulnerable animals is touching and heartbreaking to me. Humans are to blame for the exodus and extinction of all these majestic creatures.

Shop the sale through September 25 and help this cause.


Queen's portrait removed after vote by Oxford University students - BBC News

Yesterday, Buckingham Palace announced that THE QUEEN, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, has died at 96.

It may sound dumb but I was sad when I saw my Google page and read the news ’cause Queen Elizabeth was one of those people you think will live forever since you’ve heard about her all your life.

She’s like a badass granny that experienced all in life.

Not since Celia Cruz or Raffaella Carrà I felt this blue about the passing of a major figure.

Queen Elizabeth was not only a Queen, she was a phenomenon, an institution, a class apart, her sense of duty and loyalty to her people was incomparable.

ELIZABETH II: 70 YEARS OF A QUEEN - History GuildQueen Elizabeth II's Time in WWII Made Her the Most Hardcore Head of State | Military.comWhat will happen to Queen Elizabeth II's beloved Corgis? | HELLO!Great Britain marks queen's platinum jubilee with eight stampsPlatinum Jubilee 2022: How 70 Years of Queen Elizabeth's Reign Will Be Celebrated | VogueThe Queen and Canada: A love story that's still going strong after all these years | HELLO!Queen Elizabeth II gets two new corgis amid Harry-Meghan crisis - The Washington PostQueen Elizabeth News Updates: Eiffel Tower Goes Dark in TributeOur saddest day': UK politicians, religious leaders and stars mourn death of the Queen | The Queen | The Guardian

You know many years ago when I became a Canadian citizen I took the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, which is what we do in Canada as part of the Commonwealth.

On Thursday, new Canadian citizens swore allegiance to His Majesty King Charles III, King of Canada.

Queen Elizabeth was human and wasn’t perfect, but she did her best and served all her life and must be admired for that.

So all my condolences to the British, Canadians and Australians, and  may THE QUEEN be surrounded by all her pooches in the afterlife.

The Queen's corgis are dead: long live the 'dorgis' | The Queen | The Guardian

Rest in Peace Your Majesty!

D Day

It’s been awhile since I got up at 4 AM to get fucked. I tended to do it for some hot construction guys I hooked up with, and also for David (one of my fuckfriends) who I haven’t seen in few months… Last time I saw him I got upset at him and although he keeps texting me whenever he’s horny, the timing is always bad… Because when he wants me, I’m already taken by someone else.

First come first served!

And that was the story of yesterday when two guys were texting me trying their luck, but a third one, more convincing and faster, came to do me at 4 AM.

He was young, hot and horny, so he gave me a good time… Just like the one who also came to do me last night.

The one from last night is now a regular.

I met him last week and he’s been doing me few times a week ever since. He’s 18 yo and full of stamina.

However, the only thing I kinda dislike from him is the fact that every time he gets overexcited my neck pays the consequences… And by that I mean that he leaves me hickeys each time because eating my neck while fucking me is his thing.

And speaking of pleasure, yesterday, also, another hot French guy I used to get sexy with found me on the gay meet market and didn’t promise me forever love but a hot fuck. Which is even better.

Anyway, yesterday was a total D day… But which day isn’t? I know.

Quiet But Active

I haven’t post anything personal, not even any of my sexual encounters since I came back from vacations.

I guess I’ve just been too exhausted to blog about it (as a matter of fact I’ve been working 7/7) and perhaps not super excited either, despite some really hot specimens that sexed me.

I don’t know… I’m in a weird phase where I’m enjoying less being a sexual toy. However, decency gets me sorrowful because when I’m not fucking I am a thinking person who often longs for the company of those who shared my life.

I can get profound as easy as I can get fucked because the states of my mind are two. Either I’m a bimbo slut, or I’m Saint Thomas Aquinas.

I have to admit that being a bimbo down for cock distracts the void I feel when I try to behave like a normal human being.

That been said these days a lot of 18 to 24 yo are doing me because back to school is always the season students contact me the most.

But aside from students, my regulars came to do me too.

I’ve been lazy to ask names or find nicknames, so they’re just numbers now, and number 4 came to see me last night.

We actually met few times before, he’s very handsome, muscular, manly and reminds me a lot of Max (physique and personality wise).

Like Max, this guy also loves speed and last night he showed up wearing his motorcycle helmet… which inexorably reminded me of Max whenever he arrived on one of his racers instead of his car.

Anyway, it’s hard to not have flashbacks of the people I’ve been with because I’ve been with everybody!

Paradoxically, I fuck to avoid memories…

And yeah isn’t working very well.

Gorbachev Has Died

Mikhail Gorbachev Brought Democracy to Russia and Was Despised for It - The New York TimesFormer Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has died at the age of 91, according to Russia’s Interfax News Agency. He was known for ending the Cold War without bloodshed but failed to prevent the break-up of the Soviet Union.

When I was a kid Gorbachev was a “famous” men, he was famous like Michael Jackson or Lady Di, it was common to hear about him.

His name was in songs of all genres in different languages, even in Spain the gay band Locomia  dedicated a song to him:

Germany is united and tens of millions in Europe live in freedom because of Gorbachev. Was not as he planned, but he acted to end an immoral and barbaric institution when he knew it was unsustainable.

Could have set the world on fire, but instead helped millions and millions.

TIME Magazine Cover: Mikhail Gorbachev - Dec. 23, 1991 - Mikhail Gorbachev - RussiaRussia and German reunification: Opposing views on Mikhail Gorbachev′s legacy | Germany | News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 02.10.2020The Fall of the Berlin Wall 30 Years Ago Was Cause for Celebration. But Not Anymore.Berlin Wall Milestone : Down as Long as It Was Up | Brooklyn Street Art

Regarding the collapse of the URSS Gorbachev didn’t have much choice in the matter. By the time he took office the Soviet Union had basically collapsed in on itself. There really was no way to keep an empire cobbled together by war and united by terror intact. The only real choice he had was to turn a new leaf and pretend to enter the free world of the West even if it didn’t last long before they reverted to the default position of authoritarianism.

Still, he did the right thing, and for that he must be applauded.

On This Day in 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev Was Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize - The Moscow Times

Покойся с миром (RIP) Mikhail Gorbachev.

Anne Heche

Anne Heche - 4K Star HD WallpaperAnne Heche died of her injuries from her car crash some weeks ago, Anne suffered a severe brain injury during the crash, went into a coma shortly afterward, and never came out of it. Anne was only 53.

This happened during my vacations so I couldn’t blog anything until today.

Anne Heche skyrocketed to fame with a rapid transition from soaps to starring in blockbusters like Donnie Brasco alongside Al Pacino and Johnny Depp. Then, overnight, her fame was curtailed by the conservative nature of Hollywood. When she came out at the height of her career, she was suddenly blacklisted for sexual preference as a lesbian (she was bisexual) in a ground-breaking fashion.

Anne was born in Akron, Ohio and her family moved around a lot. They even lived in an Amish community at one point. Anne wrote in her 2001 memoir, Call Me Crazy, that her father abused her throughout her childhood. Her father died when she was 13 and shortly after his death, her older brother, Eric Heche, died in a car accident at 18. Anne’s sister Cynthia died from a heart defect as a baby and her older sister Susan Bergman died of brain cancer in 2006. Anne was estranged from her other sister Abigail and her mother Nancy. Anne was also open about how she turned to drugs and alcohol to temporarily escape the psychological trauma from her childhood.

Anne was big in the 90’s, she was in episodes of many popular TV shows, as well as TV movies. 1997 was a big year for Anne’s film career and her first big starring role came  when she was cast as Harrison Ford’s love interest in Six Days, Seven Nights.

Anne Heche Onscreen: Wily and Funny but Also Unnerving - The New York TimesRemembering Anne Heche on TV: 'Chicago P.D.,' 'Everwood,' 'Another World' & MoreAnne Heche Hospitalized After Multiple Car Crashes And Fire | Cinemablend

1997 was also a big year for Anne Heche personally. That’s when she met Ellen DeGeneres and started dating.

Rethinking Anne Heche - INTO

Ellen and Anne broke up in 2000, and just hours after their announcement, Anne ended up on a stranger’s doorstep in Fresno County. She told them she was God and wanted to take everyone to Heaven on her spaceship.

Anne, who said she was on Ecstasy at the time, was briefly treated at a hospital. Anne didn’t have much time to recover from that breakdown because she had to go to Toronto to film John Q.

For the rest of the 90s and into the early aughts, Anne starred as Marion Crane in Gus Van Sant’s shot-by-shot remake of PsychoReturn To ParadiseBirthProzac NationAuggie Rose, Ally McBealNip/Tuck, Everwood, and Gracie’s Choice, which got her an Emmy nomination. In 2002, she made her Broadway debut in Proof, and a couple of years later, starred as Lily Garland in a revival of Twentieth Century.

More recently, Anne was in Cedar RapidsCatfightMy Friend DahmerMen In TreesHungSave MeAll RiseDig, and Dancing with the Stars. Before her death, Anne filmed episodes of The Weeknd’s upcoming HBOMax show The Idol, as well as the Lifetime movie Girl In Room 13, which will be released next month as planned.

Anne was a charismatic and a very talented actress.

anne heche gifs | WiffleGifANNE HECHE & KEO MOTSEPE - THE POWER OF DANCE - Lapalme MagazineAnne Heche: Woman Whose Home Was Destroyed in Car Crash Is 'Recovering' During 'Insane, Traumatic Time' | Entertainment Tonight

She is survived by her two sons, 20-year-old Homer Laffoon and 13-year-old Atlas Heche Tupper whom she shared with her exes Coley Laffoon and James Tupper.

It’s amazing how she was able to do so well professionally with all the personal drama that swirled around her.

May Anne Heche finally rest in peace.