FRIDA The Rescue Dog

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked central Mexico on Tuesday, killing over 230 people so far and injuring thousands.

The earthquake comes less than two weeks after another, more powerful quake struck Oaxaca, leaving much of the region in ruins, and a large-scale rescue operation is currently underway to locate those trapped beneath the rubble.

Frida the Labrador plays an integral role in that operation.

Working with SEMAR, the Mexican Navy’s canine unit, the brave rescue dog is currently hard at work searching for survivors. 

Equipped with her own personal protective equipment, including customised boots and goggles, Frida has saved over 50 people in her short career, a number of whom were rescued from the rubble in Oaxaca.

And she’s working around the clock to find the buried and rescue the injured.

Way to go HERO!!


Stephanie & Arryn

In the world we live we are bombarded with images of “perfect bodies”, Kardashian’s, Minaj’s, Azalea’s plastic butts and filters of all kinds to such an extent that all genuine emotion, feeling and whatever the human connections that shine through the picture is lost.

Step forward Stephanie and Arryn, a young couple from Texas.

They are not models, but friends with photographer Bria Terry, of Wolf & Rose Photography. Stephanie decided to respond to an everyday call for models to take part in a boudoir photoshoot, and as you can see, the results are stunning.

The photoshoot was uploaded onto Wolf & Rose Photography’s Facebook page, which is pretty much normal protocol, but this time the photos went hugely viral. But why? because of the obvious love, chemistry, confidence and beauty of the natural images.

Real people and not the plastic stereotypes everyone sale us.

On the other hand… I want a boyfriend like Arryn. Someone who accept me by who I am and not by how much money I make or by the way I look. 

Stunning pics!!

A Tale for the Time Being… I’m Struggling

So.. I bought this book some time ago, but I just opened and I’m forcing  myself to finish it.

Novels are not really my thing, definitely! 

The book was intriguing at first and I easily got to half of it in 3 days, but it got boring with all the excessive repetitive details. A lot of good writing that is going nowhere.

This book is about suicide and time, two subjects I find interesting, yet, I’m blocked and I’m pissed. 

Dear God why you made me so impatient?

Ugh! I’ll be back with a proper review very soon.

I just needed to take it out. Ugh!

Speaking Of My Hot Past…

I reconnected with Justin last night.

The last time he texted me was on my birthday (same as Xavier,) and then he just vanished from my world.

However, Justin often stalks my blog (Yes! He’s probably reading this) so he’s more aware of my life than what I know of him… And maybe it’s okay that way because I have a lot more feelings that him lol.

Chatting with Justin is always fun, he’s one of the most compatible guys I’ve ever met. He’s intelligent (I didn’t say smart so don’t get cocky) witty, fast, twisted and  as far as I remember he has a hot ass.

However, he cannot not pick up a fight whenever we chat…

And I like it that way!

But jokes aside, Justin… You already know what I think and feel. You were born to achieve great things, and no one is more important than yourself.

This song is for you:

I will hold you up
I will help you stand
I will comfort you when you need a friend
I will be the voice that’s calling out

And there are just so many ways that I believe in you.