Catching Up

I did plenty of things yesterday, but the most relevant was catching up with films.

So I finally watched Captain Marvel and A Fantastic Woman. Oh and also a movie I watched at the cinema nineteen years ago, Billy Elliot.


When the saw Billy Elliot back in the year 2000, I was mesmerised by Jamie Bell prodigious performance and I thought he would become a huge movie star. But that didn’t really happened…

When Billy Elliot was  made a musical in London, the main child actor in the 2008 cast was as remarkable as Jamie Bell. However, this kid, unlike Jamie Bell, became a big movie star… This kid was Tom Holland.

Billy Elliot is a timeless contemporary classic on individualism countering hypermasculinity through a quite energetically pursuing kid while being conflicted and affected by the dysfunctional state of his fragile, harsh family.

Charming, beautiful and epic!



Captain Marvel was ok, not great, but much better that what I expected, which wasn’t much. It’s a decent popcorn flick.

The balance of serious and humour seemed forced, and Brie’s performance was meh as usual. Although the powers were spot on.

Captain Marvel was in my opinion the most powerful Marvel character until her powers got stolen by Rogue from the X-Men.

The supporting cast and the awesome 90s soundtrack really saved the film for me.

The star of the show for me was the cat, funny how a for legged creature gets the best laugh in the whole movie.

Ok film, but Marvel’s mediocre answer to DC’s Wonder Woman.



Une Mujer Fantastica is a Chilean film about a transgender nightclub singer (Marina) that comes under suspicion when her much older lover (Orlando) dies suddenly. After being harassed and threatened by her late boyfriend’s vengeful relatives and the police, she must defend her rights as both Orlando’s partner and as a human being.

This movie won the Oscar for best international film last year.

Somehow the sad reality of heavy discrimination against transgender people. 

A fantastic movie!


Last Sunday the least relevant award took place and Timothée Chalamet didn’t win, nor Saoirse Ronan.

Instead all the praise was for The Shape of The Water

And now we know that all of those old grizzled-up crusty Academy members get off on human/fish porn. Sick bitches, they should get banned for life from buying gold fish!

In my opinion this is the Oscar they stole from Guillermo del Toro 12 years ago with the MASTERPIECE Pan’s Labyrinth.

The ONLY thing they got right was to reward the Chilean film A Fantastic Woman, a film about a transgender singer that faces scorn and discrimination after the sudden death of her older boyfriend.

And they also got right having Daniela Vega, the star of the Chilean film as the first transgender presenter at the Oscars. #SouthAmericaRepresents

Seriously, bitches didn’t even reward Sufjan Stevens for Mystery of Love that he performed accompanied by the fantastic St. Vincent. One word: ROBBED!!!

Anyway, the Academeh Awards stopped being accurate and relevant when in 1998 GODDESS Cate Blanchett lost to the insufferable Gwyneth Paltrow…. When Cate’s performance was 1000 times superior! 

Btw, someone has to mention how wonderful Faye Dunaway looks for her age.

And finally, I liked The Shape of the Water (Yes! Im into fish porn too,) but Call Me by Your Name was simply beautiful and actually kinda pisses me off they’re making a sequel because the film is perfect as it is. What’s the need to ruin it?!