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Timeless Classic Of The Day

City Girl by Kevin Shields

I want you, I do.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Natural Blues by Moby

Don’t nobody know my troubles but God…

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Harem by GODDESS Sarah Brightman

Sing for me a tune of loves mirage.

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Homogenic 20th Anniversary

20 years ago Björk unleashed her third album, Homogenic.

The album came out of an extraordinary four-year period that saw her first two albums (1993 Debut and 1995 Post) mesmerise music pundits.

Debut and Post were art-pop totems of the 1990s, but Homogenic was infinitely more experimental and introverted, arguably the antithesis of those two and personally my favourite.

Five singles took Homogenic’s message into the world, starting with “Jóga” at the outset of the fall of 1997 and continued on with “Bachelorette,” “Hunter” and “Alarm Call”. 

Sadly (because society is fucking basic) the commercial ground Björk had gained with her previous albums was summarily lost with Homogenic’s offerings.

But popular music trade and protocol were the least of Björk’s concerns, which is why she’s a real artist to me. Against the industry she made the music she felt, not whatever commercial imposed to her.

Homogenic was an album to be experienced in its entirety, and it cannot be touted as anything less than cinematic. 

The cover artwork for Homogenic is a story in and of itself. Björk approached two legends: photographer Nick Knight and the late fashion genius Alexander McQueen.

I have few favourites from the album, but Unravel was my everything! 

One of the most intriguing, innovative, unique, and out-there performers in music history. A TRUE original, Björk!

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Only This Moment by Röyksopp

Stay or forever go. Play or you’ll never know.

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