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Music is part of my everyday since forever, I’ve posted about salsa few times and what it does to my mood. But not only that genre influences me. When I need passion, Tango is what I play.

Born in South America I was used to many types of music, but my predilection for tango was associated with the image of my maternal grandparents dancing it, and particularly my grandpa.  

My mom’s dad was a Casanova, and it was just natural that he loved Tango, as Tango is extremely sex!

But when I was a kid I didn’t see that way, of course. My grandpa used to play his tango records and I got used to them.

From Gardel to Goyeneche, from Piazzola to Mores as a melody or a song, the intensity of  tango is contagious.

Few days ago, the grandfather of one of my cousins died. This man, same as my grandfather loved tango, and during his funeral tango played in the background.

While elegant, passionate and intense, Tango seems to be the music of an extinguished generation.

I’m dedicating this post to my late grandfather whose birthday in life was yesterday.

An assignment I have on hold. But one day, I will tango too!


Quejas de Bandoneón by O.T. Canyengue

Tinta Roja by Roberto Goyeneche & Anibal Troilo 

Bajo tu cielo de raso trasnocha un pedazo de mi corazón.