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Australian Firefighters Calendar

The profession of a firefighter is already virtuous by nature, yet the guys from Australian Firefighters Calendar are determined to go that extra mile for a good cause. Ever since 1993, they have been hosting their fund-raising calendar project for charities like Children’s Hospital Foundation.

After 17 rigorous days of photography, the final images are put together to create the iconic Australian Firefighters Calendar for fans across the globe.

This time the money will be donating to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

What more can you want? Hot guys & cute animals in one. #Sold

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Belly Rubs

Dogs are furry, adorable attention whores. We know this.

They see a field full of humans throwing or kicking a ball around and wonder why those strange humans are throwing around a dog toy when there’s not a dog around? So they fix that problem by running onto the field.

 This happened before and it happened again during a soccer game in the Georgian city of Gori on Sunday.

The Associated Press says that FC Dila and Torpedo Kutaisi were playing in a match when a furry intrude committed an illegal act by trespassing onto the field.

The dog interrupted the job the players were trying to do and lured one in for a belly rub.

The player fell for it and the dog got some love from other players before being escorted off the field.

AP believes the dog was a stray. One of the 50,000 stray dogs in Georgia. Reading that made me wish that 50,000 dogs stormed that bitch and it created a giant field of PUPPEH!

What I learned from that video is that if I want to trespass on a field without being arrested and get a belly rub from a hot soccer player, all I have to do is be a dog.

Excuse me while I work on my bark.

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Fetch Like a Pro

It’s always intriguing when an animal does something that you don’t normally associate with that animal. For instance, like when a sea lion HURLS A FUCKING OCTOPUS at a kayaker. In a less violent example, we have Lotta the Cow! 

Cows are very smart animals but most humans only see food.

Tastefully Offensive posted this charming vid of Lotta, a cow who lives on a farm in Gothenburg, Sweden, playing fetch.

Cows are very smart animals but most humans only see food.

This week nature has proved us that a cow, and a seal lion, have more grace and charisma than the Kardashians, Jenners and Hadids.

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Creepy hand rubs Pussy

If you landed on this page after Googling, “Creepy hand rubbing down a fat pussy good,” then I’m truly sorry your sick ass landed on a picture of a Halloween decoration grabbing onto a cat and not whatever else you had in mind. You nasty, but I am sorry.

Kiko the Cat lives in St. John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and her human posted a video on Facebook of her getting a rubdown from a mechanical hand bought as a Halloween decoration.

Those humans laugh, but that cat is laughing at them because he has made that mechanical hand its newest slave.

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I do not condone or endorse blatant thievery, but I do endorse foolery produced by raccoons, and quite fucking frankly, I condone blatant thievery by a criminal ball of fur who only gives a fuck about getting some deliciousness in the robber bag they call a stomach.

That leads me to this robber who proves that not all Canadians are polite and well-mannered creatures who are perfect houseguests.

This one’s a straight-up rude bitch and makes zero apologies for it. My idol!

Jenny Serwylo of Toronto tells the Toronto Star that on Tuesday night, she was getting ready to go to bed when she heard some noises coming from her kitchen. Jenny went to investigate and found a band of Goldilocks’ raccoon cousins stealing her food. Jenny grabbed a broom to shoo their thieving asses out, and two of them skedaddled off. But this one didn’t…

This hero chilled out behind Jenny’s toaster oven (above) and nibbled on some English muffins while throwing her, “Trick, try ME”, eyes.

Jenny was smart and decided not to try to tussle with a motherfucker who is just daring you to mess with ’em. She called 311, but the city told her to call a 24-hour wildlife removal company. None answered her call, so Jenny had two choices: 1. Try to tussle with the bread bandit again. Or 2. Pack up her things, hand her keys over to the bread bandit, and move out. Strangely enough, Jenny went with option 1.

Once the bread bandit ate up all of the bread in Jenny’s kitchen, the raccoon calmly exited out through the kitchen window like nothing.

I’d like to think that even Jenny stood back like, “What a badass bitch.”

That raccoon was pretty smart in my opinion. I am surprised he didn’t grab a sponge and clean that toaster oven a tad.

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New beginning

There‘s a saying that every end is a new beginning. This is what happened to Brazilian illustrator Rafael Mantesso a few years ago when he divorced his ex-wife.

She took it all and left behind aanigmn empty house with white walls and their bull terrier dog (Jimmy).

Inspired by the blank walls and his dog, Mantesso started snapping pictures of Jimmy  running around the house and this was the moment these humorous series was born.

Mantesso portrays his bull terrier in fun scenarios that are the result of the illustrations that now have almost 600k fans on Instagram. 

A dog’s love will never leave you.

Rafael is great talent, and Jimmy a beautiful dog.

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The Seal And The Butterfly

Sometimes you just have odd couples that make you wonder how they got together in the first place…like Sonny and Cher, peanut butter and bananas, and that time Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears all hung out (yes, I know that is technically a throuple, but cut me some slack: it’s Saturday!).

Well, if you happened to find yourself at the Oregon Zoo in Portland recently, you may have seen a new odd couple: Kaya, a baby harbor seal, saw a butterfly on the other side of the glass to her tank and decided she just wants to be where the people, errr, butterflies are!

Like all good flirts in the club, Kaya just kinda wanders alongside the butterfly and stares it dead in the eyes like the creepiest of stalkers. Then, it turns into some light hovering and chasing before you see Kaya start to wave and do flips to charm her new friend.

I mean, Kaya totally wants to eat the damn thing like it’s a good mid-morning snack, but, thanks to that glass, we can all tell ourselves it’s a magical moment of friendship because this world needs more happy stories.

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