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Le Buff Pussy Of Montreal

Montreal saw Australia’s buff kangaroo and raised ’em a buff cat.

The truth is, I don’t know if this cat is really ready to pump you up or is just like one of those chunky dudes who knows how to finesse a tight t-shirt so he looks jacked. Whatever the case may be, the feline form of The Rock is definitely ready to steal your girl (or man, I don’t know his life like that), and makes cats all over Quebec reach for the Q-tip.

This cat also makes the ripped bros at the gym head to the locker room as soon as he wobbles in, because they really don’t like the feeling of their muscled-up egos deflating as they get out-lifted by a cat.

And obviously the internet loves Buff Cat.

Buff Cat isn’t only a gift on this Caturday, he’s also a gift to Canada.

Because before this cat came along everyone thought of Justin Bieber when thinking of a buff pussy from Canada. And this is a buff pussy we can truly be proud of!

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Cat With a Roomba

Most animals would either jump that device and try to wipe it off the face of the Earth, or run screaming under the nearest table for shelter. Not this kitty. 

This blasé-ass cat continues to stare down a fellow feline while casually sticking out a leg to redirect the family Roomba.

If there’s ever a how to be a badass guide this needs to be the opening scene.

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The Fox & The Eagle

How would you feel if you were on your way home proudly clutching your hard-earned food, when all of a sudden somebody jumps you, snatches away your sandwich and does a runner? You’d be furious wouldn’t you?

Spare a thought then for this poor red fox, whose rabbit was dramatically stolen by a cheeky bald eagle.

Wildlife photographer Kevin Ebi was out shooting a few days ago when he witnessed and photographed a crazy sight: a bald eagle and young red fox fighting over a rabbit… in midair.

While photographing the non-native foxes in San Juan Island National Historical Park on San Juan Island in Washington state, Ebi spotted a young red fox carrying a rabbit it had caught across a meadow. As he panned his camera to follow that fox, a bald eagle suddenly swooped in from behind Ebi and grabbed the rabbit while it was in the fox’s mouth.

“To my surprise, the scene was even more dramatic than I expected,” Ebi writes on blog. “I thought the fox would drop the rabbit, giving the eagle an easy dinner.”

But no: the stubborn fox held on tightly to the rabbit and was itself carried more 20 feet into the air.

The two predators struggled for about 8 seconds before the fox fell and hit the ground in a small cloud of dust (don’t worry: Ebi says the fox was perfectly fine afterwards, but we’re guessing its ego might have been bruised).

Poor little fox was working for a meal and then loses it to an opportunistic bastard.

Anyhow, great shot! 

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Dogs Are The Best Humans

Two weeks ago in Show Low, Arizona (that’s a really hot town name), two dogs named Remus and Smokey were hanging around in their backyard, sipping wine coolers and looking at porn on their tablets while lying by the pool (let’s say).

Their humans, Laurie and Jay Becerra, wrote on Facebook that they were playing around the pool when Smokey accidentally fell into it. And swimming isn’t really Smokey’s thing.

Smokey struggled to swim and was trying to get back up to safe, dry, land, but it wasn’t happening. So Remus sprang into action and tried to help a bitch out.

The first thing Remus tried was to pull Smokey out with his teeth. When Remus realised that wasn’t going to work, he quickly moved to plan B.

Remus jumped into the pool and heroically saved Smokey’s life by pushing that drowning pooch up on out of that lagoon of death.

Remus is a real-life hero and legend!

And he needs some kind of medal of honour added to his collar.

And I can hear some of you cat-haters saying that a cat wouldn’t do shit but just watch poor Smokey drown. That’s factually incorrect, actually! A cat would so something: it would slowly strut to the water and use its paws to push Smokey further in.

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Hide and Seek World Champion!

This year’s Hide and Seek World Championship is going down in the ghost town of Consonno in northern Italy this August. That gives Tasha’s humans only a few months to book her a hotel and plane ticket to Italy, and gives the other teams only a few months to practice like they’re Trump hiding from Mueller.

Because in this very short video shot by her human, Karen Davenport Jackson of Rossford, Ohio, Tasha proves that she’s a master at hiding!

Tasha, who is now world famous partly thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, was avoiding going inside like I avoid the steamed vegetables.

Every time her human opens the screen door and calls for Tasha to come in, she magically vanishes behind a plant pot. And when he closes the screen door, Tasha pops up to see if the coast is clear.

Behold, here’s Tasha’s mind-boggling “Now you see me, now you don’t, bitch” skills.

And I’m going to need to curl up next to Tasha’s paws and ask her to teach me her ways, because I want to disappear like that whenever I call a boy by someone else’s name.

Good girl Tasha!!!

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A human named Andrew Hill was doing some stand-up paddleboarding stuff off the coast of Gracetown in Western Australia when a pod of dolphins caught a wave and swam toward him. Another dude named Lucas Englert just so happened to be on the beach recording surfers when the pod of dolphins caught the attention of his camera.

Lucas stayed on the dolphins and captured the moment when one of them aced its WWE audition by knocking Andrew off his board with one swift bodyslam.

Some call 911 when an intruder creeps onto their property, and others handle a trick themselves, like that dolphin.

That dolphin took Andrew out like it just watched The Cove and Blackfish and is getting revenge on us evil ass humans.

That dolphin took delight in knocking him off. I think that the dolphins have had it!

So the next time you see a gang of dolphins coming your way, you better pray to Jesus to give you the instant power to run your ass on water, because that bodyslam was only a warning. Dolphins may have the sweet voice of a sweet giggling fem- bottom, but they’re more vicious than a granny who’s missing a discount grocery coupon from her wallet.

They’ll gladly jump a bitch, and they’ll do it with a smile!

Gone are the days when dolphins used to save humans…

All of that disgusting swim with the dolphins shit, you are posing for your selfie with a captive animal. The overfishing. The marine pollution. The death of coral reefs. Oil spills polluting the oceans. Etc.

We don’t deserve them or any other SUPERIOR specie either.

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The Queen’s Corgi Dynasty Has Come An End

Queen Elizabeth’s last Corgi died at age 14 last Sunday.

The Telegraph reports:

The Queen has reportedly been hit “extremely hard” by the loss of her corgi Willow who died on Sunday – ending Her Majesty’s close association with the breed dating back eight decades. The dog, which was 14th generation and descended from the Queen’s first dog Susan, was suffering from a cancer-related illness.

It is understood The Queen did not want Willow, who was almost 15, to suffer any further. As a descendant of Susan, who was an 18th birthday present when she was then Princess Elizabeth, Willow had a particularly close link with the Queen.

In 2015, the Queen decided to stop breeding Pembroke Welsh corgis over fears she might trip over and hurt herself over them. It was also reported that she didn’t want to leave any behind when she dies. During her time looking after them, she has had more than 30 corgis stemming from Susan’s puppies Sugar and Honey, who were born in 1949.

Now this truly saddens me as dogs are far greater than any human.

And regardless of any opinion about the Queen, one thing is for sure, she has a big heart for dogs. And gave to hers a very happy life.

Rest in peace, Willow, you are in now slumming it in heaven where it’s definitely not as luxurious as Buckingham Palace, but still safe. My sincere condolences to the Queen!

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