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The new, really long trailer for Aquaman is out and it’s 5 minutes of bro jokes, Amber Heard in an off-brand Ariel wig, a million tons of CGI, Nicole Kidman in a leftover The Twins wig from The Matrix, and zero shots of Jason Momoa’s bare nipples.

That mess is an ocean movie and there’s no Momoa nip in the trailer? Refund! 

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The Aquaman trailer is Here

Here’s the trailer for his new flick which will doggy paddle into trailers this December.

Just in time for Christmas an underwater fap fantasy.

“Permission to come aboard”? Fuck yeah!

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Could It Not Be The Seven Seas At Least?

Because this shit is mortifyingB-RAWTjCcAAF81b and sucks!

Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder just tweeted a poster that gives us our first look at another of the movie’s stars: Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo as Aquaman.

You may think it’s just a stupid poster and there’s no reason to go nuts, but this mess is insulting.

And what that “Unite the Seven” means? The iintroduction of the power suit, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter, another version of the Flash, a Green Lantern, and some sort of Hawkperson? And what’s going on with that NOT AT ALL Aquaman outfit? Is Zach Snyder colorblind? Since when Aquaman has tattoos??? WHAT DA HELL?!

I have so many questions and I’m bother because AQUAMAN is a boss GOD and not a rasta-roman-looking mess.



This was terribly predictable. Aquaman is no joke and he deserves more respect!

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Aquaman NO blond? DA HELL?!!!

Apparently, Jason Momoa has been cast as Aquaman and he has revealed that he will not be blond like the comic book… I don’t where should I start with this mess!


I mean, can they just fucking stick to the original character and make it as it is? His hair colour is an integral part of his origin story. The Atlanteans basically rejected him initially because he was fucking blond!!!

Seems like the studios don’t give three shits about the stories, or those who have read the fucking comics or seen the cartoons.

You know, there are times when a character’s appearance or gender or ethnic origins matter and times it doesn’t. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for people to comprehend this.

This bullshit is like the news of making Thor a woman, or the Ghostbusters… My childhood doesn’t remember Thor as a woman or Aquaman as hot Hawaiian looking dude, but as a mythological blond God!

Momoa should’ve held out for the Namor role. He has dark hair, tan skin and even Namor brows! I mean bitch really looks like Namor. GOSH!

First they took my GHOSTBUSTERS and now MY BLONDES!

This is rape to my childhood memories and a terrible week for WHITE MEN!! *Le joke bitches* (HAHA I miss Graig!)

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