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The Fascist States of America

Yesterday I took a moment from my vacations to read some news, I was expecting the usual foolery but nothing so extreme as the United States separating migrants children from their parents and quitting the UN Human Rights Council. 

I won’t make it too long. The video below reflects a collective feeling.

Kids today, black people tomorrow, gay people the day after.

This is how right-wing politics work.

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Saudi Arabia: Where drones have more rights than women

Every once in a while something so ridiculous happens that people from all walks of life can set aside their differences and join in mocking the offending dumbass or dumbasses.

It’s like the I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke commercial, except less scary and cult-y.

The viral video currently uniting us all in bitchery comes from a Saudi Arabian fashion show that used drones instead of models to display the clothing.

The drones drag around the fluttering dresses draped out over plastic hangers with all the grace of a plastic bag on a tornado, and in some cases of a Dementor. 

I truly don’t get that people… If they don’t allow the women to wear them, what’s the point of advertising this kind of clothing there?

I guess it’s clear that in Saudi Arabia drones have more rights than women.

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Ferrari Needs To Cut The Weed

Today marks the beginning of F1 Grand Prix weekend in Montreal, the event is huge, draws thousands upon thousands of spectators, both local and tourists, alike. 

Every year the world watches closely as the races go on throughout the weekend and come to close on Sunday.

This past week, Italian car company Ferrari was ridiculed online after posting a video of Montreal’s Grand Prix events that was very obviously a video of Toronto and it’s iconic skyline featuring the CN Tower. 

Yesterday, they’ve done it again to some degree, and I’m just sitting here wondering who the hell is running their PR ’cause this is just getting silly…

Ferrari posted this poster of Montreal, Canada’s F1 Grand Prix weekend to social media, and maybe they’re currently living under the microscope, but everyone have caught something on this poster that looks a bit questionable…

Now, I know we’re super close to legalising marijuana in our country, but this is just dumb. Those are clearly not Maple leaves, the iconic symbol of Canada that is on our country’s flag. Those are cannabis leaves! 

In short, whoever is doing this work over at Ferrari needs to cut the weed.

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Only in America

Donald Trump took time out from bashing his attorney general Jeff Sessions and making the Roseanne Barr racism storm all about himself to meet Kim Kardashian West and discuss the justice system!

You know, it’s been a while since my last Trump post ’cause it’s an every day circus and I got tired. But this is too good (for all wrong reasons) to ignore.

The fact that Kim Kardashian can have ANY influence on ANY White House decision is the epitome of the political and cultural degrade Trump is causing in that country.

Staff are going to have to fumigate after that trash administration is over!

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Balenciaga once again proved that “Balenciaga” is Spanish for “trolling stupid label fuckers by selling ugly overpriced shit to them.”  They already pranked the world with a $2,145 hideous knock-off of the luxurious IKEA bag, and made HELL a bigger place on earth by creating CROCS on steroids.

And now, everyone at Balenciaga is cackling into the air as messes with too much money pre-order the $1,290 double shirt that looks like a 99 cent Salvation Army button-up sloppily stapled to a $3.99 clearance section t-shirt from Kmart.

You know… I applaud those who fleece these fools of their money.

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Once more i marvel at the weird shit happening in some third world countries…

Actually, this happened in The United States which is kinda the same a this point.

This is the story of a nail salon worker who isn’t going to let a customer get away without paying today, tomorrow, the next day or the next day!

Jackie Chan, who? Tom Cruise wishes! The entire cast of Fast and Furious could never!

On Saturday, a woman by the name of Angela Henly learned to never fuck with a nail salon worker. They’re not risking lung cancer by inhaling that chemical mess for free. 

The Charlotte Observer says that Angela and a friend got their nails done at Unique Nails in Jackson, Tennessee, and she made the wrong decision of refusing to pay her bill… 

If Angela could hit the rewind button on her life and go back, I’m sure she’d end up finding a way to pay her bill, because she ended up stiffing the wrong one.

When Angela and her friend got in their car and tried to leave, two nail salon workers tried to stop them by blocking the car. But Angela pulled away anyway while telling everyone that she paid. But apparently Angela still hadn’t paid and the lady in blue was going to get her coins even if it meant following Angela around for the rest of her life until that unpaid manicure bill got paid.

She clung to Angela’s car like loneliness clings to my soul!

If Angela drove through several tornados, the nail salon lady still wouldn’t have let go.

If a pack of wild dogs bit at her foot, she still wouldn’t let go.

If Angela blasted that fucking 2015 Pretty Girls song from her car, the nail salon lady probably would’ve let go because no one is strong enough to handle that kind of torture.

Anyway, Jackson Police said in a release that Angela trash was arrested on felony reckless endangerment charges and taken to the police station where she was later released on $15,000 bond. In short, that was one expensive manicure!

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Hairless Mario

The New York Times continued to do groundbreaking work and delivered brand new thoughts when they declared that being skinny and hot is in.

Someone there just saw Call Me By Your Name, because they welcomed us to the age of the twink!

If only The New York Times would’ve declared it the age of the twink in the 90s. It would’ve been my time. But now I’m less of a twink and more of a smashed Ho Ho lying in the gutter that’s been nibbled at by rats.

But if you’re thinking that the age of the twink is laughable bullshit, don’t. It is very real.

Case in point: Hairless Mario. He’s just a few Master Cleanses away from going full twink.

The Twitter page @yourfavisbald2 is devoted to gifting the internet with bald versions of video game and cartoon characters, and their terrifying Mona Lisa is Hairless Mario.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if Mario was struck down with a serious case of alopecia that took his furry crescent moon brows, dog bone-shaped side burns and half cloud moustache, @yourfaceisbald2 has made your nightmares come true.

In case you forgot (because your brain is temporarily paralyzed with fear over that above pic), here’s what Mario normally looks like:

I’m calling the police!!

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