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Why everyone is so Shocked and Upset?

Yesterday on the internet every single page had Ariana Grande on the news.

At first I thought she died. But then I realised society was just being dumb.  

Ever since she broke up with the meth face guy, Ariana have followed up her always-in-the-media relationship campaign with a mostly-in-the-media break up tour.

Apparently, her show is not over. Now she has moved into the next phase of her post-engagement renaissance: a dramatic haircut!

She revealed the “dramatic change” to everyone on Instagram.

And I put the words “dramatic change” in quotations because, what? I need someone to explain why everyone is so shocked and upset about this?

Some of her fans were commenting such extreme reactions as: “OMGOGMGOG” and “Noooooooooooooooooooo”.

What I want to know is: do these people really think all that hair was HERS and didn’t involve just  removing some extensions and a fake pony tail? 

No wonder some people believe the Kardashians are “natural”.

Anyway, now she doesn’t have to mess with it during oral.

On the other hand, she looks like 12 with all those idiotic snapchat filters.

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Death of a Kinkster

I was reading this article online about the death of an Australian gay dude who was living a “slave & master” relationship with his American lover.

You know, the gay world is more than same-sex intercourse; it’s very complex, full of labels, cliches and subcultures.

Stuff I personally avoid, because I love my uncomplicated life.

That said, when the gays see a fellow homosexual in the public sphere, they plug them into the dumb taxonomy the community has made for itself. 

We have our own stereotypes for each other, and they’re much more specific than you can ever imagine. They may not be very familiar to the world at large, but they are certainly familiar to the brothers in butt fucking.

Twinks, twunks, bears, otters, jocks, daddy, daddy chaser, pup, wolfs, cubs, chubs, circuit boys, gipsters, bulls, gym bunnies, gay-listers, show queens, queers, art fags, and so on.

It’s pretty exhausting and those are a mix of labels and subcultures. 

Although I’m not into “the scene,” I’m familiar with all this stuff because I worked in gay XXX for many years and I’ve seen all sort of things.

All that to say that I was sad and frustrated to read the story of this “pup,” (Jack Chapman) who died after injecting silicone in his genitals to enlarge the organ to grotesque proportions. But the thing is that Jack lived a “slave” lifestyle…

Perhaps for “fun,” but probably out of fear!

The circumstances surrounding Jack’s death have turned the spotlight on Dylan Hafertepen, Jack’s “master,” and the psychological abuse he allegedly endured along with a last-minute revision of a will.

The Australian News program The Project recently took a deep dive into this story.

It’s intense:

The Stranger‘s Daniel Villarreal took an even deeper dive, and once you’ve finished watching the above videos, and you want to learn more, you can check it out here.

Writes Villarreal: “The Seattle Police Department, when asked on October 30 if they are investigating Hafertepen, said: ‘The Seattle Police Department and King County Medical Examiner’s Office have reviewed the medical file related to this death, as well as concerns from the community. There is no criminal investigation at this time.’ Despite that, Hafertepen remains a much-discussed figure among a subset of the gay fetish community. Chapman’s death all but guarantees that his renown will turn to infamy.”


I’m totally open to whatever makes you happy, but this is clearly abuse!

How does he not meet the criteria of an abused spouse? If the victim was a straight woman with a male “master” there would be a criminal investigation.

I guess it’s harder for some to see him that way due to his size and sex. But being banned from talking to family and required to sign a contract submitting to body modification? And let’s not forget about that suspicious will.

There are some kinds of consent that people cannot legally give, and here’s a great example. To me, this was a psychotic abuse masquerading as BDSM.

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2 Hours

Well this is very unusual so I have to write it down…

Usually my “dates” are great. Hot guys, fun/ok personalities and overall charming.

Last night I met Liam, and sadly, he was my first exception… (Surprising, considering two of my ex fuckfriends are Americans).

He was not bad looking but he was bigger than his pictures (I don’t mind a bit chubby but he was beyond that). His personality was also a bit too extra for my taste. But what turned me off, however, is the fact he stank! Omg what the fuck?

There’s nothing I hate more than bad smells.

I tried to stay in control and polite as possible talking about random stuff avoiding any approach, and then, when he suggested sex I kept it chill and said “I just met you…” (meaning I don’t fuck someone I just met, which is totally bullshit but, ugh!)

He got the message and I hope I didn’t look like a jerk but seriously, I didn’t care if I did. My hygienic body didn’t deserve that, not even for any amount of money.

And speaking of money… I have this other guy (Nick) whose fetish is to be a sugar daddy. Well, Nick is being after my old bones for some time and last night he sent me this totally random message…

I was like okay…

He works for a pharmacological firm and apparently he can afford his fetish, which is hot but what? Humans are weird. And this new generation a bit too much.

I swear, listening to Liam’s stories last night I could see how social media is affecting them, how dependent they are of it to move around. The need for acceptance, to belong and to stalk others lives. They can’t just form their own personality, but instead become a copy & paste of each other.

Anyhow, he got me tired, and despite that I couldn’t sleep.

I slept close to 2 hours, the same amount of time I gave to Liam to kill my boner last night.

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From 69 To 49…

Men have a very narrow window in which they can get a fair shake in life.

They’re at the peak of their powers between the ages 40 and 60. Any man below the age of 40 isn’t taken seriously, and sadly, any man over the age of 60 is practically invisible.

It’s not fair, and it’s not right, but it just is. And has been for centuries.

Well, one man is saying no more!

According to The Telegraph, Emile Ratelband, who is from The Netherlands, isn’t going to take his oppression sitting down. He’s filed a lawsuit asking the court to allow him to change his biological age, which is 69, to his heart age, which is 49 (metaphorically of course, his actual heart is also 69).

And he’s using the argument that transgender people can legally amend their sex, so he should have the right to change his age, which is fucking up his Tinder game.

Emile was sick and tired of being 69 (which, bro, that is obviously the BEST age, you fool!) and tried to get his local government to allow him to legally change it to 49, which is how old he feels.

Emile claims his doctor told him that he had the body of a 45-year-old… And Emile finds he doesn’t get the respect or attention his young body deserves…

You know, I’m an old vampire and I get Emile but he’s way too delusional.

He can lie about his age all he wants and he can get his age changed legally. BUT, his face is telling me 75!!! The official number isn’t going to change anyone’s boner.

Time to grow up before you’re dust in a box in someone’s closet, son!

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Squirrel In A “Scream” Mask

Halloween (or SlutOWeen for you hot sluts and HalloQween for you hot gay sluts) has come and gone and it’s time to put your slutty garbage collector and whorish driver’s ed instructor costumes to rest until next October.

But there’s one last fright to foist on you as you roll your eyes at all the Christmas decorations that ARE ALREADY UP IN STORES. It’s this squirrel in a Ghostface mask from Scream!

BoingBoing brings us this squirrel feeder that some maniac made (and posted on Instagram) to allow your bushy-tailed neighbour to become a crazed serial killer right outside your window.

The most terrifying part of this post isn’t that squirrel, but the fact that there’s an legit Instagram hashtag called “#squirrelsofinstagram” that has over 335,000 posts! 

So, I guess next Halloween those squirrelsofinstagram are gonna put on their scariest numbers and cause everyone to piss their trampy costumes out of terror.

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Satanists Are Suing Netflix

Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is getting sued by The Satanic Temple.

Are they suing them because we really did not need a remake of another beloved 90s show just with a dark twist?

No. They’re suing them for using their copyrighted monument design and also misrepresenting the deity as “something evil”. Satanists suing for suggesting Satan is evil? Hmm…

A bit late for that, methinks.

The Cut is reporting that The Satanic Temple’s co-founder Lucien Greaves sent out a tweet about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina being total trash and that they would be calling their lawyers:

The legal specifics have not been reported, but Lucien wants Netflix to remove the statue from their show, also confirming that the Satanists lawyers (which they probably have a ton of… get it? Because lawyers go to Hell?) have sent a letter to Netflix telling them to cease and desist.

The Satanic Temple co-founder, Malcom Jarry also chimed in, saying: “If a resolution cannot be worked out, we will take aggressive actions to protect our copyright.”


I swear that whole country has gone NUTS, just friggin nuts!

As for the Satanists I would have thought they would have done some sinister/evil shit instead of calling their lawyers?

Those fools at Netflix should have really thought twice before messing with Satan.

That’s right, honey! This ain’t no game! Even Satan wants his 10%.

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56 Major Companies Denounce Trump On Trans Rights

Google, Apple, Coca Cola, and Facebook are among 56 major companies that sent a letter Thursday to the Trump administration opposing any federal policy changes that define gender as based on one’s biological sex at birth.

The letter states that the companies, which represent more than $2.4 trillion in collective revenue, stand in solidarity with transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex people.

A group of 14 LGBTQ+ organizations organized the effort and did so in response to a New York Times report that the administration intends to redefine sex and in doing so erase transgender protections from existing laws.

Under the proposed changes, 1.4 million Americans who identify themselves as a gender different from the sex to which they were born would effectively lose federal recognition of their identity.

The letter also comes at a time of increased violence against marginalised people. In 2016, a survey of 28,000 transgender people by the National Center for Transgender Equality showed that nearly half had been verbally and/or sexually assaulted.

“Transgender people are our beloved family members and friends, and our valued team members,” the letter reads. “What harms transgender people harms our companies.”

I seriously don’t understand what the hell is going on in America.

Trump and those Republicans are destroying the United States and violating human rights shamelessly. There’s not a day that goes by that those jerks are in the news for something scandalous, while it’s an unprecedented SCANDAL the fact he still the President.

Let’s hope those companies back up their statement by refusing to donate any further money to those Republicans bastards.

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