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Tune Of The Day

Amor Loco by Emmanuel Horvilleur 

Pero de noche te puedo ocultar…

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Tune Of The Day

El Susto by Chano! ft. Karen Méndez

Pero me provoca un pánico hermoso.

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LLORÁ Por Vos Argentina

And Francia sent back home Argentina and his terrible agony, sore loser attitude and violent players. Sorry Argentina but you didn’t deserve to be part of this World Cup.

Bye Sampaoli!

Here’s Benjamin Pavard’s incredible wondergoal….

Cancel the rest of The World Cup, we don’t need any more goals.

Regardless, this Cup is going to BRAZIL!!!

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Rescue From Misery

I’ve have not commented much of the World Cup ’cause I had other things to do, plus all goes so fast that I just couldn’t catch up.

So far still game: Uruguay, Russia, Spain, Portugal (both by luck,) France, Denmark, Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, England, Belgium, Japan, Senegal, Croatia and by another MIRACLE we still have the disastrous Argentine team.

I love Argentina for many things but their football squad is not a team, and Messi cannot do all alone. Their victory against Nigeria was well-deserved (’cause they played better,) yet pure luck because the match was about to finish when Marcos Rojo, at the very last minutes, scored and rescued Argentina from elimination. 

That’s right, Argentine defender Marcos Rojo wandered all the way up from his designated spot in central defense, found himself in Nigeria’s penalty box, and calmly slotted an incoming cross into the net with a beautiful right-footed volley. A MIRACLE!!

Anyhow, bye Nigeria.

Below other remarkable moments from few days ago.

Germany’s Tony Kroos insane goal:

Colombia’s James Rogriguez magical pass

Today’s matches:

So excited!!!

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Croatia Expose Argentina As The Greatest Possible Frauds With 3-0 Asskicking

As a South American is devastating to see our teams losing, but Peru was an illusion (now gone) Colombia incertitude, Brazil hope, and Argentina a miracle because they didn’t deserve to be there and Croatia showed us why today.

Argentina came into their second group stage game against Croatia today needing to bounce back from a frustrating, leaden 1-1 draw with Iceland. Instead, they got run off the pitch by a determined Croatia side, who spanked them 3-0 thanks to two horrifying defensive errors and one moment of world-class precision from Luka Modrić.

Argentina now face the very real possibility of a first-round exit, and they need several games to break their way in order to limp out of Group D. Whether or not that happens, let us not forget: this Argentina side is full of frauds, they’ve all let Lionel Messi down, and they deserve to go home. I was actually happy that Croatia kicked their butts.

I also celebrate the determination of Japan and Iceland.

It’s time to change the game. Congrats Croatia!!!!

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The Silent Epidemic

The sister of the Queen of the Netherlands has been found hanged in her apartment in an apparent suicide…

The Dutch government has confirmed that Queen Maxima’s younger sister, Ines Zorreguieta, 33, was found dead two days ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina, their homeland.

Ines reportedly suffered from depression and mental health problems.

Few days ago, American fashion designer Kate Spade also took her life. She also suffered from depression and anxiety for many years.

Suicide has been described as a “silent epidemic”: epidemic because of its high incidence and substantial contribution to mortality, and silent because of a lack of public awareness, a paucity of explanatory research, and the reluctance to seek help for suicide-related concerns. 

Depression is a nasty disease!

I read an article a while back that asked why someone would commit suicide.

They likened it to being in a burning building. No matter how much they wanted to stay the flames kept closing in and they had to jump. It was a sobering and honest testament to people who are struggling with their depression.

I hope all the victims found the peace that eluded them in this life.

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Tune Of The Day

Apaga el Celular by LIT killah 

Al encontrarte fue donde yo me perdí.

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