Linguistic Family Tree

I love languages and cultures so I needed to blog about this.

Did you know that most of the different languages we speak today can actually be placed in only a couple of groups by their origin? This is what illustrator Minna Sundberg has captured in an elegant infographic of a linguistic tree which reveals some fascinating links between different tongues.

Using the research data from Ethnologue, Minna has used a tree metaphor to illustrate how all major European, and even plenty of Eastern languages can be grouped into Indo-European and Uralic “families”.

The whole image is dotted with languages, with bigger leaves representing those with the most native speakers.

For everyone wondering about Chinese, Arabic, African and Indigenous languages of the Americas, this chart is ONLY for the group of languages known as Indo-European.

Regardless, great illustration.


Stephanie & Arryn

In the world we live we are bombarded with images of “perfect bodies”, Kardashian’s, Minaj’s, Azalea’s plastic butts and filters of all kinds to such an extent that all genuine emotion, feeling and whatever the human connections that shine through the picture is lost.

Step forward Stephanie and Arryn, a young couple from Texas.

They are not models, but friends with photographer Bria Terry, of Wolf & Rose Photography. Stephanie decided to respond to an everyday call for models to take part in a boudoir photoshoot, and as you can see, the results are stunning.

The photoshoot was uploaded onto Wolf & Rose Photography’s Facebook page, which is pretty much normal protocol, but this time the photos went hugely viral. But why? because of the obvious love, chemistry, confidence and beauty of the natural images.

Real people and not the plastic stereotypes everyone sale us.

On the other hand… I want a boyfriend like Arryn. Someone who accept me by who I am and not by how much money I make or by the way I look. 

Stunning pics!!

My 2000-Year-Old Double

Some people believe that everyone has a twin. And maybe that’s true… if you need proof, just visit an art or history museum! People around the world are finding themselves in the collections of renowned institutions and are snapping pictures with their artsy doubles.  

Museum doppelgängers exists throughout the ages. They’re commonly in Renaissance-era paintings and pieces of pop art, but the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City is going back even further. Their project called My 2000-Year-Old Double will soon pair people’s portraits with a corresponding ancient Greco-Roman or Egyptian sculpture.

Using facial-recognition software, they will make matches for 60 sets of artwork/twins. The results will be revealed in October of 2018.

Well, there are only so many combinations to be achieved using human genetic pool. (I’m just being sour cause I never found mine).

Regardless, this is fun!!! 

Finalists of the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest

We’ve recently witnessed the harsh side of nature with Hurricane Irma, so the announcement of the finalists of the 53rd annual ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ couldn’t come at a better time to remind us of the beauty that nature has in store.

This year the Natural History Museum of London has selected 13 entries out of 50,000 submissions from 92 different countries. The judges picked a balanced variety of shots, from incredible close ups to the cover photos for the very real issues that need attention right now.

“Arctic treasure” Sergey Gorshkov (Russia). Finalist, Animal Portraits.

“The insiders” Qing Lin (China). Finalist, Under Water.

“Saved but caged” Steve Winter (US). Finalist, The Wildlife Photojournalist Award/ Single Image.

“Swim gym” Laurent Ballesta (France). Finalist, Behavior – Mammals.

“Bear hug” Ashleigh Scully (US). Finalist, Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 11-14 Years.

“Winter pause” Mats Andersson (Sweden). Finalist, Black and white.

“Resplendent delivery” Tyohar Kastiel (Israel). Finalist, Behavior/Birds.

“Glimpse of a lynx” Laura Albiac Vilas (Spain). Finalist, Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 11-14 Years.

“Sewage surfer” Justin Hofman (US). Finalist, The Wildlife Photojournalist Award/ Single Image.

“Bold eagle” Klaus Nigge (Germany). Finalist, Animal Portraits.

The winners will receive a ticket to London for the awards ceremony as well as cash prizes up to £10,000 (about $13,000).  One word: beautiful! 

Legit Soaps

Do you have writer’s block? Don’t worry, because there’s a soap for that. Are you a morning person? Then there’s a soap for you too. There’s even a soap for internet trolls that smells like living in your mom’s basement.

In fact, thanks to Whiskey River Soap Co, there’s a soap for pretty much anything and anybody you can think of.

From weird teachers, creep uncles, and crazy exes, to geeks, queens and introverts, their amusing and endlessly inventive range of hygiene products (they also do bath bombs) means you’ll never be stuck for Christmas presents ever again.

And jokes aside, the soaps look really pretty! #WANT

Injected Art

Filipino nurse Kimberly Joy Magbanua has always had a talent for drawing and painting, but never received any formal art training.

Instead, she started working as a nurse, not knowing that she would one day be able to combine her profession and passion for the arts in a completely new art form… syringe painting!

The 24-year-old nurse from Valladolid, Philippines, says that she got the idea to use syringes instead of paintbrushes about a year ago, as she was getting ready to give a patient an injection.

They were a familiar tool, and despite being completely unrelated to painting, they just made sense to Kimberly, because they allowed her to scribble paint on a canvas.

I am not really a fan of needles, but I am a fan of this art!

Natura Insects

For a new series titled Natura Insects, Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue arranged a variety of leaves and blooms to create the delicate components of stag beetles, butterflies, and other insects. While the same results could be easily produced using digital or collage techniques, Inoue pushed the concept even further and used real flowers which he then photographed as you see here.

This is soooo beautiful. Creative. Detailed and well executed.

One word: PERFECTION! You can see more from the series on Instagram