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Artists and Their Cats

When considering the “artistic type,” many could be described as non-conformist, impulsive, or even introverted.

It’s no surprise then that the typically aloof domestic cat makes the perfect pet for a lot of creative individuals. In fact, cats have inspired artists for centuries, serving as constant companions in artists’ studios.

Artists and Their Cats by Alison Nastasi, features over 50 legendary creatives and the stories behind their feline friendships.

Believing that “behind many great artists is a great…cat,” Nastasi writes in the book’s introduction, “Many artists buck notions of a stereotypical temperament, but researchers have long speculated that creative individuals share common attributes—which mirror those of cats.”

Accompanied by a series of endearing photographs of both past and present artists and their cats, the book explores the roles felines play in their lives, and even how they affect their artistic practices.

Frida Kahlo and MASTER Salvador Dali

Andy Warhol

MASTER Ai Weiwei

Pablo Picasso

Herbert Tobias

Although I’m more of a dog person, I’m loving this.

I’m a fan of many artists in these portraits. This is a nice gift for cat-lovers, or for those who enjoy a peek into some private lives and some nine-lives.

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2018 Siena International Photo Awards WINNERS

The 2018 Siena International Photo Awards has received 48,000 submissions from 156 countries, and the judges have had an incredibly hard time deciding the winners. Nonetheless, the winners have been decided.

The grand prize, the Photo of the Year award, went to Bangladeshi photographer K M Asad for his shot Battle Victim.

Asad has been documenting the plight of the persecuted Rohingya in Myanmar for six years now, and the chilling photo of a young Rohingya refugee perfectly portrays the terrible human tragedy unfolding there.

The images show just how diverse our beautiful world (what’s left) really is.

Battle Victim, Bangladesh (Photo Of The Year) In Cox’s Bazar, Asmat Ara looks clearly traumatized after the recent violence which took place in Myanmar, on September 6th, 2017. The previous night she had entered Tenkhali Rohingya refugee camp with her family from Kumar Khali, Myanmar Rohingya state. According to the UNHCR, more than 646,000 Rohingya refugees have fled from Myanmar since August 25th, 2017, most of them trying to cross the border to reach Bangladesh

Arctic Fox, Usa (3rd Place In Animals In Their Environment Category)

Camels In The Desert, Mongolia (2nd Place In General Color Category)

Redyk, Poland (Honorable Mention In Journeys and Adventures Category) In this photo of Mizerna, in southern Poland, the traditional sheep grazing, called “Redyk”, has more than 1,500 animals. From the Low Beskid Mountains, shepherds bring back the animals to the city of Nowy Targ, where the owners will take care of them during the winter. The animals will go back to the mountains in spring

Facing Reality, Pleneau Island, Antarctic Peninsula (1st Place In Animals In Their Environment Category)

Sharing Emotion (Remarkable Award In Fascinating Faces And Characters Category)

Game Of Colors, India (2nd Place In Splash Of Colors Category) The Holi Festival is a yearly Indian celebration announcing the arrival of spring, with a colourful atmosphere that radiates love and happiness

The Road Of Fortune, Vietnam (Honorable Mention in Splash of Colors category)

Jump, Canada (Honorable Mention In Animals In Their Environment Category)

El Calbuco, Chile (1st Place In The Beauty Of The Nature Category)

Flying On The Beach, The Netherlands (Honorouble Mention In General Color Category)

Man Carries Injured Son, Iraq (1st Place In Journeys And Adventures Category)

Nemo In The House (Remarkable Award In Animals In Their Environment Category)

Love On The Rocks (Remarkable Award In Animals In Their Environment Category)

School Of Barracuda (Remarkable Award In Animals In Their Environment Category)

Drink, China (Honorable Mention In Fascinating faces and characters Category)

Vulture And Jackal (Remarkable Award In Animals In Their Environment Category)

Travelers, Antarctica (3rd Place In The Beauty Of The Nature Category)

The Contact (Remarkable Award In Journeys And Adventures Category)

Exhalation (Remarkable Award In Splash Of Colours Category)

Flying Fishing Nest, China (3rd Place In General Color Category)

Swing, Bolivia (Honorable Mention In Journeys and Adventures Category)

The Hunt, India (2nd Place In Animals In Their Environment Category)

Toy Houses, Russia (1st Place In Architecture & Urban Spaces Category)

MESMERISING!! More here.

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NASA x Vans “Space Voyager Collection” Has Landed

To celebrate six decades of space exploration and discovery, Vans has just launched a stellar collection of footwear and apparel inspired by NASA’s original space suits.

The Vans Space Voyager Collection includes eight footwear iterations on Van’s classic skate models, including the Sk8-Hi and Old Skool. Each sneaker design features fun details such as exposed foam and interchangeable NASA patches, as well as the timeless NASA logo.

The Vans Space Voyager Collection is available now via the Vans website.

One word: WANT! 

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8 Technologies Of Today Transformed Into 80s Objects

The world without the Internet is impossible to imagine.

The Internet is an integral part of our daily routines and objects around us, so much in fact, that certain things would not even exist without it. But that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t try imagining how certain apps would look in different times, right?

Thomas Olliver, a creative art director, has envisioned the technologies of today as objects from the 1980s.






Adobe Illustrator



Pretty fun!

Although, Snapchat should’ve been a handwritten note, folded for passing in class. And Instagram a Polaroid. On the other hand, you know you’re young when you don’t know what most of this shit is… Not my case.

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Lip Art

Los Angeles-based makeup artist and photographer Vlada Haggerty is one creative mind who showcases the power of makeup with her incredible lip art.

Each opulent look is jaw-dropping gorgeous, and often adorned with metallic gloss, glittering sequins, and dazzling gems.

Haggerty is clearly a master of lip art, with a growing portfolio of museum-worthy looks.

From individually placed sequins to hand-painted motifs, each haute couture look showcases the artist’s incredible skills and boundless imagination.

One particular “Liquid Gold” dripping lip gloss look proved so popular that it resulted in a legal battle between Haggerty and Kylie Jenner Kardashian.

Haggerty posted the iconic image on her Instagram profile in May 2015, but strikingly similar images later showed up on the packaging of Kylie Cosmetics’ famous “lip kits.” Jenner isn’t the only one who was accused of stealing Haggerty’s work. The independent makeup artist is currently in the process of suing fashion brand Guess for allegedly using her trademarked “Liquid Gold” look on one of its t-shirts.

Vlada’s lips are a delicious work of art! 

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Mike Ruiz’s Bullies & Biceps 2019 Calendar

Mr. Ruiz is a fashion photographer icon, photographing the world’s top models and A-list celebrities.

Recently he got engaged in a project for the New York Bully Crew’s rescue mission, an organisation that specialise in rescuing Pitbulls, however no animal in need of rescue is turned away.

Although this project is sexier than ever, it’s also meaningful. The canine cover model, Oliver, was Mike’s dog and he was rescued in California from a dire situation.

Oliver was the quintessential pit bull, a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  

Mike himself became a believer in bullies because of Oliver.  

Sadly, Oliver lost his brave battle with cancer the end of this summer. So, this project is dedicated to him… The black pit bull that overcame adversity, opened people’s heart, and made them see pits in a different light.

The vibrant and perfectly matched models with dogs are gorgeous, but each page tells a story of resilience and compassion of the rescue dogs.

Pit bulls are very misunderstood and I’m glad this organisation exist.

On the other hand: Man’s best friend + sexy men = I WANT! 

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Winners of the 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest

Everyone who was enjoying 2017, 2016 and 51 earlier ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ (WPY) competitions has just received this year’s biggest treat.

London’s Natural History Museum announced the winners of the 2018 contest, and the images reveal the abundance, beauty, resilience and vulnerability of life on Earth.

Dutch photographer Marsel van Oosten took the top prize for his beautiful portrait of a pair of endangered golden snub-nosed monkeys. In the youth category, 16-year-old Skye Meaker was named Youth Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his moving portrait of a leopard waking from sleep in a game reserve in Botswana.

This year’s competition saw over 45,000 submissions from 95 countries, which were judged by an expert panel on their originality, creativity, and technical excellence.

Some pictures below (some images may be too brutal).

“The Golden Couple” By Marsel Van Oosten, The Netherlands, Grand Title Winner. This pair belongs to a subspecies of golden snub-nosed monkey restricted to the Qinling Mountains. Among the most striking primates in the world, these monkeys are in danger of disappearing. Their numbers have steadily declined over the decades and there are now fewer than 4,000 individuals left.

“Lounging Leopard” By Skye Meaker, South Africa, Young Wildlife Photographer Of The Year.

“Reflective Sunset” By Sri Ram Mohan Akshay Valluru, India, Highly Commended 2018 15–17 Years Old

“Pipe Owls” By Arshdeep Singh, India, Winner 2018 10 Years And Under

“Ahead In The Game” By Nicholas Dyer, Uk, Highly Commended 2018 Behaviours Mammals

“Argentine Quickstep” By Darío Podestá, Argentina, Highly Commended 2018 Animal Portraits

“Night Snack” By Audun Rikardsen, Norway, Highly Commended 2018 Under Water

“The Meerkat Mob” By Tertius A Gous, South Africa, Highly Commended 2018 Behaviours Mammals

Michel D’oultremont, Belgium, Winner 2018 Rising Star Portfolio Award

“Mud-Rolling Mud-Dauber” By Georgina Steytler, Australia, Winner 2018 Behaviours Invertebrates

Autopsy By Antonio Olmos, Mexico / Uk, Highly Commended 2018 Wildlife Photojournalism. A young Siberian tigress is laid out, awaiting an autopsy. Its emaciated body was found under a car, missing a forepaw. Undoubtedly, it had chewed off its own foot after being caught in a poacher’s trap. Unable to hunt, it would have slowly starved to death. For Antonio, seeing such a majestic animal reduced to this was heartbreaking. Siberian tigers have been hunted almost to extinction, with barely 360 left in the wild. Despite being classified as endangered for the past few decades, their numbers continue to decline, as they are hunted by poachers and their homes are lost to deforestation. Human disregard continues to decimate tiger populations, leaving their fate hanging in the balance.

“Witness” By Emily Garthwaite, Uk, Highly Commended 2018 Wildlife Photojournalism. Sun bears are the world’s rarest bears, yet are commonly exploited in Southeast Asia for their gall bladders and bile.

“Blood Thirsty” By Thomas P Peschak, Germany / South Africa, Winner 2018 Behaviours Birds

“Late-Night Feed” By Susan Scott, South Africa, Highly Commended 2018 Wildlife Photojournalism

Colour, Sound, Action By Liron Gertsman, Canada, Highly Commended 2018 15–17 Years Old

“Night Flight” By Michael Patrick O’neill, Usa, Winner 2018 Under Water

“Kuhirwa Mourns Her Baby” By Ricardo Núñez Montero, Spain, Winner 2018 Behaviours Mammals. Kuhirwa, a young female mountain gorilla, would not give up on her dead baby. Initially she cuddled and groomed the tiny corpse, carrying it piggyback like the other mothers. Weeks later, she started to eat what was left of it. Forced by the low light to work with a wide aperture and a narrow depth of field, Ricardo focused on the body rather than Kuhirwa’s face. From elephants stroking the bones of deceased family members to dolphins trying to keep dead companions afloat, there is an abundance of credible evidence to show that animals visibly express grief. Kuhirwa’s initial actions can be interpreted as mourning, her behaviour showing the pain of a mother who has lost her child.

Elephants At Twilight By Frans Lanting, The Netherlands, Winner 2018 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Lifetime Achievement Award

“Cool Cat” By Isak Pretorius, South Africa, Highly Commended 2018 Animal Portraits

“The Midnight Passage” By Vegard Lødøen, Norway, Highly Commended 2018 Animals In Their Environment

“The Bigger Bite” By Chris Brunskill, Uk, Highly Commended 2018 Behaviours Mammals

“School Visit” By Adrian Bliss, Uk, Highly Commended 2018 Urban Wildlife. Lying ruined and looted, the city of Pripyat is within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which was established after the nuclear disaster of 1986. Devoid of humans, the city has surrendered to nature. This red fox trotted into the derelict classroom, stopping briefly on the carpet of child-sized gas masks just long enough for a picture.

Beautiful and heartbreaking.

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