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Vogue Slims Down Ashley Graham

The March issue of Vogue is devoted to celebrating “all types” of women. In order to accomplish this, their cover features six skinny “models” and also Ashley Graham.


It’s interesting that Vogue wants to celebrate big women, since they’ve taken great pains to make Ashley Graham look thinner. She’s the second one from the left (if you don’t know her,) and the only one posing with her arm down, a mechanism to cover up her legs and make her look thinner.

Vogue also added a stripe to her shorts, again for slimming purposes. Also, look at the hand and arm grabbing her torso from the right side of the photo. They appear to be unnaturally long…

That’s because Vogue photoshopped Graham, ’cause they don’t want her not skinny.

Anyhow, making Ashley skinnier doesn’t bother me, what actually irritates me is that Kendull is front and center on the cover. WHY?

She barely walks any shows (’cause she CANNOT walk for shit) and I’m not sure I even see her on ads or endorsements anymore. Whereas Ashley Graham, who has a stunning face, or Liu Wen, who’s known like “the first Asian” supermodel (because Devon Aoki wasn’t famous or something) are off to the side. The rest…


CAN’T stand these popular kids so-called models.

This cover is the absolute definition of the term “basic!”

90’s Vogue covers were gorgeous and had real (super) models on it.


In short, despite her size Ashley got it!

And the rest are pretty average looking at best.

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Ashley Graham

IMG_5070This morning, walking the streets after my workout, I saw the picture of this model at some store call Addition Elle. A store for plus size ladies. And I couldn’t help but to stop to admire the beauty of that model.

Male, female or unicorn, I’m a beauty lover.

I found her name online, Ashely Graham… to me, she’s BY FAR way prettier/feminine/sexy/sensual than a lot of  skeletal models (Alessandra Ambrosio) out there.

Society beauty standards cannot be any more unhealthy. And Ashley Graham’s poster is the vitamin society needs!

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