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Libertango by LEGEND Astor Piazzolla


Quejas de Bandoneón by O.T. Canyengue


Legendary composer, pianist and orchestra conductor of Argentine tango, Mariano Mores, died yesterday at age 98.

The pianist, the co-composer of famous tangos like “Cuartito Azul,” “Uno,” “Cristal” and “Cafetin de Buenos Aires,” was one of Argentina’s most creative tango musicians and enjoyed great international prestige.

Although they had different styles, Mariano Mores was one of the world most renowned tango composers along with Astor Piazzolla.

One goes crawling among thorns,
and in his eagerness to give love,
one suffers and is destroyed until he understands:
that he has no heart anymore
(Uno lyrics)


R.I.P Maestro