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Love, Simon

Since I fucked from Monday to Friday, I took the weekend off for myself. Working out, family, and catching up with movies.

Today I watched, Love, Simon.

I had been looking forward to this movie for a long time, but didn’t had the chance to watch it, or more accurately, didn’t have the guts to.

Since this is a romantic gay film, I knew it would make a bit blue because believe it or not, I’m a romantic guy. 

All the sex I have is just a consolation for the true relationship I miss. 

Love, Simon did not disappointed in the slightest. It was funny, heartfelt, and honest.

Nick Robinson is perfect in the role of Simon. He’s an extremely underrated actor. Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner were great as his parents! I loved the way this family was portrayed and it really made the movie work for me.

All the actors playing his friends did an excellent job. It kinda reminded of Mean Girls in the way the cast was perfectly put together in order to be memorable. And just like Mean Girls, this movie is an instant classic.

This film did not pull any punches and really struck everyone with its message.

Be who you are!!

Also, this film actually touched me… Probably because as a young gay guy (back in the days) I also experienced the fear, the coming out, the secret identity, the falling in love with someone I didn’t even know, and all the struggles associated to our sexuality. 

Too often we have these dry, emotionless comedies released that just want to get a few cheap laughs. This movie found a perfect balance of humour and emotion.

It gives exactly what we all want, an actual story with real engaging characters.

And maybe also, the feeling of wanting to fall in love again.

No matter what, announcing who you are to the world is pretty terrifying. But everyone deserves a great love story as well. 

I loved, love, Love, Simon! 

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Everyday shoes

In his latest photographic series, Everyday Shoes, Danish photographer Nikolaj Beyer has immortalised unusual conceptual shoes on colourful backgrounds.

A Sneaker snack is the heel of a shoe made of a delicious surface of fused chocolate, some corn accompanies with elegance some leaves of lettuce, a photographic film is unfolded from the heel to the ankle, every day alimentary objects becomes the first component in the creation that are hard to resist for the greedy ones.

Designer from all the world, watch and learn!

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The Winners Of The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2018

The Nature Conservancy is ‘the leading conservation organisation working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. Every year they hold a competition where professional and amateur photographers from all around the globe can submit their photos, and this year the organisation has just announced the 21 winning photographs of 2018.

There are 6 categories in this competition: people and nature, landscape, water, wildlife, cities and nature, and people’s choice. People from 135 countries submitted more than 57k pictures, and below you can see some of the best.

Stallions Playing, Grand Prize.“The power of the animal kingdom.” Photo by Camille Briottet, Lyon, France.

Pure Energy And Fire.“Colima volcano erupting during the night showing its strength, was taken in the Yerbabuena, Comala, Colima. Volcanic eruptions in small quantities help reduce global warming.” Photo by Hernando Alonso Rivera Cervantes, Villa de Alvarez, Mexico.

Polar Bear. “The polar bear wandering on pack ice looks at the ice melting. Photo was taken in Nunavut, Canada, during summer 2017.” Photo by Florian Ledoux, Brasles, France.

Watching You Watching Me.“Red Fox in Bonavista, Newfoundland in July 2017.” Photo by Megan Lorenz, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

Welcome To My Humble Abode.“A tiny fungi gnat sheltering inside the canopy of a toadstool, South Scotland 2017.” Photo by Duncan McNaught, Castle Douglas, United Kingdom.

My Home My City. “Lion Rock is a symbol of Hong Kong, including me, many Hong Kong people are also growing under the mountain, it also represents the spirit of Hong Kong people. Photo time: 2018-1-14. Photo at: Tai Mo Shan.” Photo by Kwok Kui Andus Tse, Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong, China.

Serenity. “Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall in Iceland, January 2018. The places that are hardest to get to are often the best and most peaceful.” Photo by Jeremy Stevens, Fallsington, Pennsylvania, USA.

Namibian Curves.“We were on our Chronicles of Namibia workshop, wrapping up a wonderful evening of shooting in the Sossusvlei area. On the drive back to camp, this most simple composition caught my eye. I couldn’t resist and stopped the group to get this shot. Sossusvlei, Namibia. 17/11/17.” Photo by Paul Zizka, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

The End Is Near.“This ice could be thousands of years old, and only recently broke off the Vatnajokull Glacier at Jokulsarlon Bay in Iceland, and will soon melt into the sea. Taken July 2017 in Iceland.” Photo by Andre Mercier, Los Angeles, California, USA.

More here. Just amazing!!

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That was fucking stressful…

Croatia entered Sunday’s World Cup elimination-round match against Denmark with confidence and the odds on its side. Sure enough, Denmark put up a fight, but Croatia emerged victorious in penalty kicks in one of the BEST matches of the 2018 World Cup.

So far the football world cup is really surprising when you look at the scores of the different games. During the qualification round, most of the so called “major teams” struggled against those teams considered “weak”. There was really no walk through, as many would have expected. And even the final round surprised. 

Bravo Croatia!!

I’m sad for Denmark, but happy for Croatia. THIS was kinda like Spain-Russia, but much, much better. Less boring. And the penalty shootout? Wow. Both goalies we’re amazing

An underrated hero…

Denmark deserved better, but that’s how life is.

Thank you athletes, thank you heroes, thank you football!!!

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Happy Canada Day

And as a proud Canadian, here are 7 reasons why I love Canada.

1) The beautiful nature that one finds in Canada… the lakes, the forests, the mountains, the arctic and the sea. The incredible variety of landscapes across this vast land.

2) The quality of life, our healthcare system, our “peace keeping tradition” and the equality for everyone.

3) The beauty of cities such as Ottawa, Quebec City, and Victoria to name a few.


4) Our 2 official languages (English & French) and the amount of polyglots in the country.

5) The diversity of its gorgeous and super cool-chill-open-minded people. 

6) Our coloured money.

7) The LEGENDARY Christopher Plummer, the late Loenard Cohen and Leslie Nielsen, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Linda Evangelista, Jim Carrey, Kim Cattrall (a.k.a SAMANTHA JONES,) Ryan Gosling, Ryan Raynolds, Rachel McAdams (a.k.a REGINA GEORGE,) Pamela Anderson boobs, Sandra Oh, Evangeline Lilly, Alanis Morissette, Michael Bublé, Shawn Mendes, Drake, The Weeknd, Alessia Cara, Diana Krall,  Nelly Furtado, etc, etc, etc…

What I dislike: Quebec double tax (UGH!), my passport picture, Justin Bieber doucheness, the embarrassing seal hunt, Canada’s 4 seasons: Almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction.



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Dirty Art

It’s not really unusual to spot a dirty car while strolling around the city. Some of us even use it as a canvas to draw some silly pictures and “teach” their lazy owners a lesson.

And while this is something you wouldn’t normally want to find all over your vehicle in the morning, this Russian artist Nikita Golubev might actually change your opinion.

This Moscow-based illustrator takes the casual scribbles on dirty cars to a completely new level.The dirt is just another material for this artist to realise his ideas, and turning unwashed cars into amazing pieces of art has already become his thing.

Simply stunning!!

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Poncho, the CPR dog of Madrid

If you’re ever in Madrid and think you’re about to pass out and die, immediately scream, “ayúdame, Poncho, ayúdame!“, and pray that the life-saving pooch shows up to hop on your chest until you’re back with the living.

Now, if I passed out in my house, my dog would stare at me before setting a timer on his non-existent watch for about 12 hours, because that’s how long it would take for his stomach to completely empty and for him to consider eating my dead body for nourishment. But not Poncho! Pass out in front of Poncho, and bitch got you.

Poncho has become a viral hero after his job, Policia de Madrid, tweeted a video of him going into life-saving action after an officer pretended to faint and fall.

Officer Poncho pounced into action and immediately did the recommended technique of compression-only (no breaths), and checked to make sure there was a pulse in the most adorable way possible.

Officer Poncho looks like he’s neck cuddling!

Yahoo! News says that little act of heroic cuteness was staged to encourage pet adoption.

This makes me really, really happy. Pet adoption is the most fulfilling thing ever and this is a great way of promotion, along with learning CPR.

Amo a Poncho!!

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