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Artists and Their Cats

When considering the “artistic type,” many could be described as non-conformist, impulsive, or even introverted.

It’s no surprise then that the typically aloof domestic cat makes the perfect pet for a lot of creative individuals. In fact, cats have inspired artists for centuries, serving as constant companions in artists’ studios.

Artists and Their Cats by Alison Nastasi, features over 50 legendary creatives and the stories behind their feline friendships.

Believing that “behind many great artists is a great…cat,” Nastasi writes in the book’s introduction, “Many artists buck notions of a stereotypical temperament, but researchers have long speculated that creative individuals share common attributes—which mirror those of cats.”

Accompanied by a series of endearing photographs of both past and present artists and their cats, the book explores the roles felines play in their lives, and even how they affect their artistic practices.

Frida Kahlo and MASTER Salvador Dali

Andy Warhol

MASTER Ai Weiwei

Pablo Picasso

Herbert Tobias

Although I’m more of a dog person, I’m loving this.

I’m a fan of many artists in these portraits. This is a nice gift for cat-lovers, or for those who enjoy a peek into some private lives and some nine-lives.

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NASA x Vans “Space Voyager Collection” Has Landed

To celebrate six decades of space exploration and discovery, Vans has just launched a stellar collection of footwear and apparel inspired by NASA’s original space suits.

The Vans Space Voyager Collection includes eight footwear iterations on Van’s classic skate models, including the Sk8-Hi and Old Skool. Each sneaker design features fun details such as exposed foam and interchangeable NASA patches, as well as the timeless NASA logo.

The Vans Space Voyager Collection is available now via the Vans website.

One word: WANT! 

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8 Technologies Of Today Transformed Into 80s Objects

The world without the Internet is impossible to imagine.

The Internet is an integral part of our daily routines and objects around us, so much in fact, that certain things would not even exist without it. But that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t try imagining how certain apps would look in different times, right?

Thomas Olliver, a creative art director, has envisioned the technologies of today as objects from the 1980s.






Adobe Illustrator



Pretty fun!

Although, Snapchat should’ve been a handwritten note, folded for passing in class. And Instagram a Polaroid. On the other hand, you know you’re young when you don’t know what most of this shit is… Not my case.

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Japanese Art Students Do Halloween

Sandwiched between Tokyo and Yokohama, Kawasaki is a Japanese city famous for its heavy industry, open air folk museum, and… one of the biggest and most colorful Halloween celebrations in the country.

This year, body paint artist and SFX makeup wizard Amazing Jiro has delegated his students to the 22nd annual Halloween parade in the city of Kawasaki.

About 2,000 people marched the streets wearing their costumes while 120,000 excited spectators took pictures and videos of the spooky crowd.

However, none stood out as much as Amazing Jiro’s 6 students.

Together, they dressed up as some of the world’s most famous artworks and their effort won the main prize of the event, the Pumpkin Award, as well as 500,000 yen (about $4,400).

The chosen artworks were Elías García Martínez’s Ecce Homo (Behold the Man,)  Pablo Picasso’s The Weeping Woman, Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and Edvard Munch’s The Scream. 

And below some of the other participants as well:

Japan = Super freakin cool!

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Halloween Hotness

Check out a roundup of some of the more fun, and often sexiest, or at least most gay-tastic Halloween costumes this year.

Call Me by Your Name

I Dream of Jeannie

Banksy’s “Balloon Girl”

The Flash

The Bachelor Contestant



Cleopatra & Caesar

Golden Girls: “Thank you for being a friend”

Good times!

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Oh Halloween! My favourite day of the year. Everyone’s happy. 

By day, kids wearing costumes to go to school. And by night, LOTS of adults and party people ruling the streets as zombies, super heroes, bananas, movie characters or simply with their best trashy hooker number. It’s a wonderful day!

Halloween is the only time of the year I love to go out and party. I don’t know about your cities but here in Montreal Halloween is pretty epic.

In fact, here are 7 things that will only happen In Montreal on Halloween:

1. Not have to pay for coat check at the end of October because your costume is too amazing to ruin it with a coat, even if you risk to catch hypothermia.

2. Be able to choose fishnets as a viable outfit option and not have cars try and call you over because everyone kind of looks like a prostitute on Halloween.


3. Stroll down in nothing but lingerie because you’re going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show annual party.


4. Be able to wear animal ears you bought at the Dollar Store and call it a “costume” because, SO FETCH!


5. Straight dudes (heteros) wearing dresses outside of the gay village because, Halloween is perfect to be in touch with your feminine side.

6. Get glitter in your underwear and not question a thing.

7. Waiting to get into gay clubs for 40 minutes freezing your ass out and not really minding because, you know that no one does Halloween like the gays.



Now if you excuse me, I’ll be back later ’cause I have plenty to do before my Halloween date tonight. A hottie with candy.



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She Finally Did Something Right

I’m not a BeYawnCe fan, but I may become one after her Halloween tribute to LEGEND Toni Braxton.

Bey channeled Toni Braxton circa 1993 for her Halloween costume this year, which she shared with her fans on Instagram. And to no one’s surprise (because bitches are just crazy,) the “Bey-Hive” is having a freak-out.

Yonce recreated Toni’s self-titled album cover, Toni Braxton (which by the way celebrated 25th Anniversary this year) by wearing a short pixie wig, a fitted white tank, high-waisted jeans, a leather jacket and chain belt like Toni’s look.

The only change? Instead of reading Toni Braxton on the album cover, Beyoncé changed the lettering to Phoni Braxton because she would never be as unique as Toni.

TONI BRAXTON is one of those singers with UNIQUE voices that you can easily recognise.

Unique as Amy WinehouseEartha kitt and Shirley Bassey. Unique as Faye Wong, Mylene Farmer, or Monica Naranjo.

Well done Beyonce, this is how you educate this generation of Reggaeton, Cardi Whatevers and assorted ignorance they call “artists” and “music”.

And to Miss Toni Braxton, THANK YOU for all the amazing records! 

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