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Cartoon Café

It’s never boring scrolling through a vibrant Instagram food scene, and it seems like every café these days is trying to satisfy the need of a hungry eye.

Of all the insta-worthy cafes, here’s one that will make you feel like you walked into a cartoon.

From the moment you cross the café’s doorstep, you are greeted by comic strips plastered all over the interior, from walls and floors to the furniture and dishes, so you can’t help but feel as if you magically found a secret entrance to the unreal comic world.

And it all makes sense, as Café got its inspiration from Korean TV hit “W – Two Worlds” by Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo, in which the characters enter a fantasy webtoon world.

Sadly, if you don’t live in South Korea, specifically in Seoul, you will have to put a bit more effort to experience the illusion of being in a book.


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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

When I heard there was going to be a movie about the origin of the Joker, I just assumed there was a Netflix documentary about Kellyanne Conway coming out.

Luckily, they meant Batman’s sparring partner! 

Joaquin Phoenixis taking over the role as “Arthur” and we didn’t have to wait long for the film studio to drop a lewk at what Arthur looks like when he hits up the MAC counter.

As a fan of DC (and Marvel) comics and on serious note, I very much approve Joaquin’s Joker look. He looks mad and creepy as hell. In my opinion this looks for a mature audience, unlike Jared Leto’s trying-hard incarnation on Suicide Squad. 

Heath Ledger’s Joker set the bar very high, and it’s a good thing to cast actors in typical serious roles, like Phoenix, to portrait them.

Bitch looks absolutely insane and I’m buying it.

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One-Armed Violinist

In 2004, Japanese nursing student Manami Ito lost her right arm in a traffic accident. While coming to terms with this life-changing event, she decided to put her dreams on hold.

However, when she went to pick up her new artificial arm at a facility, she noticed people with similar disabilities playing basketball. This inspiring sight motivated Ito to overcome her obstacles and set new goals for herself.

Now, at 33 years old, Ito boasts an eclectic background. Since the accident, she has become a nurse (the first in Japan to have a prosthetic), and a world-renowned Paralympian swimmer. Additionally, she has started touring the country for yet another talent: playing the violin.

Thanks to a customized prosthetic bow, Ito is able to gracefully play the stringed instrument with amazing precision. In a Facebook post, she describes this unique tool as “lightweight” and notes that she used it for the first time in October of 2016.

Now, nearly two years later, she is still employing the bow as a means to share her remarkable talent with the world.

One word: AMAZING!!

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On Brand

He’s more tongue than man, now.

Venom, the upcoming movie about a monstrous symbiote bonding with a man with an impossible accent, really does seem to be nailing the vibe of the over-the-top, goth nightmare/dream of the 1980s and ‘90s.

Like, for instance, this new poster, which is just so very Venom it hurts a little.

The poster, as shared by Bloody Disgusting, is a promo for the IMAX showing of the film, which promise all the excitement of amorphous alien goo biology in all the screen real estate that you could possibly want. And also probably a bit more.

But, seriously, look at that art. The tongue alone is worthy of an entire post.

It just feels very classic Venom to me, fleshy and energetic and as creepy as it is something I could totally see myself putting on my trapper keeper when I was younger.

Whoever’s making the Venom posters seems to have it down.

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3D Art From Sneakers

While sneaker deconstruction may be a fetish phenomenon for some, British artist FILFURY has transformed the act into a highly conceptual art form.

Trading in the canvas for sneaker parts (among other objects), the artist, née Phil Robson, translates his love of hip-hop, UK music subcultures, sportswear and, of course, sneakers into tactile sculptural pieces.

From skulls and insects to weaponry and birds, Robson’s acute attention to detail and wildly imaginative concepts have lead to a slew of collaborations with high-profile brands like Nike, Jordan Brand, Philipp Plein, Reebok, adidas, Casio, Corona and counting.

Needless to say, these are truly marvellous works of art.

This is one talented guy.

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Museum of the Moon

Since the dawn of mankind, people have been fascinated with the moon, whether as a religious deity to ancient Romans and Greeks or as the focus of the “Space Race” between the United States and the Soviet Union.

One artist to honour Earth’s satellite is British installation artist Luke Jerram, who has been travelling the globe with his lunar-inspired exhibition, Museum of the Moon.

Jerram’s gigantic moon sculpture measures 7 meters (almost 23 feet) in diameter and features projections of NASA’s 120dpi imagery of the real moon’s surface. With an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the glowing spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface.

Currently on show inside Beijing’s Water Cube at the National Aquatics Center, Museum of the Moon has been presented in various venues across China, Australia, India, France, and the UK, both indoors and outdoors.

Each show features new musical compositions, stories, mythologies, and also highlights the latest moon science. Depending on the location, the installation’s meaning will shift, encouraging viewers to observe the moons mythical beauty while contemplating cultural similarities and differences around the world.

“Throughout history the moon has inspired artists, poets, scientists, writers, and musicians the world over,” reads the exhibition statement.

Simply impressive.

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Amazing Murals

WD (Wild Drawing) is an Indonesian muralist based in Athens, where he has lived for ten years. Widely known for his photorealistic murals that often address current economic, political and social issues locally and globally, his work on street art began in 2000 and did not stop.

He has held several solo exhibitions and has also participated in several collective exhibitions and international festivals in Europe, America, and Asia.

His works have been included in books by famous Street Art publishers such as Thames & Hudson, Éditions Alternatives, and Lonely Planet.

He grace the walls throughout the European capital and beyond.

Stunningly beautiful! More here.

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