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Global conservation organisation The Nature Conservancy is on a mission to save the land and water we rely on. They try to shed light on the wonder and beauty of the flora and fauna that is currently at risk.

Their annual photography contest is a way for creatives to make their contribution and show what we risk losing if we’re not careful. The winners of the 2019 Nature Conservancy Photo Contest put together a powerful case for just how important it is to safeguard the natural world.

Across the categories of Landscape, Wildlife, Cities, Water, and People, the winning photographers give their artistic take on a wide variety of wildlife and nature.

American photographer Tyler Schiffman took home the Grand Prize for his beautifully framed photograph of a California sea lion in Monterey Bay, California.

The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2019 Grand Prize Winner

“Burst” by Tyler Schiffman (U.S.A.). Grand Prize.

The winners of The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest explore the power and beauty of nature.

Award Winning Photo of a Zebra

“The Grevy’s Illusion” by Yaron Schmid (U.S.A.). Third place, Wildlife.

Nature Photography Contest

“Hope” by Fernando O’Farrill (Mexico). First place, Wildlife.

The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2019

“Alignment Golden Gate Bridge in Low Fog” by Jay Huang (U.S.A.). First place, Cities.

The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2019

“Dance in the sea” by Le Van Vinh (Vietnam). First place, People.

California Sea Lions

“California Sea Lions invade the Harbor” by Robert Potts (U.S.A.). Third place, Cities.

Award Winning Landscape Photography

“Na beira do abismo” by Guilherme Gomes de Mesquita (Brazil). Third place, Landscape.

Nature Photography Contest

A Rare Encounter With Cownose Rays” by Alex Kydd (Australia). Third place, Water.

The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2019

“Gold of Svaneti” by Yevhen Samuchenko (Ukraine). Second place, Cities.

Another great contest of epic shots.


Same-sex weddings often involve thinking outside of the usual gender dynamics that for so long defined heterosexual relationships. As such, the couples often seem to find creative ways to show their commitment to one another that you might not normally see at a wedding.

For Lisa Yang and Wek Hernandez, they decided the best way to display their unity would be tandem deadlifting after they exchanged their vows.

Individually, they are strong, capable women, but together they are stronger. These brides are EVERYTHING! 

Alternating between sensual, almost biological macro shots of raw ingredients and the harsh, dully-lit environs of a commercial kitchen, the short film Déguste captures the dual reality of working as a professional chef.

Created by awesome Paris-based studio Insolence Productions, the short has been lauded at multiple film festivals.

Great job!

Image result for sam porto

Sam Porto on the catwalk for the Cavalera brand during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

More transgender people are killed in Brazil than anywhere else in the world, and discrimination is rampant. Last year the country elected a socially conservative president partial to antigay rhetoric.

Now the fashion community is emerging as a centre of the LGBT resistance.

Sam Porto and his mirror have never gotten along. When the transgender man was growing up in Brazil, the sight of his developing breasts disgusted him.

But in a crowded makeup room backstage at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the reflection staring back at him finally fit in. Male models with painted lips and nails strutted alongside women in boxy, loose clothing.

Gender was out; fluidity was in!

Related image

Sam Porto

In 2016, Brazil launched the world’s most famous transgender model, Valentina Sampaio. She became the first transgender model hired by Victoria’s Secret and the first featured on a cover of Vogue.

Image result for Valentina Sampaio.vogue

Valentina Sampaio

Image result for Valentina Sampaio.

Valentina Sampaio

But while Brazil’s transgender models have attained success abroad, life for the trans community back home has grown worse.

Violence against the LGBT community rose last year as fringe politician Jair Bolsonaro campaigned for president.

During Bolsonaro’s first week in office, his minister of women, family and human rights said that from now on “boys will wear blue and girls will wear pink.”

The pronouncement drew outcry and ridicule, but the fashion community saw it as a challenge.

This year, inclusivity was the explicit theme of several shows.

Cavalera, a Brazilian brand known for its urban street style, chose Porto to close the runway.

Other male models wore colourful eyeliner and lipstick, but Porto’s face was blank, save for three black tears under one eye,  symbolic of the country’s trans murder rate.

As he reached the end of the runway, he slowly unzipped his vest and knelt before the flashing cameras. Under his scars, a clear message was scrawled in black across his abdomen: “Trans respect.” 

Porto on the catwalk for the Cavalera brand during Sao Paulo Fashion Week. The graffiti on his abdomen reads “Trans respect.” (Pétala Lopes/For The Washington Post)

Sam Porto on the catwalk for the Cavalera brand during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

In idiotic regressive and dangerous times like this, I can only say: BRAVO! To the fashion community of Brazil.

Among a tight-knit group of people, a Liberian child attempts to retrieve a ball while going unnoticed by the armed guard that stands just a few feet away… Photographer Jonathan Banks captured this tension-filled moment in an image titled A Boy in the Crowd, and it recently earned the title of “Photo of the Year” from the 2019 Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA).

Below some winning images:

SIPA Photo Contest Winner 2019

“A Boy in the Crowd” by Jonathan Banks. Monrovia , Liberia. SIPA Contest Photo of the Year Suddenly out of the crowd leaned this boy reaching for his precious ball. This was a child who had grown up in war, and had good reason to be scared of soldiers and their guns. He wanted to get his ball back, but his eyes were fixed on the soldier. This all happened in the blink of an eye and resulted in this picture, which seems to represent the precariousness of peace, as seen through the eyes of a young child with little understanding of the greater dynamics at play. All he knew was, he wanted his ball back, but also to stay safe.

Herding Sheep

“Transhumance in Spain” by Susana Giron. Spain. 1° Classified, Journeys & Adventures.

Rhino in Kenya

“Black Rhino at Night” by William Burrard-Lucas. Tsavo West, Kenya. 1° Classified, Animals In Their Environment.

Whale Underneath Boat

“Whale Shark Encounter in West Papua” by Marco Zaffignani. Teluk Cenderawasih National Park, Indonesia. Remarkable Artwork.

Polar Bear Looking Into Camera

“Polar Bear Changing Careers” by Roie Galitz. Svalbard, Norway. Honorable Mention.

People Standing and Diving Off Diving Boards

“Diving” by Maxim Korotchenko. Astrakhan, Russia. 1° Classified, Sports in Action.

Surreal Image of Two People in SIPA Photo Contest

“Close Your Eyes and Let It Go” by Hardijanto Budiman. Indonesia. 1° Classified, Creative & Still Life.

Frog Swimming Under Water

“Wallace’s Flying Frog” by Chin Leong Teo. Indonesia. Remarkable Artwork.

Pack of Alligators Eating Hippos

“Natural Recycling” by Ignacio Medem. Zambia. 1° Classified, The Beauty of Nature.

Bug Looking Through Leaf

Window Of Autumn” by Hasan Baglar. Chatos, Cyprus. Remarkable Artwork

Colorful Doors in Building

“Multi Color” by Elizabeth Jenny Tane. Tokyo, Japan. 1° Classified, Architecture & Urban Spaces.

Camels Kneeling in the Sand

“Tread on the Sand Sea” by Benli Bai. Remarkable Artwork.


Gays and fun men, you can totally slay Halloween with very little creativity, very little clothing, and very little accessories. Because let’s be honest: you weren’t planning on actually wearing a shirt this Halloween anyway, so this list is perfect for you!

Throw on a speedo, slap on some paint and BAM! You’re set for a night full of treating (minus the tricks)!


Milk & Cookie


Mickey Mouse & The Tinman




Every superhero ever


A circus performer


Mario & Luigi


Fallen Angels

Lots of tricks!!

Related image

The other day talking about my preferences on books and stuff, Alexis showed me a documentary I never heard of. He made me watch a short video of a testimonial, and that was the moment I connected with him.

For once, someone understood the real me inside.

Human is a 2015 documentary by French environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The film is almost entirely composed of exclusive aerial footage and first-person stories told into the camera. 

The film was financed by thBettencourt Schueller Foundation, which gave it rights-free to the GoodPlanet Foundation, responsible for driving the project.

An extended version of the film is officially freely available on YouTube (in three parts). Below is the the clip he made me watch.

One of the most moving and beautifully told stories of the magnitude of human kindness under terrible, hellish circumstances.

An epic document of the struggles and triumphs that unite us all.