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Reality Check

As you know Ricardo is one of my most recent flings. Dude is very hetero despite his good intentions, and by that I mean he overthink too much wasting his chances and my time.

Of all of the straight and bisexual guys I’ve been (I am) with, he’s the less impulsive, yet he has something I like and that’s his level of fantasy… Fantasies that feed his lust thinking of me as his ladyboy.

Even though for some could be denigrating, for me is entertaining ’cause (I’m actually old as dust to be called a boyit’s always fun to see how someone really is underneath the layers of social decency. 

Many times, the image one projects is unmasked during sex.

However, all the fun could be over soon ’cause although I’m always willing to please his demands, he is not so eager to please mine and THAT is where the amusement ends to show him who’s the boss in bed… So yeah, we had an issue yesterday and he’s warned.

As I said, it’s fun to explore fantasies but NOT when satisfies only one person. He has a fun imagination but selfish lovers can go unload somewhere else.

I have too many of them to break my head with stupid men.

Reality check, bitch! 

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Speaking Of Villains….

We already know that the President of the United States is an incredibly healthy stable genius who respects women and would never cheat on his wife.

And you can’t go claiming these facts are “fake news” because we learned them direct from the horse’s ass (or “rear facing mouth” if you want to be technical about it). 

Donald Trump is a beacon of good health and septuagenarian vigour, that’s why it’s so surprising to see this great man brought low by something so seemingly benign as a stiff breeze. But that’s just what happened to the leader of the free world (sorry world).

Trump takes great pride in his hair and has repeatedly insisted that he does not wear a wig… Here’s the day America lost its innocence:

Even his hair is trying to quit this bitch.

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The Magnificent & The Insignificant

If you ever find yourself becoming a Disney princess and you need to get yourself the mandatory animal sidekick/buddy, choose a peacock. They look fabulous, are always ready for the club and if anyone fucks with you, they’ll rage peck them, their mom, their dad, their kid, their cousin, their auntie, etc… Peacocks are the kind of diva you don’t fuck with.

So because peacocks can be mean bitches, I’m not sure why someone would want them for an “emotional support pet” but one woman does and United Airlines wasn’t having it…

Despite being warned three times that Dexter the peacock would not be allowed to travel with her, conceptual artist Ventiko showed up at the airport anyway.

Dexter was promptly turned away by United Airlines, but not before creating a spectacle in the airport and igniting a fierce debate about the merits of emotional support animals and people’s perceived abuse of the system that allows them to travel.

Dexter, who has his own Instagram page (that should explain everything too), and Ventiko had to settle for driving all the way from New Jersey to California.

When you add up all the details in this saga, it looks like nothing but an stunt!!

Yup, I do understand the whole concept of emotional support animals. But truly, Dexter human bought him for an art installation and now, all of a sudden, he is her support animal? BIG FARCE! 

Dexter is too magnificent and too precious for the insignificance of his human. Not to mention jerks always ruin it for the people who have a real condition and need.

On a personal note, I would rather have Dexter as a seat mate vs the trashy species that fly with filthy clothes, or in pyjamas nowadays.

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Believe Me

Few days ago was the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump being inaugurated as President of the United States.

Rather than focus on the more than two thousand documented lies he has told in office, The Washington Monthly instead published an article (link here) that highlights some of Trump’s most preposterous lies and how he so often bookends these by saying one or several times “believe me.”

Some highlights:

“Because I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf. Believe me. Believe me folks.”

“And you know what else? I have great respect for women, believe me.”

“Believe me, I’ll change things. And again, we’re going to be so respected.”

“I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. Believe me.”

“We will not answer to donors or lobbyists or special interests, but we will serve the citizens of the United States of America, believe me.”

“The world is in trouble, but we’re going to straighten it out. OK? That’s what I do. I fix things. We’re going to straighten it out. Believe me.”

“We will terminate Obamacare and replace it, believe me, with something good.”

“I will build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me. I would have Mexico pay for it. Believe me, they will pay for it.”

This brings us to an easy conclusion:

When Trump says “believe me” he’s really saying I’M LYING.

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The size of his “Nuclear Button” Is Bigger Than Yours

It is TRULY time to BOYCOTT Twitter until bitch is removed.

This is NOT Presidential per Twitter’s new code of behaviour that was adapted to accommodate Trump. This is provocation. Millions of people in America and worldwide should not have to read and therefore live in constant fear of his actions.

If he is so passionate then he (the so-called President) can release a press statement or hold a press conference. This is LAZY governing of people with heavy doses of WTF!

Please just go back to playing golf, Mr. Trump. I feel safer that way.

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Rotten Boys

I think one of the biggest issues of most gay guys is that they take rejection too personal… which is the cause of all their interpersonal failures.

I’m not an exception at rejection, I’m nothing special myself, but when I felt that way I just walked the other way and tried again.

See, success is not to achieve whatever you have in mind, success is to never give up!

That said, Alex messaged me last night and got nasty when I said I was not interested… Giving me more reasons to avoid him.

Despite his horrible asshole attitude I don’t hate him, but I feel pity for him because he’s too young to be so rotten.

Negativity is a poison that kills whatever good slowly, and good looks fade really fast when you hate so much.

Perhaps that’s why so many gays look so done by 30? When you exude bitterness and jealousy instead of charm you know it’s time to take a shower and try again!

Sarcasm aside, it’s kind of sad to see so many people taking all so personal when life is too short to live frustrated. Just chill, turn the page and keep on moving.

Chances are you find someone 100 times hotter and into you.

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Fucked Up Hijo de Puta

Legendary Argentine soccer player mess Diego Maradona showed his support for the Venezuelan government of OFFENDER Nicolas Maduro in its “fight against imperialism,” on social media early this week.

Bitch posted on Facebook, “We are Chavistas until death. And when Maduro orders, I am dressed as a soldier for a free Venezuela, to fight against the imperialism and those who want to take our flags, which is the most sacred thing we have.”

Obviously his comments were condemned by everyone with common sense, ex-teammates and legendary South American soccer players.

Maradona was one of the greatest soccer players in history, but the hero he was on the field never match his personal life. On the contrary, he was undisciplined, disrespectful and unprofessional. He had issues with drugs, alcohol and whatever other substance that exist. He was and still is a terrible father and a horrible husband.

In other words dude is fucked up in every single area of life. 

However he still have an status of “god” and still getting millions in contracts. In fact, he lives in Dubai where he lives like a king, which is why his comments are double offensive.

Someone like him living large has NO right to say a word over a kidnapped country where people die everyday fighting for its rights. Venezuelans have no food, no medicine, and no access to basic commodities.  

It’s easy to support a lazy criminal like Maduro when your family is not the one starving to death.

FUCK YOU Maradona!

You should have died long ago from all the excess, but trash like you are usually and unfairly pretty lucky. 


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