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Commemorative coin…

I swore allegiance to the Queen when I became a Canadian citizen decades ago.

I like the fact we are part of The Commonwealth and of an old-fashion tradition. I like to see the face of the Queen in our currency, she’s been a great leader for what feels like centuries, BUT only her.

That said, I’m hating this new Canadian commemorative coin for Prince Harry and Meghan Whatever’s wedding…

I seriously don’t get the excitement of it. Okay, old people like me know Harry since he was a kid, and maybe that makes us nostalgic, but her… I know she’s an actress but I’ve never seen her in any film or show.

I have no idea how relevant she is, but all the buzz about it it’s pretty ridiculous.

Apparently the awful coin is edged in maple leaves, English roses and shells from Prince Harry’s coat of arms. It also features three Swarovski crystals to represent Markle’s three-stone engagement ring… It costs $104.95 and can be ordered from the mint’s online store at http://www.mint.ca and by phone.

One word: Meh!

364 days of the year I’m proud to be Canadian, but today was that exception.

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Tune Of The Day

Bling by Autoerotique feat. Lady Leshurr

Cause we don’t really care.

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Band of Frustrated celebrate Toronto van attack

Alek Minassian, the fucked up dude who killed 10 people with a rental van in Toronto on Monday, is being praised by misogynistic communities of the dark web…

Apparently the reason of the mass murder was the rejection he felt from women and his overall failure to attract the opposite sex.

Just before carrying out his rampage, he praised on his Facebook the “Incel Rebellion,” and California mass-killer Elliot Rodger (a 22 yo kid who did the same back in 2014).

Incels, or “involuntarily celibate” is a misogynist online culture of men who don’t have access to sex and believe it’s a basic human right. Following Monday’s carnage, members of the incel community praised the Toronto truck attack, calling for similar action, saying “it’s now or never.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that monitors hate groups and extremists, incels stem from the pickup artist movement, a culture that offers men tips to persuade women to sleep with them. When theses pickup tips fail them, the men become bitter.

Let’s think for a moment… WTF!!!

We all have probably felt rejected once, or twice but that’s life. 

Also, it’s not all about looks, but about personality. 

More than any negative feeling I feel sincerely sad for that band of frustrated. It’s obvious they need physiological help, yet is scary how many angry men, about not getting laid, are out there. To say all of them need some sex in their life to chill the fuck down, it’s not a frivolous remark. But the truth! 

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The Cop who didn’t shoot

There have been a lot of these… London. Munster. Berlin. Barcelona. Paris. Nice. Stockholm.

It’s hard to recall the details of any one specifically or to tell them apart. There’s a van or a car. Often it is rented. The driver steers it into a crowd, killing as many pedestrians as he can. Most end when whoever is behind the wheel is shot, or shoots himself.

Today it was Toronto, 10 pedestrians dead, 15 injured…  A horror. A tragedy.

But this one may stand out in our memory for more than the fact that it happened here, in Canada. It will also be remembered as “The one with the cop… the cop who didn’t shoot.”

No motive is currently known, all we know is that the criminal is a 25-year-old fucked up!

At any point if the cop had fired and killed the suspect, the public, his peers, the press, even the driver himself, everyone would have understood. In fact, we likely would have called him a hero.

What held his finger? Bravery? Training? Compassion? Perhaps we will find out in the days ahead. But whatever it is, it deserves attention.

It is easy to take a life. A quick turn of the steering wheel and 10 people are gone. A small amount of pressure on the trigger, and the suspect is dead.

We kill each other out of hate, or fear, or ignorance, or duty. Sadly, we understand this instinct well. This is the dark side of humanity. And rightly, we are mesmerised by the horror of it.

But we also possess the instinct to keep each other alive.

This part of us can be more difficult to understand. But it deserves our devotion much more than the act of killing does.

These moments of humanity are not uncommon, but they are precious. It would be good if we could remember that about Toronto, remember the cop who didn’t shoot the bastard.

My thoughts go out to the victims of this senseless act of violence.

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Taking a look on a second-hand book store, I found this jewel: PRISM International (a magazine that looks like a small book).

PRISM international is a quarterly magazine out of Vancouver, whose mandate is to publish the best in contemporary writing and translation from Canada and around the world.

Writing from PRISM has been featured in Best American Stories, Best American Essays and The Journey Prize Stories, amongst other noted publications.

The issue I found Love & Sex is from 2014 and is full subtle, sexy poetry and short humorous pieces that were so addictive that took me less than two hours to read every single page of it.

In “My Montreal Vagina,” “Petrified,” and “Red Mailboxes,” author Billeh Nickerson highlights the humour and melancholy intrinsic in human relationships, walking us through doctors’ offices, lonely hotel rooms, and empty streets.

This is the type of publication that inspires all type of writers.

The piece below was written by an author that goes by the name of Marypeace :

Friends for life?
Friends for fuck?
Friends for anything but:
But: honesty
But: transparency
But: vulnerability.
Friends for a moment;
Friends for a while;
One’s youthful body
Beckons glaring eyes…
Friends for texting
For chatting, for emailing
How do you get friends
Who long for depth,
Discovering wisdom
Glowing smiles; which
Come about with sincere hugs?
Life style friends?
For a while with sculpted bodies.
Internet friends?
Just for one night stands.
At work friends?
If competition is absent.
Glamorous friends?
If credit card is black.
Sexual friends?
If pornography is a must.
Friends forever
If checking account is large.
Friendship a dead concept,
May rest in peace!
(copyright of the author)

I love this magazine so much!

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The last 4/20 in Canada

I don’t smoke, but for those into pot Happy 4/20! 

Friday marks 4/20, the unofficial holiday for marijuana, the last celebration before recreational pot is set to become legal in Canada.

A cloud of smoke rose above Canadian cities at precisely 4:20 p.m., in what traditionally has been a celebration of pot use and a call for the legalisation of cannabis.

Once legal the meaning of 4/20 is going to change, but they still plan to celebrate on April 20th as a form of a victory party… You know? Whatever makes people happy! 

I just hope it won’t look like 4/20 every single day, because I really hate the smell of it.

Happy 4/20 stoners!!

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Tune Of The Day

Premier Contact by Le Couleur 

Bébé fait place à la passion sans suivi.

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