Not A Long Weekend

Are Mondays anybody’s favourite day? It means we return to work after the weekend off… In my case double sucks ’cause it’s Victoria Day in Canada (in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Although, Quebec celebrates something else, la Fête de Dollard ) so most humans around here are off today. But not me, ’cause clearly, I barely look terrestrial!

On the other hand, my weekend was very relaxed and I got to sleep a lot for once… I don’t know, I was feeling super tired and even went to bed at 9 PM yesterday… Celibacy is ruining me! Hopefully that shit will change the week.

Anyway, I need my coffee to get through the day…  Happy Victoria Day!!

Makeup Illusion

Makeup can be transformational, and for those with sharp skills? Mind-bending. Canadian makeup artist Mimi Choy has once again proven herself the queen of optical illusion makeup by painting a 3D snake onto her lips.

Using just brow liners and a brow pencil, she managed to create one unbelievably lifelike makeup illusion.

The refined lip art’s 3D effect is enhanced by the shadowing Choy deftly places in all the right spots, making it seem like the serpent is slithering through her lips. Interestingly, Choy has only been in the makeup game for three years, leaving behind a career as a teacher to take up the craft.

Below some of her work:


Optical illusion never looked this hot!

Canada’s New $10

Canada is getting a brand new bank note!

Governor Stephen S. Poloz and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, just revealed the new commemorative bank note on Friday Morning.

The front of the bill depicts the faces of four federal political figures the Bank says helped shape the country: Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir George-Etienne Cartier, Agnes Macphail and James Gladstone.

The new bill pays tribute to Canada’s 150th anniversary and it will be in circulation all over the country by July 1st.