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When a video is posted online of a mysterious man killing two kittens, internet users across the world leap into action to find the perpetrator. Encouraged by the attention he’s receiving, the killer continues posting ever more disturbing videos, eventually crossing into murder…

This happened here in Montreal and I lived the story very close because a friend of mine used to live behind the killers building. But not only that, the person he killed was a friend of someone I also knew. 

Now, I don’t know how I feel about the trailer focusing only in the killing of cats (which is already horrifying), when he actually killed and dismembered another human being. Followed by acts of necrophilia.

This is not only a kitten’s killer story… 

Rest In Peace Jun Lin.


The Hill reports:

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Thursday called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s behavior in a viral video in which he was seen gossiping about President Trump “childish,” but downplayed any affect it might have on the relationship between the two countries.

“I imagine the relationship will be the same, because at least President Trump is honest when he’s calling out a foreign leader and the way he feels about them when they’re not paying their dues to NATO,” Conway said on “Fox & Friends.”

“I thought it was a very childish, churlish exchange, but they were hardly denouncing the president’s policies,” she added. “People looked at this as they usually do on social media with outsized attention.”

Conway has the nerve to call Trudeau’s behaviour childish? LOL These Trumpsters have no shame, and clearly no sense of irony, either.

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Gladly, her husband still has some sanity:

Trudeau may think many things about Trump, jealousy isn’t one of them.

He commands my attention:


Contrast that sweet Canadian ass with pics of Trump’s fat ass.


The dotards alternative reality is mind numbing.


Yeah, Kelly, in the same way the clowns command the room when they enter the circus ring.

I have a day off at work today and I’m feeling productive. Updating my blog this morning before going to my dermatologist appointment, and gym, this afternoon. 

So, I bought a new book this week of a subject that involves my city and everyday life: Les itinérants. Or the homeless, in mainstream English.

See, itinérant is the Quebec word for a person living on the street. While in France they use “sans-abri” or “sans domicile fixe” (homeless,) making a relation to a material good they do not have, here in Quebec this category of people is defined by their activity: the fact of wandering, to walk without a specific goal.

Now, the book I bought is made by L’Itinéraire, which is a Montreal bimonthly “street newspaper” whose goal is to contribute to the social reintegration of marginalised people, excluded from the traditional labour market, who have experienced homelessness, dependency, or suffering from health or mental problems. In fact, 50% of the content of the magazine is produced by the camelots (hawkers).

For its 25th birthday, L’Itinéraire has published Sentinelles, a collection of the 100 most beautiful texts published over the years that has been written and distributed by all these people… Some  that still alive, some no longer living in the streets, and some others gone… 

To those gone, this book is also a tribute to their memory.

In one of the stories from 1995, some skeptical student in order to pay a dollar to a “homeless” selling L’Itinéraire asked him what was the difference between a “sans-abri” and an “itinérant”.

And the answer was very simple:

“At 7 AM when the shelters kick us out we become “sans-abri” (homeless,) and from the moment we step outside to nowhere we become “itinérants” (wanderers)”.

A very touching and humane reading.

Café Speed by Jordann

I’m calling out for you.

Image result for godfrey gao magazineI woke up with the devastating news that my once biggest Asian crush has died… Godfrey Gao died of a heart attack while filming a game show called Chase Me in China. Godfrey was only 35.

What can I say about Godfrey, Godfrey was born in Taipei, and moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was a child. Godfrey was 6-foot-4, so after college he stopped pursuing his dream to be a professional basketball player and started modelling.

In 2011, he became the first Asian man to model for Louis Vuitton, and was considered the first (and ONLY) Asian male supermodel.

I was honestly sad when I read about his dead. He’s was one of the hottest Canadians that was always missing in the “Hottest Canadians” list. Since he built his career in Asia, people forgot he was Canadian. 

He’s literally responsible for Asians to get actual representation in the western media & defined the Asian model industry in the western world.

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Godfrey reminds me a lot of Hubby (one of my Asian ex’s…) Ridiculously charming, handsome, and good hearted. 

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We all know life is not fucking fair. He was only 35, and yet overweight trash fuckers like Donald Trump continue to live. 

I’m devastated… RIP Godfrey. I’m sorry you had to go so soon.

Related imageRemembrance Day is a day for all Canadians (and the Commonwealth) to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed for our country during the First World War. It is a statutory holiday in all territories and all but 4 provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Nova Scotia).

In any case, Poppy Day is a Holiday to salute all our heroes. Those who survived and those who went away and did not come home.

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And here’s the head of the state, The Queen (of UK, Canada & the Commonwealth,) in the ceremony yesterday in London:

To the men and women in uniform, to those who gave their lives across the world for freedom and peace, and to those who still fighting…


Canadians headed to the polls Monday to vote in the 2019 federal election. As a good citizen I voted early this morning before going to work.

We still don’t have a final result but so far Trudeau is not doing so well for what I see in the live updates… 

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Stay tuned.

Update: Trudeau won with a minority.

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Trudeau has his flaws, but better him and the conservative Canadian-American dude with regressive ideas and no climate action.

Félicitations monsieur le premier ministre.