Speaking Of My Hot Past…

I reconnected with Justin last night.

The last time he texted me was on my birthday (same as Xavier,) and then he just vanished from my world.

However, Justin often stalks my blog (Yes! He’s probably reading this) so he’s more aware of my life than what I know of him… And maybe it’s okay that way because I have a lot more feelings that him lol.

Chatting with Justin is always fun, he’s one of the most compatible guys I’ve ever met. He’s intelligent (I didn’t say smart so don’t get cocky) witty, fast, twisted and  as far as I remember he has a hot ass.

However, he cannot not pick up a fight whenever we chat…

And I like it that way!

But jokes aside, Justin… You already know what I think and feel. You were born to achieve great things, and no one is more important than yourself.

This song is for you:

I will hold you up
I will help you stand
I will comfort you when you need a friend
I will be the voice that’s calling out

And there are just so many ways that I believe in you.


My 2000-Year-Old Double

Some people believe that everyone has a twin. And maybe that’s true… if you need proof, just visit an art or history museum! People around the world are finding themselves in the collections of renowned institutions and are snapping pictures with their artsy doubles.  

Museum doppelgängers exists throughout the ages. They’re commonly in Renaissance-era paintings and pieces of pop art, but the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City is going back even further. Their project called My 2000-Year-Old Double will soon pair people’s portraits with a corresponding ancient Greco-Roman or Egyptian sculpture.

Using facial-recognition software, they will make matches for 60 sets of artwork/twins. The results will be revealed in October of 2018.

Well, there are only so many combinations to be achieved using human genetic pool. (I’m just being sour cause I never found mine).

Regardless, this is fun!!! 

OMG Time Flies

In 2008, 12-year-old Hugo Cornellier from here (Montreal) saw a video of photographer Noah Kalina showing a time frame made up of self-portraits and was inspired to do the same.

Recently this young man published an update to his project which now ends with a selfie from his recent wedding in August. The full video now consists of more than 2,500 photos.

M.Y G.O.D! I can’t believe it!! I found about this guy about 6 years ago during my relationship with Jaden (my bf from Toronto).

Jaden and I used to devour the internet and discuss whatever was viral or any dumb stuff online. 

I can’t believe this kid is already MARRIED!! 

Dear Lord please send my way some marriage material as well. Amen.

Congrats Hugo, you handsome man!

Natura Insects

For a new series titled Natura Insects, Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue arranged a variety of leaves and blooms to create the delicate components of stag beetles, butterflies, and other insects. While the same results could be easily produced using digital or collage techniques, Inoue pushed the concept even further and used real flowers which he then photographed as you see here.

This is soooo beautiful. Creative. Detailed and well executed.

One word: PERFECTION! You can see more from the series on Instagram

The North Star

Is Canada’s Prime Minister the free world’s best hope? American Rolling Stone magazine seems to think so.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is featured in the cover story posted online Wednesday morning for their latest issue… Like it or not, the face of Trudeau over any American orange-faced-so-called politician is refreshing, classier, dignified, honourable and hotter, without a doubt.