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Tune Of The Day

Jackie Chan by Tiësto, Dzeko ft. Preme & Post Malone 

I think you got the wrong impression ’bout me.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Jerk by Kim Stockwood

I’m so glad I found the nerve to say what you deserve.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here by QUEEN Deborah Cox 

So I placed my heart under lock and key…

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Maps Of Canada Showing What Words You’d Hear In Quebec VS Every Other Province

Canada is a very diverse Nation, which is said so often it’s pretty much cliche at this point. 

But it’s true. You can tell by the way we speak. 

With a wide array of immigrant populations, our English and French background, a diverse landscape between the country’s two coasts, and the ever-present cultural impact of being neighbours with the United States, Canada has a ton of linguistic influences. 

And Canada’s gigantic size allows for quite a few linguistic variations. Certain parts of Canada speak differently than other parts, and we’re not just talking about how Quebec predominately is a French-speaking province. 

Where you live in Canada informs what words you use, even if you’re not aware of it.

Is it “pop” or “soda”? Really, it all depends on where you live. 

After surveying more than 9500  Canadians on what words they use, map-and-data obsessed website The 10 And 30 charted out the linguistic regionalisms of the country.

The dataset was then shared on imgur for all to see. 

Some differences are pretty minute (is it “bristol” or “poster” board?) while others are way more surprising (what the hell is a “bunnyhug”?). Altogether, the maps demonstrate just how diverse Canada truly is. 

Check out the maps below and see for yourself. You’re no doubt going to be surprised. 

“Pop” Vs. “Soda”

Living in Quebec, I call it soft drink.

“Convenience Store” Vs. “Corner Store” Vs. “Depanneur”

I never knew the name in English (I’ve always call it depanneur) until I met Jaden 7 years ago (my ex from Toronto) and he taught me the name in English was convenience store.

“Toque” Vs. “Hat”

Since I live in French Montreal, I’ve always call it a tuque. 

“Garburator” Vs. “Garbage Disposal”

Garburator??? WTF!!

“Pencil Crayons” Vs. “Coloured Pencils” Vs. “Leads”

“Dinner” Vs. “Supper”

There you go some examples of our diversity.

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Greedy Chipmunk Stuffing Nut After Nut Into His Mouth

File that headline under: A Title Found In The Animal Kingdom’s Version Of PornHub.

A human in the town of Aurora in Ontario, Canada took a video of a wild chipmunk they named Van Gogh (because of his notched ear), but they maybe should’ve named him Michelle Duggar since he can’t get enough of taking raw nut after raw nut.

The chipmunk knows that the human will give him as many peanuts as he can handle, so for the past two summers, he’s shown up to store as much food as possible for the winter.

The human gladly gives VG a quick pet and then feeds him as many peanuts he can stuff into his cheeks before he runs off to his burrow. If the human is still outside, he’ll come back for another fill-up.

Here’s the video that is will stuff your brain with brand new information by showing you that chipmunks go nuts for nuts!


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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Today timeless classic is dedicated to hottest World Cup anthems over the years.

The Cup Of Life by Ricky Martin

Love Generation by Bob Sinclair

Wavin’ Flag by K’NAAN 

Waka Waka by Shakira

We Are One by Pitbull ft Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte

The game resumed today and joy is back!

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The U.S. Refuses To Stop Invading Canadian Waters

Relations between Canada and the United States continue to deteriorate. And as the situation becomes more tense between the two countries, their long border will be the site where much of that animosity unfolds.

Earlier this week, news broke that the United States Border Patrol has been entering Canadian waters to stop and interview fishing boats in the resource-rich Gulf of Maine.

Today, after the situation made headlines, the infamously tough American agency made clear that they plan to continue to carry out such intrusions.

Machias Seal Island lies between a grey area in the Canadian and American border which the USA has recently begun monitoring more closely.  

Though the island does not have people living there, the population is considered to be two. This is due to the Canadian Coast Guard taking shifts to spend 28 days on the island at a time for regular maintenance and management of the lighthouse.

It is also known that the population increases during the summer because of the University of New Brunswick. Researchers from the university and Canadian Wildlife Services come to study the Atlantic Puffin, which heavily inhabits Machias Seal Island. 

Unlike Canada, the United States does NOT help maintain the island but still believes that it is their property.

There’s no telling just how American policing of the waters in the Gulf of Maine will affect the Canadian fishing industry there, but this latest development is certainly the most confrontational move yet by the current American administration in its multi-faceted dispute with Canada.

Last month, Canadians were astonished to learn that not only can American border agents seize their cellphones, but that the border patrol had established checkpoints throughout New England to stop foreigners… Meanwhile thousand of Americans and assorted humans are crossing the Canadian border ILLEGALLY looking for asylum.

You know, Canada is too great of a country and too class act to deal with this bullshit.


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