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I do not condone or endorse blatant thievery, but I do endorse foolery produced by raccoons, and quite fucking frankly, I condone blatant thievery by a criminal ball of fur who only gives a fuck about getting some deliciousness in the robber bag they call a stomach.

That leads me to this robber who proves that not all Canadians are polite and well-mannered creatures who are perfect houseguests.

This one’s a straight-up rude bitch and makes zero apologies for it. My idol!

Jenny Serwylo of Toronto tells the Toronto Star that on Tuesday night, she was getting ready to go to bed when she heard some noises coming from her kitchen. Jenny went to investigate and found a band of Goldilocks’ raccoon cousins stealing her food. Jenny grabbed a broom to shoo their thieving asses out, and two of them skedaddled off. But this one didn’t…

This hero chilled out behind Jenny’s toaster oven (above) and nibbled on some English muffins while throwing her, “Trick, try ME”, eyes.

Jenny was smart and decided not to try to tussle with a motherfucker who is just daring you to mess with ’em. She called 311, but the city told her to call a 24-hour wildlife removal company. None answered her call, so Jenny had two choices: 1. Try to tussle with the bread bandit again. Or 2. Pack up her things, hand her keys over to the bread bandit, and move out. Strangely enough, Jenny went with option 1.

Once the bread bandit ate up all of the bread in Jenny’s kitchen, the raccoon calmly exited out through the kitchen window like nothing.

I’d like to think that even Jenny stood back like, “What a badass bitch.”

That raccoon was pretty smart in my opinion. I am surprised he didn’t grab a sponge and clean that toaster oven a tad.

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Tune of The Day

À l’est d’Éden by DUMAS

Pour une nuit ou une vie…

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Tune Of The Day

Comme Les Autres by Laurence Nerbonne & Jason Bajada 

J’ai le cœur dans le ventre qui ne tient qu’à te voir.

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Tune of The Day

Don’t Fight The Music by Virginia To Vegas

Maybe tonight’s the night.

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On 9/11, Canada Came To The Rescue

Today marks the seventeenth aniversary of the series of terrorist attacks that changed the world.

Almost three thousand people died when passenger planes flew into the World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon outside Washington D.C. and another crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

The event launched two wars and countless other conflicts in what was called “the War on Terror,” in which the United States and its allies also commited human rights abuses.

Some have drawn a direct connection between the fear after 9/11 and the social anxiety that has produced our current political climate.

This anniversary is also a sobering reminder that, despite the current strain in the relationship between Canada and the United States, the two countries are allies first and foremost.

Indeed, it was Canada that came to the aid of the U.S. in the minutes, hours, days, and weeks after the attacks.

After the United States closed its air space to all traffic, hundreds of flights bound for American cities were all diverted to Canada.

Tens of thousands of Americans suddenly found themselves stranded in Canadian airports. Small town airports in Canada were suddenly host to thousands of terrified, hungry, and exhausted passengers.

Gander, Newfoundland saw its population increase by almost 70%. There, Canadians housed displaced Americans in their own homes. Across the country, countless Canadians volunteered to help American families. Donations of food and supplies came by the truck-load. Pharmacies filled prescriptions for free.

According to History.ca, then-prime minister of Canada Jean Crétien described the United States and Canada as “people united in outrage, in grief, in compassion, and in resolve…a people who, as a result of the atrocity committed against the United States on September 11, 2001, feel not only like neighbours but like family.”

In all, about 240 diverted planes landed in Canada carrying about 33,000 people.

The truth is that while we may have temporarily forgotten the neighbourly cooperation that united Canada and the U.S. on that day, that same spirit has not disappeared.

To honour the people who lost their lives on 9/11 and the Canadians who stepped up to help, we must remember that the friendship between the two counties will outlive douchebags presidents and Prime Ministers. 

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Trump Is Now Calling Out The Canadian Press

The Hill reports:

President Trump blasted the news media on Friday after apparently off-the-record comments he made about Canada were leaked, calling it another example of “dishonest reporting.”

Trump’s attack on the media came only hours after The Toronto Sun reported that Trump privately said he wouldn’t compromise in regards to trade with Canada.

It is unclear how The Sun obtained Trump’s remarks in the interview. Bloomberg editor-in-chief John Micklethwait attended the interview and did not dispute the authenticity of the remarks that The Star reported.

He calls it “dishonest reporting” when his statements are accurately reported… 

But the fact is, this asshole is a president and NOTHING he say is “off the record.”

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Tune of The Day

Nos Corps by Jimmy Hunt

Peu importe d’où on se lance.

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