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A Human-Robot Dance

During a TED Talk event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Taiwanese choreographer and engineer Huang Yi performed an absolutely gorgeous pas de deux with an emotionally responsive, intricately reticulating single arm robot affectionately named KUKA.

For this performance, KUKA was programmed to move not only in harmony with both the graceful movements of the dance but with the sound of Joshua Roman‘s cello solo.

Huang Yi’s pioneering work is steeped in his fascination with the partnership between humans and robots and it’s beautiful. Art has no rules and this is visual poetry to me.

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Tune Of The Day

Come My Way by Kiki Rowe ft. Khalil

I’ll make time for you.

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Wet On Wet

Ryan Reynolds impersonating Deadpool impersonating Bob Ross is a parody we probably didn’t want, but a parody we all need. In true Deadpool fashion, it manages to deliver a hilarious take on all the talk of happy little trees, yet doesn’t insult the legendary art instructor, honoring him in a bizarre NSFW kind of way.

Keep your pants dry and keep your dreams wet. I love Deadpool!

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a day for all Canadians (and the Commonwealth) to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed for our country during the First World War.

And 100 years ago today, Canadian soldiers advanced through hell to claim victory at Passchendaele.

The Battle of Passchendaele is a vivid symbol of the mud, madness and the senseless slaughter of the First World War. In the late summer of 1917, the British launched a major offensive against German forces holding Passchendaele ridge, overlooking the city of Ypres, Belgium. The battlefield became a quagmire.

Canadian forces entered the fray in October, capturing the ridge and Passchendaele village at a cost of 15,600 casualties, a high price for a piece of ground that would be vacated for the enemy the following year. One of the hardest-fought battles in our history.

Today Canada remembers the Fallen and honours all who serve.

On a personal note, when I came to Canada escaping terrorism long ago, I found peace. Today I salute all of those who have sacrificed so much for that peace.

To the men and women in uniform, to their mothers and their fathers, to all of their families I say thank you!

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Come On Over 20th Anniversary

20 years ago, Canadian LEGEND Shania Twain released Come On Over.

Come On Over is the sixth best-selling album ever in the United States. Only Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eagles and AC/DC are ahead of her. It’s sold more than 40 million copies worldwide and shipped over 20 million copies in the United States.

It’s also the best-selling country music album, the best-selling studio album by a female act and the best-selling album by a Canadian.

The LP spawned several hit singles including “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You),” “From This Moment On,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” and my two favourite cuts from Shania ever, “You’re Still The One” and “When.”

The latter ballad is arguably Shania’s biggest crossover hit of her career. It peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Shania Twain is the the original country-pop queen and she paved the way for people like Taylor Swift and many others.

In honour of the 20th anniversary of its release, a trip down memory lane is warranted.

You and I will never be apart.

When will I wake up?
Why did we break up?
When will we make up?

The one that I belong to.

Thank you for this masterpiece, LEGEND!

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Super Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pretty much a hero abroad. That’s why his Halloween costume for this year is probably the most fitting one he’s ever chosen.

After addressing the House of Commons in Canada’s parliament, Trudeau was spotted walking down a flight of stairs to greet press from Global News. After reaching the last step, he moved his tie aside, opened his white dress shirt, and revealed a Superman costume underneath, and then simply kept walking.

Cute! He’s clearly enjoying his last years as Prime Minister.

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Montreal’s Zombie Walk 2017

Another year, another zombie horde invaded Montreal.

Normally, the notion of a flesh-eating mob descending upon a city would be cause for panic. But not in Montreal, and certainly not near Halloween, when one of the city’s most amazing traditions occurs: the annual Montreal Zombie Walk.

Each and every year a wide array of Montrealers dress up to look like the living dead and march through the streets of the city. 

Over the weekend, an estimated 10,000 people participated in this year’s edition of the Montreal Zombie Walk.

This year a show with Montreal bands PUP, Chocolat and Duchess Says went down in the Quartier des Spectacles, allowing the rotting masses to rock out with their guts out.

Somehow gross but also fun. Good job Montreal!

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