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Canada Flag Day was yesterday but as you know, I was not near my laptop at all. However, as a proud Canadian, I had to mention this day.

According to the Government of Canada’s website, Flag Day is about celebrating “a symbol that unites all Canadians and reflects the common values we hold so dear — equality, diversity and inclusion.”

Canada has only had its current flag for 54 years. The process for choosing the flag was a long and interesting one, and it did end up being chosen unanimously by Parliament.

The official flag was raised for the first time on February 15, 1965. 

Our flag means many things to many people.

Peace and prosperity to some, diversity and inclusion to others. But what unites us is the fact that is home.



It’s been a difficult week here in Montreal, a winter storm followed by some freezing rain made it very difficult (and dangerous) for everyone outdoors.

The streets were like this yesterday:

And the rest of the week like this:

And all stared with this:

I actually love winter and I hate this mess!

Some countries build walls, while others prefer building something a bit different… Giant moose statues, for example. Such countries are two of the greatest (and snowy) on Earth, Canada and Norway.

But despite it sounding so wholesome and innocent, it actually stirred up a competition between these two countries. A fierce competition. No matter how polite and peaceful these nations are, the moose question is serious and both of the countries are ready to engage in the war of enlarging their moose, while the world watches, happy and amoosed.

The thing is, for over 30 years, Moose Jaw, a Canadian town, had been proud of having the world’s tallest moose statue. Reaching 32 feet (9.8 m) and weighing almost 10 tons, Mac The Moose, stood tall in its glory.

But then this guy, Storelgen, showed up in Norway and Mac The Moose was thrust out of the spotlight. The Norwegian competitor is only 12 inches  taller, yet that was enough to be number one.

The news reached the headlines pretty fast:

And here’s my two cents:

I am Canadian but that silver moose looks pretty slick!

When it comes to the coldest places on Earth, besides Antarctica, Greenland, and Russia, there’s also CANADA!

Being the coldest country in North America, this week was pretty brutal over here. 

Here in Montreal we are dealing with -32°C (-27.4°F) due to the windchill for the third day.

And that’s not so bad compared to other places… Just take a look.

Back in the 90’s I remember the average temperature on a winter day in Montreal was between -35°C to -40 °C. And I remember that because I had to run indoors many times to not freeze to death. But climate change is making Earth warmer, and that’s NOT a good thing.

Still, I LOOOOVE Canada!! 

Canadian photographer Jess Bell has a flair for capturing unique and artistic images of animals in action.

He recently organised some of his very talented dog-owning friends (and their exceptional pups of course) to participate in coloured powder photo shoots. The results are bright, crisp and dynamic! 

These crazy colours and dynamic swirls are captured in-camera in real time and on location. As a result, every single image is unique and highlights the amazing differences between how dogs of various breeds and body shapes move.

Rush | Border Collie

Nyero | Mudi

Slice | Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Gemma And Lyric | Mix & Coolie

Gnash | Malinois

Lyric | German Coolie

Style | Border Collie

True | Australian Shepherd

Lottie | Border Collie

These photos highlight how hard our dogs work for us when asked, and frequently for nothing more than the toss of a toy or a dried biscuit. However, for them is pure joy to run freely or catch a disc.

Amazing dogs, vibrant colours, excellent shots!

It has been impossible to ignore the fact that the American government has been shut down for nearly a month. Add onto that the fact that Britain is starting to face the reality of the impending Brexit withdrawal from the EU in March.

Two words: DRAMA QUEENS! 

Meanwhile, in Canada, things are pretty chill as usual, and proud Canadians are expressing their love for our wonderful Nation.

Hopefully the issues in the States and Britain will be solved soon.

In the meantime, we Canadians can hold our head high and keep being the amazing society we are!

 I’m Like A Bird by Nelly Furtado

I know I’m gonna have to eventually give you away.