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Going back to work, and resuming my life, doesn’t allow me to blog as much as the previous month… Or to watch TV series, or movies online.

However, last night before going to bed, alone (’cause taken guys mostly cheat daytime,) I watched this film out of curiosity.

Giant Little Ones (2018) - IMDb

This independent Canadian film is about two guys that have been best friends since childhood. They are high school royalty, popular with girls, live a perfect teenage life… until one night, of fun, an unexpected “incident” happened, and one of them became a total jerk, blaming the other person of something he actually did….

Although the characters of this film are teens, I know many adults who behave the same way, in fact, all the hetero-curious fucking me.

All those you won’t believe are looking for sex with another guy because they don’t look “gay”.

The cast was great, and the movie solid. I loved it.

A film about the fluidity of sexuality, and how modern society should NOT put labels on everything and everyone.