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Devastating footage has emerged of a starving wild polar bear scouring a desolate landscape for food.

In heartbreaking scenes, the emaciated animal, bones visible through its yellowing fur, struggles to walk as it searches for food in an abandoned fishing camp.

The clip, taken on Canada’s Baffin Island, was recorded by photographer Paul Nicklen, who is part of conservation group Sea Legacy.  The former biologist, who has now turned his hand to wildlife photography has seen over 3,000 bears in the wild, and believes climate change is to blame.

Loss of ice due to climate change is known to directly affect the ability of polar bears to feed and survive, as they rely on platforms of ice to reach their prey of ringed and bearded seal…  I don’t understand those who deny climate change.

You don’t need to be a fucking scientist to see it.

When I arrived to Canada (over 20 years ago) winter was a lot colder, an average winter day in Montreal during January was -40 Celsius. I don’t remember having experienced that type of weather in a decade. Over are the days when I had to run looking for heat before my ears freeze.  And you know what? I miss those days!

Humans are responsible for climate change and to drive precious species to extinction. 

My heart goes to all those defenceless animals that are paying in advance the end of us.

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Bye Bitch! Charles Manson Has Died

Somebody go wake up Satan, he’s got another guest coming for Thanksgiving… Charles Manson has finally stopped sucking air.

Charles Manson, the cult leader who was imprisoned for orchestrating the brutal murders of Sharon Tate, her unborn child and six others over a two night period in 1969, will be missed by no one.

His original death sentence was ruled unconstitutional in 1971 and he was given 9 consecutive life sentences instead. That loser could barely manage one. Lame!

In life, Charles Manson was a terrorist who manipulated people’s weakness and insecurities into doing his bidding and who held the nation hostage using their own darkest fears against them. 

In an age where there are people propping up pedophiles or defending alleged rapists, it’s nice to know there is one thing we can all agree on: Charles Manson was a evil mother fucker and we’re glad he’s gone! 

Here’s hoping the families of the victims we know about, and the one’s we don’t, can finally have peace. 

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More Disturbing Hollywood Shit

Does anything surprise you anymore when it comes to Charlie Sheen? Well aside from the fact he’s denying allegations of raping a 13-year-old late actor Cory Haim 30 years ago…

Hollywood is collapsing right now before everyone’s eyes. The growing list of sexual offenders and paedophile rings include stories about Kevin Spacey, producer Harvey Weinstein, director Brett Ratner, Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman, former “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick, “Entourage” dude Jeremy Piven, Andy Dick, Steven Seagal, Ben Affleck, David Blaine, Louis C.K. etc, etc, etc….Hollywood is fucked!

When it’s been a slow year cinematically sinister secrets can’t be kept under wraps. Haim took this secret with him to the grave but actor friend Dominick Brascia spoke out.

Cory Feldman is leading the child predator witch hunt but he put up a $10 million dollar paywall before he starts doing the right thing. Actors can never shake being opportunists. I can see why rapegate has been postponed for so long. Why does it take GoFundMe donations for a person to name names. There’s no such thing as being a decent person when million dollar contracts are on the line.

Now, Charlie Sheen has a very dark past of sex scandals and drug abuse. His track record since the time the world became aware of his existence has been filled with an outstanding amount of WTF.

And now that this is exposed all the stuff Denise Richards (his ex-wife) said in the past make sense. Back then everyone turned their back on her. Denise filed divorce while pregnant, mentioned he was subscribed to disturbing porn websites. And years later after their divorce, she volunteered to take in the children he had with his next wife… Clearly it gives you hints of something very wrong.

Can’t trust the word of a man who pulled an Usher with a few females, only instead of herpes being the grand prize after a night with Charlie the winner was exposed to HIV which he was quiet about until exposed by the National Enquirer.

Maybe the pressure of exposing possible paedophilia will make him admit to past wrong doings (it’s not like he has a reputation to uphold anymore). Hollywood is disgusting! 

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The Bride Has Spoken

When asked for her comments on the growing number of sexual scandals in Hollywood, or the fact that all sexual affronts from 1917 through 2017 are being currently aired, The Bride herself, QUEEN Uma Thurman struck a thoughtful pose and delivered an inspired monologue of controlled rage.

Thurman took an entire minute to run through a master’s class in restrained anger as expressed through countenance. When it was over, you felt like she’d delivered the hammer down on the gross behaviour of men in the film business… 

But she’s said nothing. Only that she would deliver her real thoughts once she had time to calm down and think rationally. 

Thurman’s two most notable roles happened to come in Pulp Fiction, which broke her big, and later, another Weinstein/Tarantino hookup in Kill Bill. She’ll need to deliver an Weinstein tirade that manages to tread carefully around the fact that he’s the guy who made her career. But for the moment, her non-response response has received adjectives of “chilling” and “powerful”. 

In my opinion her non-response response is very clear, just like the clip below…

When she’s ready… She’s gonna kill HARVEY. RIP bastard!

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Gross Bastard Seeking Rehab For Boy Hole Addiction…

Despite conflating homosexuality with pedophilia and fucking over all of the gays who have been battling that evil stereotype since Jesus times, Kevin Spacey does have one positive thing going for him. He can take orders!!

Variety reports that Spacey’s “seeking evaluation and treatment” for his alleged tendency to grab every crotch without consent, as well as allegedly belly flopping on a 14-year-old boy when he was 26.

Kevin is probably following the direction of the crisis management team he obviously hired after tweeting his disastrous “choosing to live as a gay man but not a pedophile“ veritable mash note. (Choose?!?)

I don’t know what to say about this case except, Kevin YOU’RE A CUNT!

The gay community is not your accessory to whip out when you need to make an excuse. Especially since you have been denying your sexuality since forever, while being well-known in gay Hollywood for messing with underage.

Truly, I’m not a fan of the so-called community in some aspects, but there’s a big difference between being a superficial horny imbecile, and a criminal.

Under 18 is a NO whatever your sexual orientation is!!

In the 2006 flick Notes on a Scandal, Cate Blanchette’s character boinks her 15-year-old student, and when her husband finds out, he shouts: “Who’s ever wanted someone who’s young? Everyone sometime – Everyone thinks about it. But they… deal with it.”

They freaking deal with it! But Spacey didn’t. And most celebrities don’t.

Stars don’t need treatment. They need to be held accountable for acting on impulse.

Spacey committed a crime plain and simple, and finding himself while sipping herbal tea during $500 an hour therapy sessions isn’t going to change that.

Jail is the only place people like him need to do rehabilitation in.

Honestly, this man is visually repulsive and morally disgusting. He has done nothing for the gay community except make us all embarrassed. BURN bitch, burn!!!

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The Greed Of Fashion Industries On Billboards

Over 1, 000 people DIED after clothing factory building (the Rana Plaza) collapse in Bangladesh.

3 of the 4 biggest tragedies in fashion history took place in Bangladesh in 2013 due to complete NEGLIGENCE.

It is considered the deadliest garment-factory accident in history, as well as the deadliest accidental structural failure in modern human history

When companies are making factories to lower product prices, the owners can do nothing but agree and work faster and cheaper. If not, the retailer will have this done somewhere else. The only way out is to cut costs, by reducing wages for employees, lowering the working conditions and safety, produce with no respect for the environment.

“We are actually profiting from their need to work, to use them as slaves, and I’m not saying that we shouldn’t give them the work, but they have to be treated with the same respect as our children or friends. They’re not different from us ” – Livia Firth.

If you didn’t know about that tragedy here’s a trailer from a 2015 documentary.

Igor Dobrowolski is a talented artist born in Jelenia Góra (Deer Mountain), Poland who depicts social and political issues in his paintings and murals.

In his work Igor explores topics such as death, depression, war and children, the problems of the poor and homeless and the lack of empathy.

His latest work are billboards displayed them on the streets of Warsaw (Poland,) that shows the greed and horrors of the fashion industry.

A very powerful project! Epic. Sad. True. 

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Pro-ISIS Group Threaten 2018 World Cup

Wafa Media Foundation, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) group, have released a poster threatening to bring terror to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia that features an image of Barcelona and Argentina star LIONEL MESSI crying blood.

The 2018 World Cup will be played across 11 cities in Russia from June 14 to July 15, when the final will be played at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Now, I guess those terrorist jerks haven’t realised that football (soccer) is the sport king and this is one way to unite the whole world against them.

Also, Russians do not prat around with these people like the West.

Do a Russian down, and you will come second! So, well done bastards.

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