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Decapitated Male Mantis Still Fucks

Everybody knows that sometimes a lady praying mantis gets into some horrific 8mm shit by killing and eating their male fuck partner during sex.

The Daily Mail have posted a video of a dude praying mantis still giving his lady that praying mantis dick after she bit his head off.

And I’m sharing the video with you, because we’re friends and I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t show you a video of a lady praying mantis doing sex to a dead body.

Deep Look, a science series from PBS, says that lady praying mantises are much bigger and stronger than the dude ones, and they don’t partake in cannibalism.They do it, because being knocked up with so many eggs takes a lot out of them, and eating another praying mantis gives them strength.

The ladies are also able to produce twice the amount of eggs if they eat the dude. Also, praying mantises rarely make it through the winter, so the dudes don’t have much to lose. Some of them might figure that they’re going to go to Jesus soon anyway, so they may as well try to bust a nut even if it means getting eaten (and not in a sexy way).  

And as shown in the video below, the dude can sometimes keep boning even if he’s got no head. This brings new meaning to the phrase “fuck your brains out.

At around the 3:00 mark, a lady praying mantis bites off the dude praying mantis’ head and he keeps doing her. The Deep Look narrator says that because of the nerves in his stomach, he can still get the job done.

The next time your fuckbuddy can’t get it up, because he’s drunk or whatever, show him this video. A dude praying mantis can still do it decapitated, so there’s no excuse!!

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Wet On Wet

Ryan Reynolds impersonating Deadpool impersonating Bob Ross is a parody we probably didn’t want, but a parody we all need. In true Deadpool fashion, it manages to deliver a hilarious take on all the talk of happy little trees, yet doesn’t insult the legendary art instructor, honoring him in a bizarre NSFW kind of way.

Keep your pants dry and keep your dreams wet. I love Deadpool!

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The Agoraphobic Traveller


Anxiety disorders can leave a person so crippled with fear of the outside world that they feel scared to even leave their own home… Tell me about it. I was also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder months ago.

Bur, for Jacqui Kenny, a New Zealander living in London who suffers from agoraphobia, it’s an affliction that took away her dreams of wandering the globe and photographing its many hidden corners.

When Jacqui discovered Google Maps, however, she found an inventive way to explore far-away lands such as Mongolia, Chile, and Senegal, without ever setting foot outside her flat.

Each time she stumbles upon something that inspires her, she takes a screen-capture, edits the photo to bring out its latent beauty, and posts it on her Instagram page, The Agoraphobic Traveller.


Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Arizona, United State

Arequipa, Peru

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Gate To Talas Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

Since going viral with her minimal and peaceful cropped portraits, Jacqui has teamed up with Google to promote the usefulness of Street View, and even made a brave voyage to New York City to show her work as a gallery exposition…

Okay all images are gorgeous, and I love the “creativity” of screenshots and make it look nicer, BUT… An EXPOSITION for “photographs” (more like images) she captured online seems pretty unfair to real photographers who spend their time and money travelling the world to get those images first hand, and expose their talent.

Again, very elegant images, yet, they feel lonely as the lady who captures them.

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The ZOMBIE Frappuccino

Starbucks’ latest diabetes-inducer, the Zombie Frappuccino has arrived. 

I won’t lie, I love anything related to Halloween and for that sole reason I may try that shit even if it goes against my principles, because I find Starbucks overrated and retarded.

Overpriced coffee and unhealthy sugary drinks are not for me.

Starbucks describes the drink as “a chilling concoction of green caramel apple, a drizzle of dark mocha, and pinkish whip”. 

However, Pajiba reviewed Starbucks’ latest abomination a bit different…

In case you’re wondering what that cup of baby diarrhea and half-blended up worms tastes like, here’s the answer… SPOILER ALERT: It tastes like wasted money!

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Pro-ISIS Group Threaten 2018 World Cup

Wafa Media Foundation, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) group, have released a poster threatening to bring terror to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia that features an image of Barcelona and Argentina star LIONEL MESSI crying blood.

The 2018 World Cup will be played across 11 cities in Russia from June 14 to July 15, when the final will be played at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Now, I guess those terrorist jerks haven’t realised that football (soccer) is the sport king and this is one way to unite the whole world against them.

Also, Russians do not prat around with these people like the West.

Do a Russian down, and you will come second! So, well done bastards.

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Quebec’s “BURKA BAN”

Quebec has passed a sweeping ban on face coverings, barring public workers from wearing the niqab or burqa and obliging citizens to unveil when riding public transit or receiving government services, ushering in a law believed to be the first of its kind in North America.

The legislation was adopted on Wednesday, capping off two years of work by the province’s Liberal government to address the issue of state neutrality.

The resulting law has been condemned by critics who say it deliberately targets Muslim women and will fuel the province’s simmering debate on identity, religion and tolerance.

Philippe Couillard, the premier of Quebec, was defensive as he addressed the new law.

“We are just saying that for reasons linked to communication, identification and safety, public services should be given and received with an open face,” he told reporters.

“We are in a free and democratic society. You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine. It’s as simple as that.”

Now, I live in Montreal (which is part of Quebec, for those who didn’t know) and I’m having mixed feelings about this.

While I agree with Couillard about identification, the new religious “neutrality” law shouldn’t have taken place beneath the National Assembly’s official CRUCIFIX!

In other words… Yesterday, under the gaze of Jesus Christ suffering on the cross, Quebec’s governing Liberals stood as one and voted into law a “religious neutrality” bill.


Seriously, what’s really going on here?

I’m a proud Canadian citizen and I have embraced every cultural aspect, language, and lifestyle of this progressive society, but something’s NOT RIGHT in Quebec.

Quebec is largely white, Roman Catholic and intolerant, especially outside Montreal (’cause Montreal is pretty much The Tower of Babel). And God help anyone stupid enough to mess with the Catholic symbols (btw I AM Catholic too, but I CAN’T) like the giant illuminated cross that dominates the summit of Mount Royal here in Montreal.

Yo les amis this law is NOT about identification, but Muslims! Point à la ligne.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of humans displaying their faith in front of everyone else (’cause you should keep your beliefs at home) but I am not going to tolerate a Muslim woman being dragged from a bus, in front of her children, because she dresses as she pleases (even if she’s not eye candy and we don’t get FOR WHY? And WTF?)

Quebec already DISCRIMINATES those who doesn’t speak French. Now this!


I’m sorry but we are better than this, we cannot live in fear like our American neighbours (sorry Americans but you’re always great examples of No thanks!)

What about people that wear their hoodies well over their faces (which I do in winter). Can they board a bus? What about a SWAT team? What about balaclavas in winter? What about those whose faces are disfigured and choose to cover them? What about those who wear surgical masks when they have a bad cold or do not want to catch anything on a crowded bus? What about fetish sluts wearing all sort of masks asking me if I’m down to fuck? (Yes! This example is also valid because it’s MY blog!)

We cannot live in fear of what may or may not happen in life.

This so-called religious neutrality law is an evident Trump-level LIE!

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