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“Brave Red Maiden” costume

Whatever genius they have over at Yandy in charge of translating popular characters into scratchy lingerie for Halloween has really outdone themselves this year.

For once, instead of just offering up skimpy polyester panties that will give you a yeast infection, they’ve offered a poignant musing on sexism and the patriarchy; with an ironic twist!

This year, Yandy created the “Brave Red Maiden” costume, inspired by everybody’s favourite dramedy, The Handmaid’s Tale. Unfortunately, too many people hate fun because Yandy has bowed to pressure and taken it off the shelves. 

Here’s what they were offering:

Finally, a costume for the woman who wants to stand before the Congress to demand abortion rights while satisfying their narrow expectations of female beauty.

Come on, people! This is the most covered up and demure thing they’ve EVER produced.  

I’m sorry, but if I saw somebody actually out wearing this costume I would fall to my knees and kiss those stripper heels.

Anyway, haters should save some outrage for the truly questionable costumes Yandy is still getting away with, like the Yandy Indian Sweetheart:


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Trailer Of A Mess

When the serial rebooters known as Netflix shared the first pictures from the She-Ra reboot, I got up out of my chair, walked to the nearest wall, and did an open-mouthed cry wall slide over those evil butcherers transforming the 80s goddess of mythological glamour into a tragic mess.

But after I pulled myself up off the floor and whispered, “You’re my only She-Ra,” into my She-Ra doll’s head, I told myself that the She-Ra reboot isn’t for me, but for the children of today, and now the children of today got their first look at their Baby She-Ra in action.

The teaser trailer shows Sailor Moon’s white second cousin (aka the new Adora a.k.a. She-Ra) getting lured into the forest by a stranger’s voice…

Somebody should really tell Adora that if a strange voice tries to lure you into the forest, run the opposite way and call the cops!!

To me, it still looks like anime as drawn by the worst student in a high school animation class. With that being said, I am not watching Fetus-Ra, because I am not a damn kid. But mostly, because Netflix is not making any justice the iconic cartoon.

She-Ra is supposed to be woman, not a girl. And should be looking like this:

One word: MEH!

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Pedo Got Hurt

It appears there are two possible ways to react if you’re a famous American politician and have recently found yourself humiliated at the hands of Sacha Baron Cohen on his Showtime series Who Is America?

If you’re Georgia Republican state Rep. Jason Spencer, you might pull up your pants and resign in an attempt to save what little shred of dignity you might have left.

If you’re Sarah Palin, you would throw an internet tantrum and claim you were duped.

Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama (and creep) Roy Moore looked like a fool on Who Is America? in a segment involving a fake pedophile detector, and now he’s suing for $95 million.

Last year, Roy Moore became a household name when four women came forward during Roy’s bid to run for Alabama senate, and accused him of hitting on them when they were underage girls (Roy lost to the Democratic candidate).

As you can probably guess before even hitting play on this video, Erran’s pervert-wand beeped like crazy when it came near Roy Moore.

Skip to the 2:46 mark to watch Roy look extremely uncomfortable before walking out of the interview.

How stupid do you need to be to believe in a pedo-detector? The fallout of the Trump administration is showing us just how incredibly stupid some of those people in office are.

Dupe them via their own hubris and stupidity and suddenly THEIR hurt feelings are important enough to warrant everything. 

I’m not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen, but he’s crazy enough to fool those fools.

That said, good luck with that you disgusting piece of shit!

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Bear, The Lonely Genius

Note to humans with annoying dogs who are always bothering them to do a physical activity like play fetch: sit them in front of the screen and get them to watch and learn from Bear.

Bear is from Napa, CA, and his human took a video of what he does whenever nobody is around (or is too damn lazy) to play fetch with him.

Bear pulls some level 10 only child geniusness by using the trampoline to play fetch. Bear puts the ball on the trampoline, gets under it, and then punches that shit with his nose until it bounces on to the ground and he can chase after it.

That trampoline and Bear are best friends!

It probably comes to life when nobody but Bear is around and they escape out of the background and solve crimes together. 

I salute Bear! Because my motto has always been: If nobody wants to play with you, play with yourself, bitch! And yes, I meant it like that.

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Speaking of Water is Wet… Garrett Clayton is Gay

Because unlike Europe, North Americans has the need to label themselves… 

Garrett Clayton, the 27-year-old former Disney hottness who Mickey Mouse definitely made using the same parts he used to make Zac Efron, has officially taken a hammer to the glass closet and declared himself a full-time lover of peen.

Garrett also gave love to his boyfriend, who is celebrating as well because now he gets to openly do cartwheels down the street while singing about how he’s fucking the dude from Teen Beach

I’ve been watching Garrett since King Cobra, and I think someone needs to tell guys like him that they aren’t really fooling anyone.

He’s way too cute and hot to be straight.

Anyhow it’s actually good he came out and get things straight. It’s way better than having to live a lie and pretending to be attracted to a whole gender that you aren’t.

Zac Efron to needs realise this…

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Inside The Dark, Violent, Misogynistic World Of Incels

The Huffington Post has published a fascinating/horrifying deep dive into the violent, misogynistic world of so-called Incels, men who say they are “involuntarily celibate” because women won’t have sex with them due to their looks…

Here’s the opening:

It’s late on a Friday, and hundreds of men are browsing the forum Lookism.net. A new member logs on and posts two photos showing the lower half of his face. “What surgeries/implants are needed to fix this?” he asks. “As you can see I have a recessed jaw/chin.”

The replies come swiftly: “It’s not just your chin. Your upper lip is retruded as well. Orthognathic surgery if you can afford it. Chin implant or [genioplasty] if you can’t. You should also look at jaw angle implants,” someone responds. “Start saving.”

It’s a typical exchange on the message board, where new posts continue to pop up throughout the night with men asking other men for physical evaluation and advice.

You’ll want to read the full piece, which includes a list of recent terror attacks committed by self-proclaimed incels. According to the article, incels are hoping that this week’s attack in Toronto was committed by one of their own.


Let me tell you something… It’s NOT THE WAY YOU LOOK the problem!!

ASSHOLES DON’T GE LAID, unless you’re a rich asshole.

In contrast, acting like a human being it’s always appealing.

Ignorance+ Assholism = INCEL

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Greedy Chipmunk Stuffing Nut After Nut Into His Mouth

File that headline under: A Title Found In The Animal Kingdom’s Version Of PornHub.

A human in the town of Aurora in Ontario, Canada took a video of a wild chipmunk they named Van Gogh (because of his notched ear), but they maybe should’ve named him Michelle Duggar since he can’t get enough of taking raw nut after raw nut.

The chipmunk knows that the human will give him as many peanuts as he can handle, so for the past two summers, he’s shown up to store as much food as possible for the winter.

The human gladly gives VG a quick pet and then feeds him as many peanuts he can stuff into his cheeks before he runs off to his burrow. If the human is still outside, he’ll come back for another fill-up.

Here’s the video that is will stuff your brain with brand new information by showing you that chipmunks go nuts for nuts!


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