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Stupidity knows No Bounds

In case you didn’t already know that cementing your head in a microwave is a really fucking shit-brained idea unless you want to die a slow, painful death, I am here to tell you that cementing your head in a microwave is a really fucking shit-brained idea unless you want to die a slow, painful death.

A YouTube prankster (read: IDIOT) came up with a really creatively dumb way to waste a microwave and some cement…

HuffPo says that Jay Swingler, a 22-year-old prankster from the town of Wolverhampton in England, recorded a Darwin Award-worthy stunt for the YouTube channel TGFBro that involved him trying to make a cement mold of his face.

Jay wrapped a plastic bag around his head (genius move #1), stuck a little tube in his mouth so he could breathe (genius move #2), put his head in a microwave (genius move #3) and let a fellow bro pour cement into the microwave (genius move #4). Weirdly enough, it’s kind of hard to pull your head out of a microwave filled with hardened concrete.

That mafia torture technique went south real fast!!

Jay’s douchebros spent 90 minutes trying to get his head out of the microwave, and they eventually had to call for help. West Midlands Fire Service spent an hour freeing Jay’s head from that concrete tomb of death.

They weren’t happy about it:

Jay is fine and his head didn’t suffer any kind of damage (although, he may have been brain dead while thinking up this stunt). Sure Jay’s bros could’ve pulled his head off of his neck while trying to get him out of that microwave and he could’ve suffocated to death, but it was all worth it, because that video has gotten over 1 million views so far…

Otherwise he would have died for real… of embarrassment!!

Jokes aside, there’s nothing funny about playing with your life. The need for likes and attention online is alarming, not to mention fucking retarded!

They should have just set that stupid bitch to “popcorn” and let it go. 

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State Department Issues “Worldwide Caution” For US Citizens In Wake Of Trump’s Move On Jerusalem

The State Department has issued a warning for U.S. citizens travelling anywhere in the world after the Trump administration announced its decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognising it as the capital of Israel… WTF!!

The alert, posted on December 6, is a “worldwide caution” that asks U.S. citizens to be on high-alert when travelling.

“As terrorist attacks, political upheaval, and violence often take place without any warning, U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness when traveling,” it reads.

“In addition to concerns stemming from terrorism, travelers should be alert to the possibility of political unrest, violence, demonstrations, and criminal activities when traveling. Country-specific information pages and Travel Warnings should be consulted to obtain the latest data on such threats.”

A Secretary of State just told Americans your president has put you at great risk for loss of life and limb. Think about that for a second…

The president has prompted attacks on citizens. Beyond words!

And not only that, he’s about to start a war in Korea, and now the Middle East.

Bitch is going to kill us all. 

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So Much Denial

MassResistance is a hate group of out and proud homophobes who I guess believe that God hates fags, but LOVES flags!

A week ago, they held their Teens4Truth conference in Dallas to teach the youngins’ the dangers of the “gay agenda,” but those bigoted messes, opened with a routine that could easily be the official dance of the “gay agenda.”

The video starts out with some Family Dollar Fred Phelps introducing the opening act and saying that he has no idea what the audience is about to experience… (Uh huh… ) I hope that Family Dollar Fred Phelps clamped his gay-hating puffy ass ring together with an industrial-strength bag clip, because this fabulous performance swirled out by the Anti-Gay Queen of Anti-Gay Flag Dances can make even the deadest of b-holes pucker.

While dressed like a business casual Friday dad, Derek flutters onto the stage like a majestic homo butterfly, and you can tell he really feels the lyric, “Ride ’em down, one by one.” That line isn’t only a lyric in a song from an anti-gay flag dance, it’s also a line screamed at the lone bottom at a gay orgy.

Derek and his amazingly gay technicolor dreamwings make the gay angels squirt out giant tears of pure glitter as he flutters up a beautiful gay storm.

The weird thing about this performance is that the stage wasn’t crashed by a bunch of RuPaul’s Drag Race queens, because this is a lip sync for your life moment.

Let your gay flags fly, Derek!!

Seriously, those dumb homophobes… SO MUCH DENIAL!!!

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Black Friday Death Count

Every year when Black Friday comes along, madness ensues.

People lineup for hours in the hopes of saving a few hundred dollars, and when those doors finally open, all hell breaks loose.

These uncivilised humans fight each other for products, while other literally tear it out of each others hands, so it’s no wonder than every year a lot of people get injured in the chaos of embarrassing consumerism.

Some even die…

Last year there were 3 deaths in America on Black Friday.

  • In San Antonio, a man tried to help a woman being beaten in a Walmart parking lot. He was shot.
  • Someone got shot over a Walmart parking spot fight in Reno
  • And there was a deadly shooting at a New Jersey mall.

So many bad things happen that there’s is actually a website that tracks every death and accident caused by Black Friday madness.

Now, this website tells you how many people died so far, and the last time I checked it, the count was at 10 death and 105 injuries.

Luckily those didn’t all happen this years, otherwise I’m pretty sure Black Friday would no longer exist (then again the American society is Pro-gun).

Here are the stats from the last 10 Black Friday sales, as well as a few honourable mentions.

Yup, absurd barbaric violence comes at 75% off in “the first world.” As idiotic as it sounds.

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More Disturbing Hollywood Shit

Does anything surprise you anymore when it comes to Charlie Sheen? Well aside from the fact he’s denying allegations of raping a 13-year-old late actor Cory Haim 30 years ago…

Hollywood is collapsing right now before everyone’s eyes. The growing list of sexual offenders and paedophile rings include stories about Kevin Spacey, producer Harvey Weinstein, director Brett Ratner, Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman, former “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick, “Entourage” dude Jeremy Piven, Andy Dick, Steven Seagal, Ben Affleck, David Blaine, Louis C.K. etc, etc, etc….Hollywood is fucked!

When it’s been a slow year cinematically sinister secrets can’t be kept under wraps. Haim took this secret with him to the grave but actor friend Dominick Brascia spoke out.

Cory Feldman is leading the child predator witch hunt but he put up a $10 million dollar paywall before he starts doing the right thing. Actors can never shake being opportunists. I can see why rapegate has been postponed for so long. Why does it take GoFundMe donations for a person to name names. There’s no such thing as being a decent person when million dollar contracts are on the line.

Now, Charlie Sheen has a very dark past of sex scandals and drug abuse. His track record since the time the world became aware of his existence has been filled with an outstanding amount of WTF.

And now that this is exposed all the stuff Denise Richards (his ex-wife) said in the past make sense. Back then everyone turned their back on her. Denise filed divorce while pregnant, mentioned he was subscribed to disturbing porn websites. And years later after their divorce, she volunteered to take in the children he had with his next wife… Clearly it gives you hints of something very wrong.

Can’t trust the word of a man who pulled an Usher with a few females, only instead of herpes being the grand prize after a night with Charlie the winner was exposed to HIV which he was quiet about until exposed by the National Enquirer.

Maybe the pressure of exposing possible paedophilia will make him admit to past wrong doings (it’s not like he has a reputation to uphold anymore). Hollywood is disgusting! 

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Gross Bastard Seeking Rehab For Boy Hole Addiction…

Despite conflating homosexuality with pedophilia and fucking over all of the gays who have been battling that evil stereotype since Jesus times, Kevin Spacey does have one positive thing going for him. He can take orders!!

Variety reports that Spacey’s “seeking evaluation and treatment” for his alleged tendency to grab every crotch without consent, as well as allegedly belly flopping on a 14-year-old boy when he was 26.

Kevin is probably following the direction of the crisis management team he obviously hired after tweeting his disastrous “choosing to live as a gay man but not a pedophile“ veritable mash note. (Choose?!?)

I don’t know what to say about this case except, Kevin YOU’RE A CUNT!

The gay community is not your accessory to whip out when you need to make an excuse. Especially since you have been denying your sexuality since forever, while being well-known in gay Hollywood for messing with underage.

Truly, I’m not a fan of the so-called community in some aspects, but there’s a big difference between being a superficial horny imbecile, and a criminal.

Under 18 is a NO whatever your sexual orientation is!!

In the 2006 flick Notes on a Scandal, Cate Blanchette’s character boinks her 15-year-old student, and when her husband finds out, he shouts: “Who’s ever wanted someone who’s young? Everyone sometime – Everyone thinks about it. But they… deal with it.”

They freaking deal with it! But Spacey didn’t. And most celebrities don’t.

Stars don’t need treatment. They need to be held accountable for acting on impulse.

Spacey committed a crime plain and simple, and finding himself while sipping herbal tea during $500 an hour therapy sessions isn’t going to change that.

Jail is the only place people like him need to do rehabilitation in.

Honestly, this man is visually repulsive and morally disgusting. He has done nothing for the gay community except make us all embarrassed. BURN bitch, burn!!!

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The KKK Is Trying To Recruit In Canada

The Klu Klux Klan, the band of white-cowards-robe-wearing-piece-of-shit-racists/white supremacists based in the United States are upping their recruitment efforts in Canada, the CBC has learned.

One pathetic vocal supporter of the KKK took to Twitter to rally recruits, saying:

“Hey #Fredericton #NewBrunswick KKK is looking for white and Christian people in your area.”

The tweet, which has since been deleted, comes from user @CanuckKlansman. 

Experts who spoke to CBC said there isn’t really an increased level of racism in New Brunswick, or Canada at-large.

Instead, the current political climate (read: Douchebag Trump) has created an environment where racists don’t feel scared to vocalise their views.

A KKK member from the US told CBC that the white supremacist group is indeed trying to proliferate their membership in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

A recruitment campaign for the KK was also launched in British Columbia last year. Flyers promoting white supremacist ideas were found outside of residences in several BC communities, dropped off in bags of white rice.

Seriously WTF?!

Canada likes to think of itself as warm and positive, opposite of America where racism and bigotry dominate the south.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say other than: Dear white idiots, FUCK OFF!!!

CANADA is way too civilised for you and all your racist crap. Thank you.

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