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Iconic 80s Duet

The word icon is overused, but few would disagree that this petite pop princess (aka GODDESS Kylie Minogue) has earned true iconic status!

More than thirty years since I Should Be So Lucky and Never Gonna Give You Up catapulted to the top of the charts, here’s Kylie joined by Rick Astley at Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park .

A match made in 80’s Pop heaven! 

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Museum of the Moon

Since the dawn of mankind, people have been fascinated with the moon, whether as a religious deity to ancient Romans and Greeks or as the focus of the “Space Race” between the United States and the Soviet Union.

One artist to honour Earth’s satellite is British installation artist Luke Jerram, who has been travelling the globe with his lunar-inspired exhibition, Museum of the Moon.

Jerram’s gigantic moon sculpture measures 7 meters (almost 23 feet) in diameter and features projections of NASA’s 120dpi imagery of the real moon’s surface. With an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the glowing spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface.

Currently on show inside Beijing’s Water Cube at the National Aquatics Center, Museum of the Moon has been presented in various venues across China, Australia, India, France, and the UK, both indoors and outdoors.

Each show features new musical compositions, stories, mythologies, and also highlights the latest moon science. Depending on the location, the installation’s meaning will shift, encouraging viewers to observe the moons mythical beauty while contemplating cultural similarities and differences around the world.

“Throughout history the moon has inspired artists, poets, scientists, writers, and musicians the world over,” reads the exhibition statement.

Simply impressive.

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Amazing Murals

WD (Wild Drawing) is an Indonesian muralist based in Athens, where he has lived for ten years. Widely known for his photorealistic murals that often address current economic, political and social issues locally and globally, his work on street art began in 2000 and did not stop.

He has held several solo exhibitions and has also participated in several collective exhibitions and international festivals in Europe, America, and Asia.

His works have been included in books by famous Street Art publishers such as Thames & Hudson, Éditions Alternatives, and Lonely Planet.

He grace the walls throughout the European capital and beyond.

Stunningly beautiful! More here.

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Bear, The Lonely Genius

Note to humans with annoying dogs who are always bothering them to do a physical activity like play fetch: sit them in front of the screen and get them to watch and learn from Bear.

Bear is from Napa, CA, and his human took a video of what he does whenever nobody is around (or is too damn lazy) to play fetch with him.

Bear pulls some level 10 only child geniusness by using the trampoline to play fetch. Bear puts the ball on the trampoline, gets under it, and then punches that shit with his nose until it bounces on to the ground and he can chase after it.

That trampoline and Bear are best friends!

It probably comes to life when nobody but Bear is around and they escape out of the background and solve crimes together. 

I salute Bear! Because my motto has always been: If nobody wants to play with you, play with yourself, bitch! And yes, I meant it like that.

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Underground Salt Cathedral

When you imagine places of worship, traditional structures like Gothic churches, colourful mosques, and dazzling Buddhist temples likely come to mind.

If you’ve ever visited Wieliczka, Poland, however, you know that not all holy buildings follow this formula. In fact, some, like the the “underground cathedral” in the Wieliczka Salt Mine aren’t buildings at all!

Nestled over 1,000 feet below the Polish town, this subterranean shrine dates back to the Middle Ages. As a result of centuries-long construction, the church houses four exquisitely constructed chapels.

Each one is adorned with relief sculptures, free-standing statues, and detailed furnishings including “crystal” chandeliers and granite-like altars crafted entirely from rock salt.

Given the beauty and complexity of the site’s design, one may expect a talented team of architects and artists to be responsible. However, the awe-inspiring “underground cathedral” was actually built by Catholic miners seeking a convenient way to worship.

Personally, I heard of this cathedral few years ago when my parents went to Poland. And a believer or not, Wieliczka salt mine or “the Underground Salt Cathedral is a treasure of the world.

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Hero to Heroes

World War I brought out the best and the worst of mankind and the people involved have been remembered either for the terror they brought or the compassion they showed.

One of those compassionate individuals was Anna Coleman Watts Ladd, an American sculptor who moved to France with her husband in 1917. There, she was introduced to Francis Derwent Wood, a sculptor who created a “Tin Noses Shop” where he helped severely injured WWI soldiers.

Wood created face masks for disfigured WWI warriors, giving them a new chance at life.

Inspired by his work, Ladd created her own “Studio for Portrait-Masks” where she created portrait-masks for these soldiers in need. Needless to say, her work changed many people’s lives.

During this era, injured men battled with the psychological stress of worrying what people would think about their damaged appearance. The so-called mutilés were so wounded, some of their faces were barely recognisable.

These victims were referred to as “the most tragic of all war’s victims” since most of them were doomed to a life of total isolation.

In 1932, to honor her charitable work, Ladd was made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour by the French Government.

She was a hero to heroes. And This story should be much widely known.

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