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A hilariously wild and ragged World Cup final concluded with a 4-2 victory for France, after a chaotic first half marked by a pair of dumb goals for France, and a second half marked by a Pussy Riot field invasion.

A sweet move down the right side early in the second half from one true wonderteen Kylian Mbappé led to some chaos in front of net, with Paul Pogba taking a couple cracks from distance, including a second one that turned into a goal.

France played well, but in my opinion Crotia played better. Sadly the winner is the one who score the most and France did it. However, after this world cup I’m a Croatian fan for life!

Own goal, badass strikes, hand ball PKs, and randos storming the field. This game had literally everything. Including French President Emmanuel Macron and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

And a dose of virtual social issues…

Regardless, congratulations to both France and Croatia, particularly Croatian god Luka Modric who was named the best player at the World Cup. 

They’re all my heroes and they should be so proud of themselves.

On the other hand, Russia was an excellent host. Allez les bleus!!

Qatar 2022, see you there! 

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2018 Underwater Photography Of The Year

The ocean is as beautiful as it is scary. The 2018 Underwater Photography Of The Year (UPY) contest have just announced its winners, and they have perfectly captured the many treasures of the world down below.

All photos had to be taken underwater (split-level images were permitted too, as long as a part of the image was underwater).  There were also no restrictions on post processing. Photographers from 63 countries submitted more than 5,000 photos to compete in the 11 categories as well as the grand prize.

Portrait Category Winner: “A Sand Tiger Shark Surrounded By Tiny Bait Fish” By Tanya Houppermans, USA

British Waters Compact Category: “Peek-A-Boo!” By Martin Edser, UK

Black & White Category: “Morning Flight” By Filippo Borghi, Italy

Macro Category: Runner Up “Friend Or Food?!” By Songda Cai, China

Black & White Category: “Hypnosis” By Wendy Timmermans, Netherlands

British Underwater Photographer Of The Year. “Love Birds” By Grant Thomas, UK

Wide Angle Category: “Blacktip Rendezvous” By Renee Capozzola, USA

Macro Category: “Black-Saddle Snake Eel” By Marchione Dott. Giacomo, Italy

Wide Angle Category Winner: “Humpback Whale Spy Hopping” By Greg Lecoeur, France

Wide Angle Category: “Tannic Water At Cenote Carwash” By Tom St George, Mexico

Macro Category Winner: “Seahorse Density” By Shane Gross, Canada

Black & White Category Winner: “Crocodile Reflections” By Borut Furlan, Slovenia

Portrait Category: “Pretty In Pink” By Nicholas More, UK


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The Winners Of The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2018

The Nature Conservancy is ‘the leading conservation organisation working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. Every year they hold a competition where professional and amateur photographers from all around the globe can submit their photos, and this year the organisation has just announced the 21 winning photographs of 2018.

There are 6 categories in this competition: people and nature, landscape, water, wildlife, cities and nature, and people’s choice. People from 135 countries submitted more than 57k pictures, and below you can see some of the best.

Stallions Playing, Grand Prize.“The power of the animal kingdom.” Photo by Camille Briottet, Lyon, France.

Pure Energy And Fire.“Colima volcano erupting during the night showing its strength, was taken in the Yerbabuena, Comala, Colima. Volcanic eruptions in small quantities help reduce global warming.” Photo by Hernando Alonso Rivera Cervantes, Villa de Alvarez, Mexico.

Polar Bear. “The polar bear wandering on pack ice looks at the ice melting. Photo was taken in Nunavut, Canada, during summer 2017.” Photo by Florian Ledoux, Brasles, France.

Watching You Watching Me.“Red Fox in Bonavista, Newfoundland in July 2017.” Photo by Megan Lorenz, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

Welcome To My Humble Abode.“A tiny fungi gnat sheltering inside the canopy of a toadstool, South Scotland 2017.” Photo by Duncan McNaught, Castle Douglas, United Kingdom.

My Home My City. “Lion Rock is a symbol of Hong Kong, including me, many Hong Kong people are also growing under the mountain, it also represents the spirit of Hong Kong people. Photo time: 2018-1-14. Photo at: Tai Mo Shan.” Photo by Kwok Kui Andus Tse, Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong, China.

Serenity. “Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall in Iceland, January 2018. The places that are hardest to get to are often the best and most peaceful.” Photo by Jeremy Stevens, Fallsington, Pennsylvania, USA.

Namibian Curves.“We were on our Chronicles of Namibia workshop, wrapping up a wonderful evening of shooting in the Sossusvlei area. On the drive back to camp, this most simple composition caught my eye. I couldn’t resist and stopped the group to get this shot. Sossusvlei, Namibia. 17/11/17.” Photo by Paul Zizka, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

The End Is Near.“This ice could be thousands of years old, and only recently broke off the Vatnajokull Glacier at Jokulsarlon Bay in Iceland, and will soon melt into the sea. Taken July 2017 in Iceland.” Photo by Andre Mercier, Los Angeles, California, USA.

More here. Just amazing!!

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That was fucking stressful…

Croatia entered Sunday’s World Cup elimination-round match against Denmark with confidence and the odds on its side. Sure enough, Denmark put up a fight, but Croatia emerged victorious in penalty kicks in one of the BEST matches of the 2018 World Cup.

So far the football world cup is really surprising when you look at the scores of the different games. During the qualification round, most of the so called “major teams” struggled against those teams considered “weak”. There was really no walk through, as many would have expected. And even the final round surprised. 

Bravo Croatia!!

I’m sad for Denmark, but happy for Croatia. THIS was kinda like Spain-Russia, but much, much better. Less boring. And the penalty shootout? Wow. Both goalies we’re amazing

An underrated hero…

Denmark deserved better, but that’s how life is.

Thank you athletes, thank you heroes, thank you football!!!

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Dirty Art

It’s not really unusual to spot a dirty car while strolling around the city. Some of us even use it as a canvas to draw some silly pictures and “teach” their lazy owners a lesson.

And while this is something you wouldn’t normally want to find all over your vehicle in the morning, this Russian artist Nikita Golubev might actually change your opinion.

This Moscow-based illustrator takes the casual scribbles on dirty cars to a completely new level.The dirt is just another material for this artist to realise his ideas, and turning unwashed cars into amazing pieces of art has already become his thing.

Simply stunning!!

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Insects From A Far Away Galaxy

The human urge to classify and collect enables us to understand and explore the universe, but that impulse also make some pretty fanatical about the things we love from the modern world.

Artist Richard Wilkinson is working on a collection of illustrations that celebrate that trait in both Natural History and modern culture.

The first book, Arthropoda Iconicus Volume I: Insects From A Far Away Galaxy, takes its inspiration from perhaps the most widely recognised subject of obsessive fandom: Star Wars.

Some are instantly recognisable. Others take some time.

 Not only a great idea, but executed to perfection!

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Master Of Bas-Relief

Bas-Relief is a technique as old as humankind’s very first artistic endeavours, a way of sculpting figures that are slightly raised from a flat surface.

Bas-Relief sculptures could be found on the walls of all kinds of buildings and temples from ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, and now it’s making a comeback.

Russian artist Goga Tandashvili is a master of the art, bringing scenes inspired by the natural world. Think long-tailed birds, flowers and luxurious fronds of fern.

Goga is also a painter, and this comes across in his sculptures. He draws on the wall, and then adds material on top of the lines to create the 3D effect, bringing interiors to life with vivid textures and contours.

OMG I always wanted a Fresco on my wall, but now I want some Bas-relief.

I’m completely blown away by the detail. Just STUNNING! 

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