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The Expendables 3

I can’t believe I never watched the third movie, but I finally did and it was EPIC!

Regardless of the critics, I find the inclusion of the younger crew (Kellan Lutz, Ronda Rousey, Victor Ortiz, Glen Powell) great.

This film had it all with Ford, Banderas, & Snipes joining the old crew, all that was missing was Willis and the legendary Chuck Norris returning for this outing. And Gibson’s maverick arms dealer/ex-mercenary partner, Stonebanks was a villain worthy of closing out the trilogy.

You know, most of the old guys LEGENDS were heroes of my childhood, and it was amazing to see them kick ass one last time.

Now, I ADORE Statham but I wish they had put some more of Master Jet Li as well. 

All these action superstars got my inner fan girl screaming YAAAS!!!

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Women have had hundreds upon hundreds of reasons to protest since the dawn of time, whether it was for voting rights, reproductive rights, or most recently, against sexual predators holding powerful positions.

To celebrate the strength and bravery of all the women and girls who have taken to the streets, stood up for their beliefs, and stared down anyone who tried to get in their way, below some of the best photos of female protesters from around the world.

Maria-Teresa “Tess” Asplund Stands Up To Uniformed Demonstrators In A Nazi Demonstration In Borlänge, Sweden, 1 May 2015

Women Protested Against The Dismantling Of Policies To Confront And Care For Women Victims Of Violence In The City Of São Paulo, 10 August 2017

A Woman Sits In Front Of Riot Police Blocking The Road To Protect Protesters During The Anti-Government Protest In Seoul, South Korea, 24 April 2015

A Demonstrator Faces Down A Riot Policeman During A Pro Democracy Protest In Santiago, Chile, 11 September 2016

Kathrine Switzer Was The First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon. When Organizer Jock Semple Realised A Woman Was Running He Tried To Tackle Her, 1967

Two Women Kissing During An Anti Gay Marriage Demonstration In France, 2012

A Protester Holding A Sign For Women’s Rights, 2017

Danuta Danielsson Hitting A Neo-Nazi With Her Handbag In Växjö, Sweden, 13 April 1985

Polish Women Take Part In A Breastfeeding Is Not Obscene Protest In Warsaw’s Subway. In Reaction To A Ban Imposed By City Officials On An Art Project, Portraying Breastfeeding Mothers, 15 June 2011

A Woman Dances In Front Of Riot Police During A Demonstration In The Kadikoy Neighborhood Of Istanbul Against The Eviction Of A Squatted Building, 9 December 2014

Zakia Belkhiri Takes A Selfie At An Anti-Muslim Demonstration In Antwerp, Belgium 2016

Young Girl With Roller Skates Shows A Soldier In Derry She Isn’t Scared, Northern Ireland, 1969

Zulaikha Patel, 13, Along With Other Schoolgirls, Protests Racist Hair Policies At Pretoria Girls High School, South Africa, 2016

Indian Policemen Restrain A Tibetan Woman During A Demonstration At The Chinese Embassy. On The Occasion Of The Tibetan Women’s Uprising Day, New Delhi, 12 March 2008

Jasmina Golubovska Kisses The Shield Of A Police Officer In Front Of The Macedonian Government Building In Skopje, 5 May 2015

A Woman Gestures To Riot Policemen During A Protest Organized By The Rally For Culture And Democracy (Rcd), Algiers, 02 July

With Blood Covering Her Hand And Arm, A Woman Points At A Police Officer In Charlotte, Nc, 21 September 2016

A Woman Stands In Front Of Police Officers As They Block Access To A Street During A Protest Against Proposed Labour Reforms In Paris, 14 June 2016

A Femen Activist, Sarah Constantin, Is Hanged From A Noose-Like Rope From A Paris Bridge To Call Attention To The Large Number Of Executions In Iran. Paris, 28 January 2016

Masked Women Protesting Against Gender Violence During A Demonstration In Madrid For The International Day Against Gender Violence, 25 November 2015

Young Pacifist Jane Rose Kasmir Planting A Flower On The Bayonets Of Guards At The Pentagon During A Protest Against The Vietnam War, 21 October 1967

An Israeli Woman Stands Up Against Police Brutality At A Protest In Tel-Aviv

Truly bring tears to my eyes to see all theses brave woman fight for their right (those they are supposed to have since day one) or for the oppressed people. 

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From Russia With Surrealism

Andrey Tyurin is an 18 year-old Russian artist who has an unparalleled talent combining two of his passions: photography and photoshop, to create fantastic and surreal art. 

Andrey is known for his “darkflawless” profile on Instagram, and seem to have a promising way to success ahead.

I love the unconventional, I love his sombre creativity and the darkness behind his pretty face. His work deserves more attention, and I deserve another Russian man! 

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10 Reasons Why Halloween Is The Best Day Ever

Some humans love Christmas, some others whatever else, but nothing compares to Halloween. Below 10 reasons why halloween is the best day on the calendar, EVER!

1 No big meals to prepare:


You don’t have to spend half of the day cooking for your guests. Instead you fill the tables with candy and call it a day. Not only you save money, but you prevent people from getting fat… or kill them if they’re diabetic.

2 Costume parties:


Need I say more?

3 Gay costume parties:

If there’s something better than costumes parties, that’s gay costume parties! Seriously gay people are not only sex-obsessed, but they’re also very creative and have fun like no other.

Feeling like a kid again:


Truly, every adult wearing a costume is a kid at heart and it’s adorable.

Slut Freedom:


No need to elavorate here.

Trick or Treating:

Halloween may not be a time to give away  presents, but the ritual of giving away candy can feel just as rewarding.

7 Decorations:



8 It’s ok to obsess over your fave characters and dress like them:


No rules here, anything is good.

9 You can re-watch Halloween movies all day long:


Thrillers, dark comedies, anything involving Halloween is fun guarantee.

10 Autumn:


Because autumn in my opinion is the most beautiful season and only enhances the whole atmosphere. The bright red and yellow morning, the rainy afternoon, and the cold blue nights are a nostalgic mix that makes you smile while wanting to cry. 

The perfect mood to kill with this sombre, yet colourful event.

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MERA, Queen of Atlantis!

Another TV spot for Justice League just came online, and though it’s only 30 seconds long, there’s a ton of brand-new stuff to be seen. Of course, the brief running time means that most of it is of the “blink and you’ll miss it” variety.

So open those eyes wide and feast on this.

There’s a lot of Steppenwolf in there. Plus: some new Flash jokes, some Aquaman action, and Oh my… Mera, kicking ass!!

Mera (portrayed by Amber Heard) will be making her first live-action appearance in the film and she looks as hot as in the comics. Mera’s Justice League costume is incredibly accurate to her comic book roots, not to mention Heard looks radiant in it.

For those who are not familiar with the character, unlike her husband (Aquaman,) Mera has the ability to manipulate water and  create solid constructs out of water in the comics.

Because of this ability, she has the potential to be the center of some pretty spectacular action sequences and displays of power. Hopefully, her scenes will become something truly special onscreen.

Mostly known among casual fans as merely the wife and sidekick of Aquaman, Mera is, in reality, a total tank when it comes to combat.

Mera is one of the toughest characters in the DC Universe. In others word, she can handed evil bitches ass without a problem.

Even though her role will most likely be a glorified cameo in Justice League, it’s still pretty exciting to finally see the Queen of Atlantis in all her glory in the silver screen.

Justice League looks massive. I cannot wait!!

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Halloween (a.k.a the BEST time of the year) is nigh, and people are already turning their humble abodes into little houses of horror.

If you’re looking for the perfect centrepiece to your spooky set-up, look no further than these candles that look like severed hands. They really tie the room together…

A company fittingly-named Creepy Candles is the author of these macabre pieces of art, which look terrifyingly realistic.

As the candle’s ‘fingertips’ burn down, crimson red wax oozes from the ‘wound,’ and eventually melts away to reveal a metal skeleton.

If simply shocking your friends and family just won’t cut it, this display will surely leave them with a lingering sense of dread that will last for weeks to come.

Check it out here and head over to Etsy if you need hand-candles in your life.

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Argentina Vs Peru: History Could Repeat Again

In South America football  (soccer) is our religion, and tomorrow two countries I’m related to (and love) will have a religion experience.

The one who wins will be adored, the defeated will burn in hell.

Argentina vs Peru is a matter of life and death as one of them will be out of the World Cup (Russia 2018).

Thursday evening’s showdown at La Bombonera (a stadium in Buenos Aires) will make history.

Now, objectively speaking Argentina doesn’t deserve to go to Russia 2018 ’cause they have been playing HORRIBLE during the classifications.

The issue with Argentina is that they have too many individual stars in the team (Messi, Icardi, Di Maria, etc) but they’re NOT a team.

Peru on the other hand has been giving its 100%. Having the 4th position (’til today) on the table, it’s proof of that dedication.

In 1969 in La Bombonera, Peru eliminated Argentina and left them out of Mexico 1970. And tomorrow history could repeat again.

Whoever wins will make half of my heart sing while the other half bleeds.

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