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I watched Justice League today and it was FANTASTIC!!

Please if you’re a comic book fan don’t let a handful of presumptuous and full of shit critics who are completely owned by Disney (Marvel’s boss) stop you from seeing this film.

Its not perfect, it moves too quickly, the villain, while well voiced, doesn’t get enough backstory, and the CGI is bad at moments BUT… It has a really solid superhero action, just enough character development to be satisfying, and really solid performances. 

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if some lines or actions seem unreal, it is a superhero movie, for gods sake!

I loved to see all those heroes (and gods of the first scenes) together.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman once again was PERFECT! Batman, Aquaman, Flash and particularly Cyborg was exceptionally well done. 

Justice League was exactly what my eyes needed to clean up the garbage that was Marvel’s Thor. This is a real superheroes movie, not another comedy!

FUCK the critics, this was great! (Yet WW still the best superhero film this year) 

Justice League drops on November 17, and they premiered a new trailer for it. It’s basically a big cartoon, but Ezra Miller seems like he’ll be fun as Flash, my respect for Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is increasing, and I think we’re all in agreement about Jason Momoa as Aqua-Piece Of Ass. You can watch below.

It was very heavy on Steppenwolf, the villain of the film, and ended on a very intriguing tease… CAN’T WAIT!

Warner Bros. has spent the past couple of days warming up the crowd for the big trailer with a series of posters and teasers, and hell if it hasn’t been effective. In true Snyder style, the trailer looks big, bold, and beautiful.

Still not buying this version of Aquaman tbh, but well… Let’s keep the faith.

gri0ddxserr6b2sor1fglxlpslxCatching up with movies I missed on 2016, I watch this one…

I know this was not Harry Potter, the story in fact needed more essence, but it was entertaining, especially by the end. 

The beginning is a bit slow and kind of boring, but it gets interesting at some point. I guess the main character is difficult to connect with because of his “secretive/reserved” personality, so he doesn’t draw you in as a viewer.

Also, the Harry Potter universe does not belong in the United States… It didn’t feel right.

On the other hand the cast was pretty fine. 

Colin Farrell playing the bad guy cannot go wrong, same as Ezra Miller playing the freak, or Eddie Redmayne in his usual misfit.

To me the great surprise was Alison Sudol (a.k.a Fine Frenzy,) a talented American actress and singer… She was brilliant! So natural, believable and charismatic. 

Now, can someone explain to me what Johnny Depp was doing in this movie? Way to take the magic away!

In short, it was entertaining and visually stunning.