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I’m not someone of vengeful nature, or into holding grudges, but I’ve ignored Randy twice this week. He messaged me few days ago all horny, and he did it again today, but I never replied because I’m done with his lack of consideration and by that I mean being absent when I need him too.

This is not even about how good of a lover he is, this is more about how he doesn’t realise how lucky he is that I consider him someone special, because let’s face it… Good sex (and hotter guys) I can have any time, any day, anywhere.

Which as a matter of fact, I do! 

I have appreciation for him for all the time together (over a year) and I make him my priority all the time, but I wonder if I do right, specially when he fails my trust. 

I guess I had enough. As I said, I ignored him again today. 

And while doing so I was taking applications for more new fuckfriends.

I’m not lucky men want me in their life. They are lucky I allow them in mine.

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Incognito mode gone

My old neighbourhood

So, few days ago I reconnected with Eden (Eden is a gorgeous FTM (transgender) guy,) and he convinced me to open a new Instagram account.

The reason I closed it was because I had pictures of my exes on it, and some nosy guys after my ass found my account and were scrutinising about them, which obviously I didn’t like ’cause I’m protective of the people I love.

You know… mess up with me and say whatever you want, but my coolness ends when you touch what’s important to me, and that include all of my exes.

Anyhow Eden was like… “Open a new one, you’re too hot to keep hiding” LOL I like Eden, we kinda have the same sense of humour. Maybe deep inside I’m a hot tranny babe… Maybe that’s what my straight sexmates see in me… I have the best of both worlds!

So, I opened a new account thinking I’ll be super incognito and stuff… How WRONG of me!!!

I started getting “likes” from some ex fuckfriends, guys I flirted with, and most surprising (yet cute) from my husband (my las ex) whom at this point is the ONLY person who knows all about me (which maybe is not good ’cause he knows I still want dat D).

But as much as I love him (and to keep it cool) I’m not following him back (or anyone as a matter of fact) because I don’t wanna see pictures of him with la otra, or other guys.

I can’t help my televonela side. The Latina in me LIVES!!! 

Anyway, I like photography and I’m happy to have an Instagram again.

But to remain incognito is not possible these days.

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Crazy Summer

It’s been a very busy week, days, of Summer… in my bed.

I went to bed at 11 AM yesterday after another crazy lustful time with Nathan (my hot neighbour).

He came around 3 AM and left around 5ish… Since I couldn’t sleep right away and didn’t want to waste my morning, I decided to visit my parents and bring them breakfast. So placed an order at some near restaurant and took it out.

After that I went to do some errands and once home I passed out. I woke up around 6 PM at the sound of the messages on my phone.

Jay2 wanted to see me and since he wanted to go to a pub and not straight into my ass, I was like… Why not? I was hungry and thirsty after all.

I knew Jay2 was Asian but there I found he was Korean (I’ve been with Asians from different countries but it was the first time I met a Korean) he was very handsome and friendly, and he also drank a bit too much.

By the time we finished we were both too tired and him too drunk to do anything else so just went back home…. Where someone else was waiting for me.

I was not even in the mood to fuck but BD was already in his way, and since he lives far and I don’t see him as often as the rest I accepted. Either way, I knew he’ll get me in the mood.

Now, BD is also a straight guy (like 95% of my fuckriends) and although he’s been doing me for almost a year, he’s usually a bit shy pre-fucking me. Despite being a bigger stronger man he gets intimidated by my personality (because I’m direct and I’m not soft when I speak) only once I play the fuck doll he takes control.

Lately, however, he’s been more sweet and comfortable than usual.

He left past 1 AM, and I went to bed around 2 AM. I woke up at 6 AM to work…

You know, not to brag but the fact I always have energies to fuck is not as impressive as the fact my old face looks pretty flawless for someone who barely sleep.

That said, I can’t wait for autumn to arrive and have a more relaxed life.

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Sexy Back

Sorry for the lack of updates but after several days of sexual abstinence… I kissed celibacy goodbye. I couldn’t hold my purity anymore, summer is my worst enemy and was raining men all over me. Since BD, Ricardo Randy, Mykola and whoever else I’m forgetting were busy over the weekend, I just accepted other’s guys sexual favours.

Men want to fuck me and since I can’t relay on any, I say yes to the hottest.

This is not the way to live life, but when you’re old as dust like me life is just a vicious circle. Not to mention in my head there’s a little mouse wearing a little apron and she makes all my emotions… read: bitch has none!

I got together with a”neighbour” (Nathan) yesterday… Nathan was sooooo HOT (24yo, tall, dark hair, blue eyes,) kissed me soooo good, and was in paradise eating me out. He fell in love with my ass and I feel in love with his face… In fact my ass still a bit in pain of all the slapping, but ugh! So worth it. He looks like a model and kisses like a god!

Also, BD wanted to come at 2 AM today but I said no ’cause WTF! He works night shifts and although I wanted too. I needed to sleep.

Tonight I had a “casting sheet” with a French guy from Marseille (Yohan) and it went pretty well. He had all I like in a man: A toned body, hairy legs, a big cock.

And I had what turns him on: A soft skin, good lips, a solid ass. 

“T’es très sexy” he kept telling me the whole time. We talked about being fuckfriends (because I clearly don’t have enough) and we most likely fuck again next week.

Unlike local French Canadians, I do have a great chemistry with European guys. After all one of first boyfriends, back in the days when dinosaurs still on Earth, was French.

Tomorrow I’m not sure yet… I have another hot “neighbour” in waiting (Hamad). Also a couple of couples wanting to do me (funny thing one of the guys in both couples is a Colombian. In other words: Colombians are sluts!) Three guys are on the list and also BD.

Most likely I’ll see BD ’cause he’s a regular… Although, I also have a hot Asian guy (Jay2) in that long list. He looks like a dream and I’m pretty into him.

Anyhow, I may not have one man to love but I have many to get sexy with. No complaints.

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Maps Of Canada Showing What Words You’d Hear In Quebec VS Every Other Province

Canada is a very diverse Nation, which is said so often it’s pretty much cliche at this point. 

But it’s true. You can tell by the way we speak. 

With a wide array of immigrant populations, our English and French background, a diverse landscape between the country’s two coasts, and the ever-present cultural impact of being neighbours with the United States, Canada has a ton of linguistic influences. 

And Canada’s gigantic size allows for quite a few linguistic variations. Certain parts of Canada speak differently than other parts, and we’re not just talking about how Quebec predominately is a French-speaking province. 

Where you live in Canada informs what words you use, even if you’re not aware of it.

Is it “pop” or “soda”? Really, it all depends on where you live. 

After surveying more than 9500  Canadians on what words they use, map-and-data obsessed website The 10 And 30 charted out the linguistic regionalisms of the country.

The dataset was then shared on imgur for all to see. 

Some differences are pretty minute (is it “bristol” or “poster” board?) while others are way more surprising (what the hell is a “bunnyhug”?). Altogether, the maps demonstrate just how diverse Canada truly is. 

Check out the maps below and see for yourself. You’re no doubt going to be surprised. 

“Pop” Vs. “Soda”

Living in Quebec, I call it soft drink.

“Convenience Store” Vs. “Corner Store” Vs. “Depanneur”

I never knew the name in English (I’ve always call it depanneur) until I met Jaden 7 years ago (my ex from Toronto) and he taught me the name in English was convenience store.

“Toque” Vs. “Hat”

Since I live in French Montreal, I’ve always call it a tuque. 

“Garburator” Vs. “Garbage Disposal”

Garburator??? WTF!!

“Pencil Crayons” Vs. “Coloured Pencils” Vs. “Leads”

“Dinner” Vs. “Supper”

There you go some examples of our diversity.

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New Book

Shopping at a second hand bookstore, I bought this book On Hitler’s Mountain: Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood.

A poignant and very informative memoir, from a child’s perspective, of ordinary family life in Nazi Germany.

More than anything, this memoir is a documented experience for historical and educational purposes.

So many people have asked: “how, in the 20th century, in a seemingly civilised and sophisticated European country, could the Holocaust have happened? How could a monster like Hitler have risen to power and so effectively persuaded an entire nation to adopt his maniacal racist and supremacist views?”

Do you see a relation with the current reality of the man in charge of the United States?

Maybe this book will give me answers…

And maybe society should quit for a moment Snapchating and Instagraming their lives to focus on relevant shit before history repeats again.

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