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Planet Or Plastic?

National Geographic magazine has just launched an informative and shockingly revealing campaign called Planet or Plastic? and it is something that we all need to see and learn from.

Many of us are aware that there is far too much plastic in our environment, and feel a bit guilty knowing that we are contributing to a problem that is too vast for us to truly comprehend. But what if we were faced with the horrifying consequences of our plastic addiction?

That is one of the aims of the magazine’s campaign as they seek to change the ways consumers use plastic.

The magazine itself is leading by example, beginning to send out their editions in paper instead of plastic. Because every change, no matter how futile it may seem, helps at some level.

The campaign has identified plastic bags, bottles and straws as problematic products, and urges consumers to take a pledge to dramatically reduce their use of them by making simple conscious choices.

Will you take the pledge?

These powerful and heartbreaking images vividly illustrate the damage that 9 million tonnes of plastic waste each year does to our environment and wildlife, and are the beginning of what will be a multi-year initiative to significantly reduce it.

Scientists and researchers from the magazine hope to fill knowledge gaps about the long-term impacts of plastic, as it dissolves into microscopic particles that eventually enter our food chain. They also aim to gain a better understanding of its journey from the source here on land, all the way down to the deepest depths of remote ocean floors.

“The photographer freed this stork from a plastic bag at a landfill in Spain. One bag can kill more than once: Carcasses decay, but plastic lasts and can choke or trap again” Image credits: John Cancalosi/ National Geographic

“Under a bridge on a branch of the Buriganga River in Bangladesh, a family removes labels from plastic bottles, sorting green from clear ones to sell to a scrap dealer. Waste pickers here average around $100 a month” Image credits: Randy Olson / National Geographic

“Around the world, nearly a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute” Image credits: David Higgins/ National Geographic

“Some animals now live in a world of plastics—like these hyenas scavenging at a landfill in Harar, Ethiopia. They listen for garbage trucks and find much of their food in trash” Image credits: Brian Lehmann/ National Geographic

“An old plastic fishing net snares a loggerhead turtle in the Mediterranean off Spain. The turtle could stretch its neck above water to breathe but would have died had the photographer not freed it. “Ghost fishing” by derelict gear is a big threat to sea turtles” Image credits: Jordi Chias/ National Geographic

“To ride currents, seahorses clutch drifting seagrass or other natural debris. In the polluted waters off the Indonesian island of Sumbawa, this seahorse latched onto a plastic cotton swab—“a photo I wish didn’t exist,” says photographer Justin Hofman” Image credits: Justin Hofman/ National Geographic

“By 2050, virtually every seabird species on the planet will be eating plastic” Image credits: Praveen Balasubramanian/National Geographic

Although this is a monumental tragedy, the blame shouldn’t be put only on the consumers but the producers of so many packaging, that many times is simply unnecessary. 

Check out National Geographic’s campaign here, to further educate yourself about this hugely important issue.

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It must be the Spring effect because lately I’ve been getting more compliments than usual… Or maybe the fact I’m not hidden under sunglasses day and night is helping to feed my narcissism. Regardless. Thank you.

The thing is I’m not stranger to compliments despite the fact self-deprecation is my jam.

But these days it’s been a lot more frequent to hear a nice words from random strangers. 

The other day at some store the pretty girl on the cash, I was about to pay my stuff, just stared at me for few seconds before apologising for staring at me saying I have a nice shape of eyes while I pretended nothing happened. At the clinic last week, some lady on the elevator complimented my outfit before getting off, and the doctor complimented my vampire face. 

Today at the gym, renewing my membership, the jock at the reception was like “You look younger than me.” And today also at another store, another girl told me “Nice style.”

So, I was like… 

Yes it’s nice to hear nice stuff, but it’s also uncomfortable in a way, specially for someone like I who’s pretty shy in real life. 

I know here on the blogosphere I post assorted slut-snaps and inhibitions don’t exist, but it’s only here because I don’t have that real face-to-face contact that make me anxious.

That said, my quasi-boyfriend, Jhaime, is the opposite of me and he also showers me in compliments but totally hates when I undervalue myself…


Truly, I’m all for when you got it flaunt It!

But… l’d like to be rich instead of whatever else.

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Cute, Regardless

Jhaime texted me the whole day, snaps and pics on the menu, time is going too slow to get together.

Jhaime is a mix of many things. He was born in Israel. His dad is Israeli/Australian and his mom Lebanese/Mexican. And as all the rest of guys after my old useless bones, he’s very young… Which I don’t mind, ’cause young guys are always horny and I’m into that.

He’s handsome, a top, and tall. In other words, my type.

He’s sweet and charming, but tomorrow we’ll see…

Lust or romance, he’s already giving me a cute time.

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Google Celebrates Maria Reiche

Fly high over the Peruvian desert and you will see giant drawings on the ground. Some of them are straight lines, some are spirals and rectangles and trapezoids, and some are animals: whales, ducks, hummingbirds.

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 115th birthday of Maria Reiche, a German mathematician who became known as the “Lady of the Lines,” the scientist known for studying the Nazca Lines.

In 1941, she worked with historian Paul Kosok and was first introduced to the ancient figures that stretch across the pampa. She dedicated herself to the mysterious white shapes. She measured close to 100 lines and investigated their astronomical orientation.

In her discovery, she found that many lines functioned as markers for the summer solstice. Along with Peruvian Air Force, she mapped the area and discovered the figures represent 18 different kinds of animals and birds, in addition to hundreds of geometric shapes.

And she dedicated her life to protect them.

With a household broom, she shielded the figures from people and vehicles simultaneously raising funds for overall preservation.

For her broom work, she was called, the “woman who swept the desert” but soon gained worldwide recognition as “Lady of the Lines.” Her dedication made her a Peruvian hero.

We still don’t fully understand the Nazca lines or know for sure what they mean, but today they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Reiche became a Peruvian citizen in 1992, and died in 1998.

Today Google is honouring her, with its Doodle designed by Guille Comin and depicts “Lady of the Lines” in her element on what would have been her 115th birthday.

A well-deserved homage for this legendary archaeologist. 

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Quiz Du Jour

Self-destructive? BINGO! Click

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The Secret

It was my day off yesterday and I tried to be as productive as possible, among the stuff I did I got a new iPhone and I also went to the clinic to do my std screening… 

The last one was 3 months ago.

Sexual active people like myself has the obligation to do it often because I may be a slut, but I’m not a bitch. (A slut cares for your pleasure. A bitch doesn’t care about your life).

So, there I was waiting to be called and when that happened, I got up of the chair, walked to the doctor, stood next to her, and strangely… She called my name again looking for me.

I was like:

  • Me: I’m here…
  • Dr: Are you *insert my name*?
  • Me: yes
  • Dr: Are you *insert my age (300 year old)*?
  • Me: yes
  • Dr: “You look like 20’s”
  • Me: lol

This is not the first time a doctor, a trainer, or whoever else who check my ID is in disbelief. Last month at the dermatologist, the doctor asked me the exact same thing.

After the doctor (she was a new young doctor) did a check-up on me, she called another doctor (her superior) just to make sure all was good. Reading my medical file the other doctor looked at me and said: “What’s your secret? You don’t look over 28”. 

I laughed again, and said “Solitude, that’s the secret”.

And that has become my truth, because as Gabriel García Marquez rightly quoted:

The secret of a good old age is simply an honourable pact with solitude.

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Local Black Panther Villain Alike

I forgot my lunch at home yesterday and I was starving, the only thing near to my workplace is the fast food restaurant Subway, which is disgusting but I had no choice.

At the time I went that place was empty, we were only two customers… me, and tall muscular black guy.

I’m not usually into dark skin guys, ’cause I’m a tan skin Latino and I’m attracted to the opposite of me, but it was impossible not staring at him ’cause he kinda looked like Michael B Jordan. 

Since the lady on the counter was very horny friendly and talkative, she was having a conversation trying to score with him and I was there listening… For what I understood he was personal trainer.

Blah blah later I left and they both said “au revoir” to me .

After that I went the convenient store next door to get a bottle of water and some fruit, and walking to the cash I saw him again. He was also there getting something else, so when he saw me he said “hi” again. And then he properly introduced himself.

When I asked him if he was a personal trainer, he told me that he was the manager of some gym near the area… He gave me his card and told me to call him.

I’m not sure if is gay, but the way he looked into my eyes and talked to me made me feel that his approach was not only to show me his gym. I actually felt him extremely sweet and curious about me, the same way some guys made me feel when they ask me “Are you new in Montreal? Because I’ve never seen you around.” (by around they mean the gay scene, which I’m not into it, therefore, I’m always someone “new” to them)

Anyhow, Googleing his name I found out that he’s also a model. 

To be honest, as hot as he is in person… And as much as I need a private personal trainer… And as much as I’d love to feel dominated by an imposing man… I’m not the type of guy who calls or looks for a situation to happen. I’m waaay too shy and never feel good enough, even though horny men think otherwise.

I wish I was just hard on myself, and not so self-destructive. 

Regardless, gay or not, the local Black Phanter villain alike made a good impression on me.

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