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Currently Reading…

I bought this book few days ago, The Zookeeper’s Wife.

I thought it was a fiction when I saw the cover with the beautiful and talented Jessica Chastain on it, but reading the introduction I found it’s a true story of a Polish couple who hid Jews at their zoo in Poland during WWII. 

Since it has two subject I’m fascinated by (history and animals) I didn’t have much to debate. 

Obviously there’s also a movie of this book, which I’m planing to see as soon as I’m done with it. 

In short, I never heard any of these. All I know is that this book is about the heroism of Jan and Antonina Żabiński, a couple that put their lives in jeopardy to save others. And that is reason enough to honour their memories by reading their story.

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Quiz Du Jour

Light is easy to love… Show me your darkness!! Click

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French Connection

Something went wrong with Sébastien over the weekend, I’m not sure what got into him, but I had no time to think about it. While he disappeared someone else found me, Julien.

Julien is an 18 yo French studying in Montreal. He’s very tall (6’4) and has a massive 8″ F.A.T dick. The thickest penis I’ve ever take, which I never thought it would be possible. 

Since Alex went to Quebec for the weekend, Sébastien got weird, and I was not in the mood to see Randy, I was resigned to spend my Saturday night alone.

But the gods had other plans, and they sent Julien.

Julien insisted so much to see me that I didn’t have the heart to break his young heart (I’m full of love,) but little did I know he would be the one breaking me with all DAT!

Julien acted mesmerised and his “t’es magnifique” only put more pressure on me.

However, we connected so well that I allowed him to stay. He seemed so excited to spend the night with me and inside me that we barely slept. 

This morning before leaving he kissed me… “T’es beau” he said, like all the rest… 

And like the rest I knew our fate. 

So, with a smile I looked into his eyes and only said… Take care!

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Decapitated Male Mantis Still Fucks

Everybody knows that sometimes a lady praying mantis gets into some horrific 8mm shit by killing and eating their male fuck partner during sex.

The Daily Mail have posted a video of a dude praying mantis still giving his lady that praying mantis dick after she bit his head off.

And I’m sharing the video with you, because we’re friends and I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t show you a video of a lady praying mantis doing sex to a dead body.

Deep Look, a science series from PBS, says that lady praying mantises are much bigger and stronger than the dude ones, and they don’t partake in cannibalism.They do it, because being knocked up with so many eggs takes a lot out of them, and eating another praying mantis gives them strength.

The ladies are also able to produce twice the amount of eggs if they eat the dude. Also, praying mantises rarely make it through the winter, so the dudes don’t have much to lose. Some of them might figure that they’re going to go to Jesus soon anyway, so they may as well try to bust a nut even if it means getting eaten (and not in a sexy way).  

And as shown in the video below, the dude can sometimes keep boning even if he’s got no head. This brings new meaning to the phrase “fuck your brains out.

At around the 3:00 mark, a lady praying mantis bites off the dude praying mantis’ head and he keeps doing her. The Deep Look narrator says that because of the nerves in his stomach, he can still get the job done.

The next time your fuckbuddy can’t get it up, because he’s drunk or whatever, show him this video. A dude praying mantis can still do it decapitated, so there’s no excuse!!

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Too Early For Rough Sex

Sorry for the lack of updates I’ve been pretty busy doing plenty of things, one of them, dating!

For some reason my writing skills suck on daylight, but by midnight (the time I usually blog) I’m barely awake and too tired to make sense.That said, it’s past midnight, let’s try again…

Tuesday night Jeff asked me to go to his place, since he lives relatively close to mine I went, we met, we kissed, but nothing more. Despite being good looking and only 22, I was not attracted by his personality (horny chats not always match the horny) he acted like a grandpa, too sober and not fun… I was bored! I didn’t really stay too long. By the time I was about to leave, he was already horny touching my private parts.

Although I let him kiss me, it was a kiss goodbye. Someone who doesn’t turn me on the first time won’t turn me on at all. Simple as that.

Wednesday Randy wanted to fuck me, but I had a date with Sébastien.

And there was Sébastien…“Je regrette ne pas t’avoir rencontré avant” (I regret not having  met you before) was the first thing he said. 

Sébastien was very sweet, very attractive, very interesting, fun, and very into me. The whole night he showered me with compliments and talked in plural (including me in his future activities and plans,) while I just listened cynical to his enthusiasm. 

At some point he asked me when was the last time I went out? And when I answered he said “Je vais m’occuper de toi, tu ne seras plus seul” (I’m gonna take care of you, you won’t be alone anymore…) Giving me a hopeless flashback of last years’ summer when walking down the hill of the Mont Royal, Xavier grabbed my hand and also said to me “You’re not alone anymore.”

Later on we lost our clothes and there was plenty of tongue, but no intercourse.

Sébastien in bed was nice, but pretty vanilla. And even though we were very comfortable together, it was too early for me to ask him more aggressiveness and freak him out. But soon he’ll know I like it rough.

I like Sébastien a lot, and I like the fact that at his 25 he has already experienced an intense life (marriage and divorce included). I’m not saying he’s settle, but he’s not on a journey of self-discovering like most younger guys. He seems to know what works for him.

By the end of the night, he asked me to spend the weekend together and I accepted. I guess only then I’ll see how serious he want us to be.

But in the waiting, I’m fucking with Randy tonight.

Because if there’s one thing I learnt is that you cannot believe in men.

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Arrivederci Italia, Hallå Sweden!

For the first time since 1958 and only the second time ever, the great comedian of football (soccer,) Italy, is out of the World Cup.

A 0-0 draw with Sweden in the second leg of the European play-off round sealed their fate, after the Azzurri lost 1-0 in the first leg on Friday.

The Italian team is what’s also happening to the Argentine team, rubbish management and players who are long in the tooth.

Argentina qualified by luck that is spelled M.E.S.S.I. plus a rival team that was a joke. Otherwise they would be gone long ago as well.

Anyway, this could be a blessing in disguise for Italy. 

All credit to Sweden who man for man cannot compare with Italy, but they were a team. Which is what you need to play this game.
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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a day for all Canadians (and the Commonwealth) to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed for our country during the First World War.

And 100 years ago today, Canadian soldiers advanced through hell to claim victory at Passchendaele.

The Battle of Passchendaele is a vivid symbol of the mud, madness and the senseless slaughter of the First World War. In the late summer of 1917, the British launched a major offensive against German forces holding Passchendaele ridge, overlooking the city of Ypres, Belgium. The battlefield became a quagmire.

Canadian forces entered the fray in October, capturing the ridge and Passchendaele village at a cost of 15,600 casualties, a high price for a piece of ground that would be vacated for the enemy the following year. One of the hardest-fought battles in our history.

Today Canada remembers the Fallen and honours all who serve.

On a personal note, when I came to Canada escaping terrorism long ago, I found peace. Today I salute all of those who have sacrificed so much for that peace.

To the men and women in uniform, to their mothers and their fathers, to all of their families I say thank you!

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