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manta ray

A well-known, approximately 30-year-old massive Manta Ray in Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef known as Freckles surprised divers when she approached them and paused, appearing to ask for help.

Divers Jake Wilton and Monty Halls noticed that the ray had fishhooks embedded under one of its eyes. The patient ray seemed to understand that the divers could help remove them. After several tries, they did.

Said Wilton to BBC News: “I went down for a dive [to check up on her] and she stopped and hung around for about 30 seconds above me – it was pretty wild. They have self-awareness and can recognize individual manta rays, so she could have recognized me.”

It’s no secret that humans are a vicious virus that is killing our planet.

However, this video is not only proof that sea creatures feel pain/discomfort from hooks that penetrate their bodies. It shows as well that there is still some humans that care for other living creatures, and therefore our planet.


Sorry for the lack of updates, during my weekend I slept and sexed, and today I worked.

On Friday Kai finally came to do me good  while using my new lube. I gotta say I’ve been with over hundred guys in my life, but with humongous dicks like Kai’s only few. 

On Saturday I saw Derek. He wanted to hang out and we did. We went for icecream, had a drink and cuddles (blame the alcohol).

Although Derek is physically appealing, he has a very negative energy…

He’s materialistic, entitle, nothing is good enough, he’s indecisive, basic, and it’s exhausting to deal with. The first few hours I was listening to him but after a while I was like ENOUGH already!

We clearly have nothing in common other than a high sex drive. 

When he was younger I tolerated all his bullshit because I was fucking him, but he’s a lot older now and all that negative energy is beyond unattractive. 

Anyway, I tried to make him see that but it was like talking to a wall! In other words, I’m not interested to hang out again.

And speaking of hanging out, Kai wants to take my virginity again tonight…

Although the Sex God spoil me good, I spoiled myself today and got two pocket size essays.

La Grâce de Solitude (The Grace of Loneliness)

This is a book of reflections on what is loneliness in the form of interviews with different personalities. The solitude seen by a writer, a religious, a philosopher, a scientist, through their own experiences, personal and professional.

At a time when the means of communication have never been so numerous and effective, loneliness is a scandal. Whether experienced in the mode of abandonment or exclusion, it imposes a face-to-face with oneself that often generates more panic than well-being. We are fiercely defending our autonomy, but we are in fact dependent on each other to the point of no longer being able to be truly lonely. 

Détruire la Palestine (Destroying Palestine)

Contrary to what many Western media have indicated, the interpretation of the conflict with Palestine is far from unanimous in Israeli society.

This is an essay from Professor Tanya Reinhart of Tel-Aviv University. The title is self explanatory, no need to say more.

Anyway, I need to get ready before Kai arrives. 

I’ll be right back.

Sony Walkman 40 Anniversary Exhibition by Ginza Sony ParkKids of the ’80s and ’90s are sure to remember the Walkman.

The portable media player was first originally released on July 1, 1979 and revolutionised the way people listened to music, it allowed us to listen to tunes on the go.

It was created by SONY co-founder Masaru Ibuka, who felt the brand’s existing portable player was too heavy, bulky, and expensive. The first Walkman prototype was built by modifying an old Sony Pressman, a compact tape recorder designed for journalists. Since then, the Walkman became popular worldwide, and as the years went on, its design, specifications, and media formats evolved.

In celebration of Walkman’s 40th anniversary, SONY has opened a retrospective exhibition in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

Titled The Day the Music Walked, it’s part of #009 WALKMAN IN THE PARK, a program that focuses on real people who had Walkmans, and the stories of how the device became part of their everyday lives.

The exhibition will also feature a Walkman Wall, presenting around 230 versions of the iconic gadget throughout history from chunky cassette players, to portable CD players, to sleek MP3 players.

Which model did you have?

Sony Walkman 40 Anniversary Exhibition by Ginza Sony Park

I gotta say although Walkman was my generation my parents never bought me one. When I had my first job as a teen, one of the first thing I bought was a CD player, and I can see in the picture above.

Also when I was kid, I remember that I used to record my favourite songs on cassettes from a radio station and then, play them and rewind them to write the lyrics on a piece of paper (I’m an old vampire).

The internet didn’t exist, and nothing of the easy digital era we live today. 

The Day the Music Walked is now open to the public through September 1, 2019. Find out more on the Ginza Sony Parwebsite.

Such good memories!

I used to be a guy of relationships (still am?) but it’s been few years now that I have no one special in my life. In part because I was scare to invest my energies and feelings in someone that potentially will hurt me. And in part because I’ve embraced my loneliness.

After 15 years of non-stop relationships I didn’t know how to be alone, for a while I was an insomniac not been available to sleep without someone next to me. Although that period pushed me to evolve, it was not always nice.

Too much thoughts, too much questions, blame, sorrow and all that sad combo one has to deal with when your “better half” walks out of your life… At this point of my existence, after many moons and experiences I can say that my heart is free and that’s a good thing.

Oblivion comes when you close your eyes and nothing comes to your mind, when nothing hurts inside, and when the pronoun “he/she” does not make you think of anyone.

It comes when you’re able to show your feelings again, when you can go back out without a constant cloud over your head.

But most of all, it comes when you feel able to breathe again, when the memories become blurred with each day. It comes when the “I can” makes sense again.  When you finally convince yourself that after the fog there is a better world…

The one you’ve been denying for so long.

Here I am, miraculously blogging again this week.

I like this!

Since I started my current job five months ago my blogger life changed big time. I used to post every single day, at least four times a day, read a new book every single week, and all that with hot sex included a lot more often than nowadays.

I’m not complaining, I’m just stating the facts. 

My current job consumes me, and leave me mentally and physically exhausted, but I’m getting the recognition I never asked because to start with, I never applied for the job I have.

It was my last boss who pretty much recommended me in the company I’m working now. So, when I received a call for an interview I was like…

Related image

The first two months were tough, learning new stuff and dealing with jerks. I had some drama (and still have) with a colleague in my same position because I’m the “cool” boss and she works “by the rules.”

I’m very flexible with my employees as long as they’re productive and I see income, and I have to say they do! Plus, they all love me.

Well, except the only one who doesn’t.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the big boss (the boss of my boss,) and he only had compliments for me. In fact (and I’m sorry if I sound cocky) everyone does.

He told me that his boss (even a bigger boss) once went to the branch I work and interacted with me (I didn’t know who he was…) Needles to say he got a great service from me, and congratulated him for hiring me AND told him to keep me. Not only that but in the monthly evaluation we have, my team got 100% because of my performance (which was the first time they got a 100%). 

Yesterday he also told me that many people have sent him reviews of me (for professionalism and human approach) and they’re all good. As if it wasn’t enough with all the great feedback, yesterday he also introduced me to another big boss that also heard of me and wanted to congratulated me in person.

By the end of the meeting he told me that his goal for me is to eventually get a bigger position in the company. 

Image result for the devil wears prada tumblr miranda

Long story short, the image I project online and social media is always of an empty-good-for-nothing-cock-hungry-slut because, EXCUSE MY BEAUTY!

But the reality is that, inexorably, whenever someone meets in person all those twisted ideas fade and get to see the other (and most important) side of me.

In all, I’m satisfy of the good feedback .

As I always say, your interpretation of me isn’t who I am.

I haven’t fuck these days, the summer heat ruins my mood… Kai texted me, Nick texted me, Alexis texted me, Joe texted me, and I gave them all bullshit excuses.

I don’t recognise myself because I’m always thirsty for sex, but hot sunny days are truly not good for my horny vampire lifestyle.

However, another person that texted me was Derek…

Derek was my first fuckfriend, and we met 7 years ago when he was 18 yo. Back then I was the top (the “male”) and our relationship lasted until I met Joseph. Over the years we had sex sporadically whenever I was single, but last night was the first time we just hanged out in a friendly way… But probably because we were not alone.

See, he now has a car and asked me if I wanted to go around. I accepted, and we were making plans until some friend texted him too… So we ended up going to that friend’s place, and there he also had another friend… In the end they decided to go see the fireworks, but since the whole things was very unorganised and random (which I hate) I decided to go back home in order to avoid more sporadic millennial mess.

When I said bye to the bunch, Derek came closer, hugged me and kissed me in the lips, apologising somehow for the randomness.

No hard feelings. Derek can be cute, but he’s also a MAJOR troubled mess.

And I knew that.

Long story short, it was nice to see Derek again. Regardless.

And also… I clearly don’t know how socialise out of my bed. 


Remember when the world respected your president?

Let’s keep the faith for better times ahead.