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Narcissist in Chief

Only Bill can deliver such in your face truths like that.

And since we are on the political subject…

Embarrassing times.

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Cartoon Café

It’s never boring scrolling through a vibrant Instagram food scene, and it seems like every café these days is trying to satisfy the need of a hungry eye.

Of all the insta-worthy cafes, here’s one that will make you feel like you walked into a cartoon.

From the moment you cross the café’s doorstep, you are greeted by comic strips plastered all over the interior, from walls and floors to the furniture and dishes, so you can’t help but feel as if you magically found a secret entrance to the unreal comic world.

And it all makes sense, as Café got its inspiration from Korean TV hit “W – Two Worlds” by Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo, in which the characters enter a fantasy webtoon world.

Sadly, if you don’t live in South Korea, specifically in Seoul, you will have to put a bit more effort to experience the illusion of being in a book.


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I do not condone or endorse blatant thievery, but I do endorse foolery produced by raccoons, and quite fucking frankly, I condone blatant thievery by a criminal ball of fur who only gives a fuck about getting some deliciousness in the robber bag they call a stomach.

That leads me to this robber who proves that not all Canadians are polite and well-mannered creatures who are perfect houseguests.

This one’s a straight-up rude bitch and makes zero apologies for it. My idol!

Jenny Serwylo of Toronto tells the Toronto Star that on Tuesday night, she was getting ready to go to bed when she heard some noises coming from her kitchen. Jenny went to investigate and found a band of Goldilocks’ raccoon cousins stealing her food. Jenny grabbed a broom to shoo their thieving asses out, and two of them skedaddled off. But this one didn’t…

This hero chilled out behind Jenny’s toaster oven (above) and nibbled on some English muffins while throwing her, “Trick, try ME”, eyes.

Jenny was smart and decided not to try to tussle with a motherfucker who is just daring you to mess with ’em. She called 311, but the city told her to call a 24-hour wildlife removal company. None answered her call, so Jenny had two choices: 1. Try to tussle with the bread bandit again. Or 2. Pack up her things, hand her keys over to the bread bandit, and move out. Strangely enough, Jenny went with option 1.

Once the bread bandit ate up all of the bread in Jenny’s kitchen, the raccoon calmly exited out through the kitchen window like nothing.

I’d like to think that even Jenny stood back like, “What a badass bitch.”

That raccoon was pretty smart in my opinion. I am surprised he didn’t grab a sponge and clean that toaster oven a tad.

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The wait Is Over

I don’t have to wait any long to have sex.

I got a call from my doctor yesterday and she told me that everything was fine. I’m clean and good to fuck.

However… Since she prescribed me the PrEP treatment (a preventive treatment that reduces the risk of getting HIV in case of accidents or unprotected sex) she called me to NOT take it ’cause the health of my liver was not very hot and can cause serious damage.

She said it was nothing to be alarmed (could be normal at my age) but to take the PrEP, the liver and kidney must be at 100% ’cause the pills are very strong.  So, she told me that I need another test in one month to check if my liver improved or not.

She recommended to eat more veggies. And so I did!

I Googled healthy food for the liver and pretty much told me to eat more carrots, beets, apple, and easy stuff like that. So this morning I ingested all that at once.

I did it on my blender, but I need to buy juice extractor.

My goal is to have a daily dose of vegetable (I admit I don’t eat enough veggies,) and not only a dose of my lovers juice. It’s pretty funny tho… 

I never expected to have a liver diagnose by getting my asshole destroyed.

Go green is good, and maybe I should go for smaller dicks too.

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One-Armed Violinist

In 2004, Japanese nursing student Manami Ito lost her right arm in a traffic accident. While coming to terms with this life-changing event, she decided to put her dreams on hold.

However, when she went to pick up her new artificial arm at a facility, she noticed people with similar disabilities playing basketball. This inspiring sight motivated Ito to overcome her obstacles and set new goals for herself.

Now, at 33 years old, Ito boasts an eclectic background. Since the accident, she has become a nurse (the first in Japan to have a prosthetic), and a world-renowned Paralympian swimmer. Additionally, she has started touring the country for yet another talent: playing the violin.

Thanks to a customized prosthetic bow, Ito is able to gracefully play the stringed instrument with amazing precision. In a Facebook post, she describes this unique tool as “lightweight” and notes that she used it for the first time in October of 2016.

Now, nearly two years later, she is still employing the bow as a means to share her remarkable talent with the world.

One word: AMAZING!!

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Maybe I Should Sleep

Eric is coming tomorrow and Philipe after tomorrow. Sleep what?

Clearly, hardcore sex and exhaustion it’s how I wanna go.

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Sorry for the lack of proper updates, I wasn’t fucking as you might think. I worked during the weekend and I was too tired to do anything else. And Monday… Monday was the worst!

As usual I got up at 5:30 AM, went to work, came back home around 7 PM, went out again to check/clean a bit my parent’s house ’cause they’re in Europe at the moment, came back home around 11:30 PM, took my dog for a walk, and then, at home again…

Then I decided to take out the recycling.

I had few huge boxes I needed to take out, so I cut them, put them together, left my door unlocked and carried them outside the building (by the time it was already 1 AM). And then, once back at my building’s main entrance, I realised the worst possible scenario just happened to me…. I didn’t have my keys or my phone with me. 

Two word: FUCK ME!!

I kept it cool waiting for someone to come in our out, but after an hour of waiting I was getting discouraged. It seems like people in my building sleep very early and don’t go out at all after 1 AM. Meanwhile the other buildings had more activity. I saw people taking their dogs for a walk, others smoking weed outside, biking, or just walking.

I couldn’t believe no one in my building has a nocturnal life. Apparently, I’m the only one in that condo receiving fuckfriends while everybody sleep.

Anyhow, I felt asleep sitting on the floor waiting for someone to come… And that someone arrived around 4:30 AM… The sound of the door woke me up, I look at him and he asked if I needed help… “Oh my God. Thanks” I said before telling him about my misfortune.

Long story short I had a shitty Monday, I barely slept, and here I am again.

I tend to joke how I am immortal, but truly, I don’t know any human who sleeps 2, 3 or 4 hours a day and still alive and active the way I am. 

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