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Blogs Come And Go

This makes me a bit blue… Last year I posted about the deactivation of a blog I used to read. Well, some days ago I found out that another blog is gone.

The Ministry of Pleasure is no longer active. 

The Ministry of Pleasure was a blog (from London) like yours or mine, which main focus was LGBT topics and also the personal life of the writer behind the blog. Willy was the name of the blogger, and he interviewed me some years go.

Willy and I shared a similar (complicated) romantic life for awhile (probably all gays have similar stories,) but the opposite at the same time. See, while Willy was getting heartbroken in his relationship, I was the heartbreaker in mine.

In my opinion the end of his blog had to do with his fragile heart. Like a lot of blogs I read in the past, people had the tendency to blog more when taken. Once alone many lost the motivation and joy.

Anyway whenever a blog I was used to read dies, I feel a void in my heart. 

And speaking of blogs I read, this person (also from London) mentioned me on his. 

His exciting quasi-jet setter lifestyle is a lot different than mine, but in the sentimental area we are pretty alike. Again, like all of us who had struggle with love before.

So, he made a super long post last month (that I was not aware of because he blogs once a month now) and #14 was a message for me. I am “K”.

You know… while most messages I get every day are from someone in the city wanting to fuck me, it’s pretty touching to know that someone across the ocean had a sensitive thought for me. And that’s the magic of blogs.

They come and go, but few stay. Just like men.

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Non-stick Pans = Smaller Dick

A chemical commonly found in non-stick cookware has been found to have an effect on penis size, according to a new study.

The researchers, based in Padua, Italy, revealed that water contaminated with Perfluoroalkyl compounds (PFCs), which have already been found to harm hormone signalling in the reproductive system, is responsible for smaller penis development.

It also caused young men who consumed it to have sperm that was less mobile, and abnormal male reproductive tract development.

Wrote the researchers: “This study documents that PFCs have a substantial impact on human male health as they directly interfere with hormonal pathways potentially leading to male infertility. We found that increased levels of PFCs in plasma and seminal fluid positively correlate with circulating testosterone and with a reduction of semen quality, testicular volume, penile length, and AGD [anogenital distance].”

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get rid of your Teflon pans. And also to visit Pradua if ever you can’t take a big dick. You won’t have a gag problem over there.

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Day of Rage

Paris is on lockdown as 1,000 protesters are arrested and 135 are injured during riots in ‘Day of rage’ across France. Protesters smashed store windows, set fires around Paris, and clashed with police, who fired tear gas throughout the day in the French capital.

Although I do condemn the destruction, I also understand the frustration.

This goes beyond higher taxes, it’s also about immigration and all the negative consequences that implies being part of the European Union, where those on the bottom get robbed while the bosses and bankers get richer.

People had enough. Capitalism has failed.

It’s time for the European Union to end and national sovereignty to return to all nations.

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Winners of the 2018 Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest

Young photojournalists from around the world showed off their incredible skills by entering the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest. Russia’s only vehicle for unearthing up and coming photojournalists, the competition is open to photographers age 18 to 33 years old.

The contest is named after Russian photojournalist Andrei Stenin, who tragically lost his life in 2014 at age 33 while on assignment in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.

Following in his steps, young photojournalists from 77 countries submitted nearly 6,000 images in an effort to demonstrate the power of their craft.

Hailing from Iran, Belarus, Israel, Russia, and South Africa, among other countries, these photojournalists do vital work in helping the public understand what’s happening in the world.  Some of the winners below:

“How I Fell Ill” by Alyona Kochetkova (Russia). First place, Gran Prix, series. “Everyone knows the word ‘cancer,’ and people are afraid of it, although they hardly know anything about this disease. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I, too, knew nothing about it, and I did not have the slightest idea of the road that I would have to travel: from fear for my life to hopes for a recovery.”

“The desire for life” by Taisir Mahdi (Iraq). First place, Sport, single.

“Red Cow” by Maria Plotnikova (Russia). Second place, My Planet, single.

“Stand Off” by Justin Sullivan (South Africa). First place, Top news, single.

“Cranberry heart” by Sergei Gapon (Belarus). First place, My Planet, single.

“Gemini” by Shiva Khademi (Iran). First Place, Portrait.

“Rosebud” by Oded Wagenstein (Israel). First Place, Portrait. A Hero of Our Time, single. “A child from the Serotetto family, part of the nomadic Nenets tribe, standing on the family’s wooden sleigh, during their migration over the river of Ob. Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, Russia. March 2017.”


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The Boss of Luxembourg

A cat in Luxembourg has probably broken into a costume shop to find a dog disguise it can wear, now that the pussy no longer can show its face among its own kind.

The reason for that is that trick got served by a rat who happens to be the boss of the streets.

A security camera outside of a building in Luxembourg caught an embarrassing scene for catkind.

A cat spotted a rat across the street, and while we just see a rat, that cat saw a meal, an easy-to-catch meal. Or so the evil bitch thought.

The cat tied a napkin around its neck, sharpened its fork and knife, and licked its chops as it went after that furry meal. But the furry meal wasn’t about to become some ratatouille.

The cat learned to never fuck with a trick from the streets when the rat not only fought back, but chased the scaredy cat puss and wouldn’t let up.

In this piece of performance art, the role of YOU is being played by that cat and the role of LIFE is being played by that rat.

Just when you think you’re about to take life on and succeed, life slaps you down and leaves you running scared. 

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Speaking Of Past Hobbies…

Patrick (an old ex-fuckfriend) messaged me today out the blue. 

He was horny and trying his luck. Since I made public I no longer top, him and other guys I used to have sexy times with are not very accepting of my decision.

In a way it’s nice to know that they had a good memory of me as top, but in a way it’s a bit frustrating too… In Patrick’s case, he’s no longer my type.

See, I met him when he was 22. He’s about 30 now but he has changed A LOT physically, and he looks older than I… And I am like 376 year old.

As far as I know he never had a long-term relationship, I know he had a boyfriend once but that ended very bad ’cause both were a disaster. Patrick has (had?) a very difficult personality and a very bad attitude whenever things didn’t go his way. With me he was overall cool. But I have a strong personality while being a charming snake.

He sent me messages during my relationship with Jaden, Joseph, David, PatrickA and Xavier… That makes plenty of years combined. Kinda sucks he hasn’t found someone ongoing while younger. Age doesn’t make it easier, and that’s a fact… Just look at me.

In my case, however, I already had great love and amazing boyfriends.

That’s something I don’t need to discover. At my age I want to fuck boys but I don’t need them to stay over, anymore, you know?

Anyway, it was cute to get a message from Patrick. He totally has a better memory than I.

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10 Years Later, A Bigger Size Again

Today lining up to pay some stuff at the drugstore, I saw the magazine stand and something caught my attention… The cover of the Rolling Stone magazine.

It was big like the good old days when I was young, wild and free; and used to collect magazine covers.

I was like OMG what? And the cover was a Canadian eye candy: Shawn Mendes.

Obviously bought it.

In 2008 Rolling Stone decided to make the magazine smaller and completely killed my mood to keep collecting covers (80% of my collection are of singers/musicians).

But part of my lack of enthusiasm was also the lack of inspirational people on the covers. Most of the new millennium “artists” were more like fast food rather than a meal you take the time to savour.

Obviously technology and over exposition made them less enigmatic than those in the 90’s (and before) but the Madonna’s fighting the ignorance of religions, the Cranberries denouncing terrorism and war, the Bjork’s breaking all the musical preconception, the Mylene Farmer’s exposing the hypocrisy of society about prostitution and sex, or even the Marilyn Manson’s encouraging a sense of individuality, are almost extinguished.

In other words those with a message!

And not empty twerking, big egos, or gangsters showing off their wealth.

Making the magazine smaller in 2008

Apparently they made the magazine bigger again last July, and I was not aware because I haven’t buy a Rolling Stone magazine in over a decade… Even though I’d have loved to buy it when Bruno Mars, Lana del Rey or any talented, or hot artist was on it.

So, as I said I started collecting covers in ’97 when I fell in love with the band Garbage and the lead vocalist Shirley Manson. She was on the cover of SPIN (one of the many magazines that didn’t survived the digital age,) a cover that made me appreciate the beauty of printing.

Also I have to mention that back in those days, not everyone had internet (that needed a phone line to connect) and not everything was there (nevermind iPhones or social media, it didn’t exist) so the only way to read an interview was buying a magazine or newspaper.

I used to have a full wall of my old flat covered on magazine covers. These days I still have those covers but not all on display anymore ’cause I don’t have access to the locker I keep them (long story). However, I’m planning to bring them back.

The wall below is in my kitchen (with some covers I had left in a closet) and you can see on it from the top left Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi (2003,) and Japanese pop-icon Ayumi Hamasaki (2002) on the covers of WestEast magazine. Britney Spears (1999,) and the one I just bought of Shawn Mendes (2018). Brad Pitt (2007) for V magazine and Angelina Jolie (2004) for Esquire. Madonna (2006) on W and GODDESS Kylie Minogue (2007) for Q.

Long story short, something tells me I’ll be buying magazines again.

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