Drama. Passion. Class: My Top 5 SPANISH LEGENDS

Some years ago I made a post of some of my favourite female artists, GODDESSES that have endured time and remain faithful to their style. Gifted ladies whose sole purpose is to share their talent and give joy without pretension, gossip or scandals.

Today, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite Spanish LEGENDS.

5 artists I grew up admiring because of their class, stage presence but mostly, their incredible voices. 

These ladies don’t need a playback because they sound 100x better  LIVE!

ISABEL PANTOJA  (aka. “Spain’s widow”)


ROCIO JURADO (a.k.a “The Greatest”) RIP



*I couldn’t find decent footage for the gorgeous Paloma.

Legendary excellence!!

Meanwhile On My Deathbed…

With my cold dying, I got several messages today as if people sensed my relieve.

Hubby a.k.a bello (one of my ex’s) texted me from Hong Kong and asked me what I want as a birthday present… so I told him about my SUNGLASSES. So, he was like….

I love Hubby (even if he doesn’t get me those,) he’s amazing!

Also, Randy (my regular sexmate) messaged me asking me if I needed him tonight… Obviously I told him that I need him EVERY night, but that I was still a bit sick so… not tonight. Sadly. 

Also, I got a message from Marc André (my latest lover) so I’ll probably see him later this week because I win’t be cured until I cum.

And finally, I got few texts from Domenic and Minh, two guys I haven’t blog much about because we are only in talks so far…

Domenic is a nurse so he’s been checking on me as well. He’s nice with me (and pretty much a bastard to other people,) but he’s not really my type. And Minh is an Asian guy who wants to cure me from being a bottom and turn me into a top again. So adorable!!

Long story short, I can’t wait to get busy again.

Je Suis Charlie

I feel a lot better today, I’m even considering going to the gym later on and catch up with my fitness. I’m done feeling like crap! 

But to see the positive side of things, these days in bed made me rest, kept temptation away and I also got to watch few documentaries.

One of them Je Suis Charlie (l’humour à mort).

As the title implies, this documentary explores the resulting aftermath of the deadly terrorist attack to the French satirical weekly with interviews of the remaining staff and footage of those who perished; describing whom each one was and what was their crusade.

What happens when the world supports your fight, criticise you, or forgets about you because the news has moved on?

The documentary does a great job at remembering what is the meaning of “Je suis charlie,” and reminds you what democracy is all about.

Thanks For Making Me A Fighter

So… I’ve been fighting a nasty virus these days. 

I thought it was an ordinary cold, but the fever and assorted horrible symptoms tells me is a flu or god-knows-what…

I’m not a doctor, but it would be very easy to be one ’cause all they do is telling you to “take a Tylenol” and nothing else.

That said, I spent 6 hours last Friday at the hospital trying to see a doctor ’cause I was feeling awful, but I saw nobody. Saturday morning I went to another clinic and after 3 hours of waiting I finally saw one… Who didn’t do anything to make me feel better… Doctors here (at least in Quebec) don’t do anything unless you’re in the last stage of death. #FACT

Anyway, back home all frustrated and exhausted I went straight to bed and spent the whole day with fever lying there.

Today Sunday I feel a lot better (I’m blogging!)

My sore throat pain is almost gone, no fever and less cough. And all that thanks to my right choices by drinking ginger with lime and honey (mixed in a blender,) few Tylenol and lots of sleep.

The truth is I rarely get sick (I’m usually Wolverine,) but in this case I take full responsibility on my condition ’cause I’ve been neglecting myself a lot the past few months.

3 to 4 hours of sleep on daily basis ce n’est pas très santé! You cannot lead a healthy existence that way. Also, kissing many boys at the same time was not very wise of me either. So, yeah I know how to do a mea culpa.

However, it would be nice if a doctor were able to make your misery less painful. But since they DON’T, thanks for making me a fighter! 

Speaking Of The LEGEND Below…

Wen you’re at a concert, waiting for your favourite artist to take the stage can be a bore, even with other music playing over the loudspeakers. Most of the time, these ambient tunes are ignored.

After all, you’re there to see a live act, not listen to the radio.

During a recent Green Day concert in London, however, this pre-show ritual might’ve been better than the main performance. A crowd of 65,000 fans broke into a giant, all-encompassing singalong when Queen’s iconic single Bohemian Rhapsody started to play.

The entire song was captured on video start to finish from the behind the drum kit of Tré Cool.

Fredy Mercury was one of the most gifted singers, performers and musicians EVER! I mean only Fredy Mercury can rock an entire stadium without even being there.