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Meanwhile The Clown…

Axios reports:

The riots in Paris — which started over fuel tax and have devolved into protests against the living standards and President Emmanuel Macron himself — have been the worst the city has seen in decades.

Macron has suspended the fuel tax implementation for six months, which Trump has previously incorrectly called a signal that Macron agreed that the Paris Agreement “is fatally flawed.”

Trump also retweeted a claim on Monday that protestors were chanting, “We want Trump,” though CNN reported that on-the-ground personnel “have seen no evidence” to support that.

Fucking psychopath! 

The only place where people are chanting for you is prison. And not in a good way. 

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Flop Quit the FlOpscars

I have no clue who this person is, but he was chosen to host the FlOpscars.

However, it seems that he tweeted some truly disgusting anti-gay hate speech within the past 10 years, and when those tweets were presented to him, he refused to apologise, instead saying he was in love with his new self.

Then, the Academy demanded he apologise, to which he said no.

Now, he has apologised, all he ever had to do, but is taking his ignorant antics and going home, stepping down as host, a gig he had recently said was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You know, I seriously have no idea who this irrelevant is but for what I’m reading he’s as funny as his homophobia.

He is clearly insecure, impossibly nauseating, and devastatingly uneducated. But like any homophobic, his fixation with gay people only shows the denial of his real essence.

He’s probably into trannies and femboys. Like most straight black guys.

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People has the right to protest and march for whatever cause, but that doesn’t give them the right to vandalise and commit criminal acts. 

Over the weekend, the “gilets jaunes” (yellow vests) rioters torched cars, smashed windows, and looted stores all over. And at l’Arc de Triomphe, rioters plastered the monument in graffiti and smashed several sculptures, including one by François Rude depicting Marianne, goddess of liberty and a national symbol of the French Republic.


Even HITLER had some respect for l’Arc de Triomphe and Napoleon.

During a ceremony to revive the flame of the Unknown Soldier in Paris, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Armed Forces Genevieve Darrieussecq says the protesters who vandalised the Arc de Triomphe “attacked France.” And I totally agree.

Those are not civilians, those are CRIMINALS! Period.

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Tumblr Commits Suicide: Bans All Porn

Tumblr a blogging platform for artists, assorted fun and lots of porn said it is going to screw the internet community and ban the adult content in the next two weeks.

The Verge says the porn ban goes into effect December 17 and is almost certainly a result of it getting booted from the Apple app store after child porn was popping up on some accounts. Tumblr posted a line to its official blog that summed it up: “Adult content will no longer be allowed here.

Photos, videos, and even gifs of wieners and other human genitalia are getting the boot along with any media and illustrations of sex acts. Tumblr is already letting people know their porn accounts will be made private in order to prevent them from showing up on feeds/in the eyes of the young, innocent, and horny…

For that, the young, innocent, and horny still have SNAPCHAT! 

But frankly, I actually love Tumblr. It’s great source of inspirational stuff and awesome porn, so this is legit bad news for me.

RIP Tumblr.

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Dog freezes to death in Montreal homeless Man’s arms

This is something that should never have happened, not here and not anywhere, but unfortunately it has. The question of whether it could have been prevented is redundant at this point.

Montreal has a homeless problem (or a mental health treatment deficit) that is big during summer, and perhaps less visible during winter, for obvious reasons. 

I blogged about it few years ago, in fact.

Last week, a man’s best friend died in his arms, during a night’s record breaking temperature of -16C, with a wind chill of -26C, because they had nowhere to go!

According The Gazette, at 2:30am that night, Christian who is homeless, wrapped his dog Buddy, a Doberman, with two blankets and held him in his arms, but Buddy still continued to shiver badly. Three shelters were all full, and the only shelter in Montreal that even accepts dogs, SOS Itinérance, had already closed.

In a panic, Christian went to a nearby Metro station (the subway) and ‘rapped on the glass as hard as he could’, but when two inspectors arrived, they refused to let him in as it was well past closing time. Having nowhere to turn to, he returned to the streets.

Not long after, Buddy froze to death in his arms.

Since that tragedy, Gazette readers have since pledged their time, money, and support for the homeless with dogs. 

GoFundMe page started by Elad Cohen had, as of Tuesday evening, raised $2,155 in three days to help outfit 25 Montrealers who have a dog but either lack shelter or the means to ensure their dog stays warm.

The idea was to provide each person with $100 worth of goods: a dog jacket, dog boots, hand warmers, a survival blanket, as well a tuque and gloves for the dog’s owner.

And other organisations are also trying to help different ways.

I don’t know what else to say other than I wish people were more empathetic towards someone in  a life threatening situation, like those subway inspectors…

They didn’t realise it was -26 C outside? It can kill anyone outdoors for too long.

I love dogs, they give you love not caring who you are, and this story kills me too.

A loyal friend is gone, and a man just lost his warmest connection to the world.

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Speaking of fucking EMBARRASSING…

Few days ago, Donald Trump outright said that he “didn’t believe” HIS OWN administration’s report on the impending horrific effects of climate change, and yesterday, well…

During an interview with The Washington Post, the orange prick went on a wild tangent about bad air and water in China that pinballed into the observation that the “oceans are very small”.

TRUMP: One of the problems that a lot of people like myself — we have very high levels of intelligence, but we’re not necessarily such believers. You look at our air and our water and it’s right now at a record clean. But when you look at China and you look at parts of Asia and when you look at South America, and when you look at many other places in this world, including Russia, including – just many other places — the air is incredibly dirty. And when you’re talking about an atmosphere, oceans are very small…

Anyway, I don’t even know, man… We know he’s mentally impaired, but anyone that denies climate change at this point is the enemy of humanity!

He truly is the epitome of gish gallop of devastating stupidity.

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Un papelón means fucking embarrassing in South America, and that’s what happened last weekend in Argentina when the Copa Libertadores final was postponed following the violence towards Boca Juniors (one of the biggest football’s club) bus.

The Copa Libertadores final between Argentinian arch-rivals River Plate and Boca Juniors was in cancelled after supporters of River Plate (the other biggest football’s club) attacked their opponent’s team bus, breaking windows, threw projectiles, wounded and causing players to become ill because of tear gas, according to the Independent.

You know, it was supposed to be a sport event… 

Argentina at this point is one of the most VIOLENT and INTOLERANT societies in South America. From politics to sports and showbiz, every single area in the Argentine society in the last decade has become very violent. 


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