The A(sian) Gene

Yesterday someone asked me if I was Asian… I found it funny, even though, it’s not the first time somebody asked me that. In fact those few asking me that question have a good sense of observation..

 Not because I am Asian, but I guess they can see something of my family background on my physical traits (whatever it is) ’cause there’s no other explanation for that question.

If you see some of my cousins (picture above), a lot of them look more Asian mixed. And if you ever see some of my uncles, my mom (when she was younger) or my grandma, well, then you’ll understand.

I believe my maternal grandmother had very strong genes since she was Chinese descent for what I know. My grandfather was mulatto.

In my particular case my dad is mestizo (and his mother is half-French), so I guess I’m a mixed of all that but I got more of the guys genes unlike my female cousins.

Anyhow I hardly get impressed by people, but observation is a great quality and more than amused I was admired by the person who made that remark.

Happy Bday Hubby

Today Hubby’s turning 36… MY GOD! In my head he stills 21…

The first picture I saw of him was climbing a tree, full of energy and glowing like we all do at 21.

The first time we met, he was all smiles and I was mesmerised by how gorgeous he was.

Time goes horribly fast.

Perhaps that’s why I don’t waste my time on negativity, or complicated people. 

Perhaps that’s why I’m never upset for too long. Perhaps that’s why I don’t hold grudges and I always keep the best.

And even after a breakup, in the end nothing is terribly bad for me to not forgive. Because whatever went wrong will never be as big as all the joy my partners made me feel.

To Hubby, my 7 years of love, my 16 years of friendship and true devotion… Words are not enough to wish you all those things a great man deserves. But most important to express my unconditional gratitude and admiration. So let’s put it this way: 

If I am a wave then you are the sea, if you are a flower then I am your bee.

And it doesn’t matter on how many flowers I will rest in, you are the one that always feels home to me.


Congtraz Bunny

thumbnail_fullsizerender-4Bunny, my once boyfriend (and second longest relationship) got married yesterday. Although we still close friends, I was not invited to the wedding and it was alright.

I know his now husband, he seems like a good guy overall but he also seems the jealous type, at least that’s the vibe I got from him few times… Which I totally understand, yet his insecurity has no reason ’cause Bunny is already 30 and I don’t date older than 24. I have enough old with myself.

However, his husband is also a Latino (= CRAZY MESS) so… there’s a pathology there.


Jokes aside, I sent Bunny a message wishing him joy and all those things you wish to someone you love. I’m proud of him, and my desire is that his union make his life extra bright and immensely happy.

Congratz Bunny!

Sup America?

I have a lot of family in the US, some born there, some raised there. One of those many relatives it’s a cousin of mine. She lives in Connecticut and she’s getting married on the 17th of this month, so… I’m going to the wedding.

I wasn’t too excited about going, but I got my flight reserved already.


See I love my cousin but she’s kind of special (aka difficult). Being raised over there, her mentality is not as relaxed as mine.

She’s too sensitive, lacks sense of humour, it’s somehow aggressive and it’s always stressing about something. In other words, she’s very American.

I remember some years ago, under the Bush administration she was SOOOOOO pro-Bush that whatever remark I made about him turned her very defensive in an extremely SERIOUS way… while I was like “do you need a moment?”

Needles to say we never were super confidants, as I can be with other cousins.

Anyhow, she finally found a man willing to deal with her and well… I’m going because I have relatives flying from South America that I haven’t seen in over a decade.

Yeah that’s my main reason, plus maybe the free food.

I have no clue what i’m going to wear yet, plus I’m kind of anxious about the idea of being with so many relatives in the same room, after all my life in Montreal is very private and the only human interaction I have involves asses and penises.

Long story short, it’s going to be my last trip to America before Trump’s win. And if that’s the case probably the last one as well.

Ray Of Light


Yesterday was a strange day for Sai Sai and I. While I was at work, he spent part of the day alone at home… which was unusual for him, as was unusual for me to open the door and find a different dynamic. 

But with Mo no longer with us, to this reality we have to adjust.

My place is a lot more quiet, less lively. Without my girl, Sai Sai is not as hyper, or naughty. He doesn’t have to fight for attention. And although I enjoy peace at home, the lack of mischievousness doesn’t feel right. 

Everything is impeccable, everything is organised…

Mo was a 14 year full-time job, and Sai Sai is a small dog who doesn’t require the excessive care I gave to her… I guess since I’m an active person all this new inactivity is somehow shocking.

Regardless, Sai Sai is a ray of light, my little sunshine at home; and today he has a vet’s appointment for vaccinations… because the Patron Saint of Animals is not as cool with me as the Sex Gods…

Ho is merciless abusing my wallet this week, and not in a sexy way.