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Remembered Forever

Few day ago was the second year death anniversary of my girl Mo. 

In her memory I got my arm inked. 

Hers and my boy’s name as well.

Because unconditional love like theirs is to remember forever!

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Not A Father’s Day

It’s not Father’s Day in this country, so I totally forgot to call my dad. 

The truth is, being surrounded by my cousins makes forget everything out there…

This weekend was my other nephew birthday and my cousin rented an Arcade for it. While the kids played, my other cousin’s husband took me to Hard Rock to watch the World Cup match. The next day we had a churrasco at my cousin’s, and some birthday cake.

By night we went to explore the old plaza and historic side of the city

Before I forget again, I want to take this opportunity to say: Happy Daddy’s Day TO ME and to all the wonderful dads (and father figure) everywhere. And here’s a picture of my baby (Sai Sai) in Montreal right now, whom I left with one of my exes until I’m back.

By far, the only one I miss!

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Have you heard of Dennis the Menace? Well, my nephew is pretty much the Latin version.

My cousin (his mom) was like that. Actually, being naughty runs in our genes…

That’s why we all get along really good!

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A Better Life…

And I finally arrived to my destination, where a portion of the 3rd world feels touched by Midas, at least the world of my family, because their reality is on a different page…

All of their luxury is not my reality in Canada, that’s why I call it vacations.

Pirai River. Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Random street snaps and goodies of my cousin’s Café

Breakfast at one’s of my cousin’s. Passion fruit jam (so yummy!) Mia (my cousin’s dog) and my nephew Salvador

My aunt’s house (my mom’s sister) and making a painting

One of my cousin’s house and many cars

Continuation of the pic above, and my niece Luciana

I gotta say it feels great to be SOOO spoiled and live, for at least some days, a better life, far away from a job I hate and all the ungrateful men. 

In short, I love my family so fucking much!!

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International Odyssey

So… My original trip looked like this: Montreal-Toronto (transit)-Lima (transit)-Santa Cruz.

Apparently my passport was about to expire (needs to be valid for at least the last 6 months) and once at Toronto they almost didn’t allow me to board.

After some ESCANDALO, the plane re-opened the door (incredibly ’cause the door was already locked) and allowed me to get it.

“You’re a lucky man, I’ve never seen this before” told me the flight attendant. 

Once at Lima (Peru) agents at the plane stopped me and told to stay inside the airport for 20 hours until boarding my next plane (to Santa Cruz, Bolivia) otherwise they would send me back to Canada.

I spent the night at the airport with no internet, spent a lot of money at Fridays (airports are fucking expensive,) until I finally got some internet (while having breakfast at Friday’s again) and 1000 messages from my cousins and relatives.

My cousins in both countries looked for solutions, they told me that Bolivia would also deported me once I get there, so the best option was to go to the Canadian embassy in Lima.

Some scenes later (and a lot of good luck,) the Airline gave me a permission letter to get out of the airport and go to the embassy.

Once at the embassy, they gave me papers to fill, addresses to take pictures for a new passport and a bank account to pay for all of that. The whole thing took 24 hours (but it felt like many days ’cause I didn’t stop doing stuff).

Next step, change my travel tickets… and for that… my cousin in Lima turned into my personal driver/ assistant and called another 1000 numbers to fix that issue and also to find my luggage. While my cousin in Bolivia offered to pay for whatever I needed.

Luckily I brought a lot of cash for my trip, so money was not an issue, but without my cousins and their support I’d probably be back in Canada by now.

Anyway, all that happened on Monday and by Wednesday (today) I had my temporary passport ready, my luggage waiting at the airport (I didn’t have clothes so my cousin’s husband gave me some stuff to wear) and my new ticket for my flight tonight.

While in Lima I enjoyed the delicious food, because Peru can be chaotic AF and whatever else I hate but the culinary culture of the country is one of the best of the world.

Anyhow, I can finally chill and resume my trip. #YAY

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Extreme Cold, Old Friends & Lovers

Sorry for the lack of updates, been a bit busy as usual and not even having sex… lame I know! 

On the other hand it’s very cold in Canada these days. As the picture on the right shows, today in Montreal was colder than the North Pole.

In fact, this winter Canada is colder than planet Mars.

The weather is always a reason to talk over here. Way too cold or too hot.

Regardless, it doesn’t stop us and on Wednesday night I went to eat with one of my ex’s and his old friends (whom btw are already parents, most of them,) but before I spent time with his family talking to his mom and playing with his nephew.

After supper we went to one of his friend’s (a girl that now lives in France but is here for the Holidays) parents house for a bit, and to my surprise her mom (the girl’s mom) remembered me pretty well… I mean, considering I haven’t seen her family in over 12 years, the lady didn’t forget my name. 

And speaking of remember me… Marc messaged me today, apparently he wants to keep fucking me. The last time he got stupidly jealous and so we stop our business.

Well, it seems we are cool again. So I‘ll see him next week.

But before, I’m seeing Maxime tonight.

He’s giving me my sexy Christmas present, and I cannot wait! 

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My Unicorn

Isn’t my boy so adorable? He’s a furious unicorn ready to bite nasty hoes ass because that’s what unicorns do, obviously. Halloween is around the corner and we can’t wait!

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