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Je Te Rends Ton Amour by GODDESS Mylène Farmer

J’ai cru la fable d’un mortel aimé, tu m’a trompé…


La Madrague by LEGEND Brigitte Bardot

Mon chagrin ne sera pour personne.

I’m hosting my old friend again and having him over is changing all my plans. Although I don’t mind giving a helping hand, this situation cannot last too long. I have a life, a very active sex life and I need my privacy.

Since I cancelled Bruce last night, I watched two films:


Suspiria is a horror film that is more psychological and gore than actually scary. In fact this grandiose bizarre remake is pretty interesting the first half, until it gets weird and too fantastical.

This movie made me go from a suspenseful “Omg what’s happening?!” to a disappointing “Omg what wtf I just watched?”

And I don’t mean it was terrible, BUT I didn’t expect that over-the-top ending… It was just too grotesque, and somehow boring for my taste.

Although the scenario (Germany 1977,) the cast and the whole thing was impeccable darkness and pure art, the spell was broken with those last scenes. This new version had a lot of potential to be a masterpiece… Still, Tilda Swinton playing three different characters was pure genius.

Regardless, Suspiria is a cult film.

And the one you probably didn’t see coming.



Stray Dogs is the portrait of a homeless family in Taiwan that lives in a certain state of decadence in a sophisticated society.

Although this film has a many touching moments, the film is too slow.

Some may find it’s relentlessly uneventful pacing tedious and boring, but as long as you embrace the story and have an artistic eye, you’ll succumb to the whole thing.

This film has no soundtrack, few cuts, long shots and long silence. Monotony from beginning to end… And yet, Tsai Ming Liang (the director) delivers a clear message of social inequality.

While there’s plenty of luxury apartments being built and then left unoccupied, homeless families struggle to survive.

Without a doubt, the most difficult film I’ve seen to date.


Je t’aime quand il pleut, tu es la nymphe de mes vœux.

Sémaphore by Requin Chagrin

Aujourd’hui les mots nous abandonnent.

As every year, it was very hard to make a cut for this short list.

Below some of my favourite tunes of 2018:

12 – My My My by Troye Sivan

11- Baby by Clean Bandit ft. Marina & Luis Fonsi

10- Rockstar by Post Malone ft 21 Savage

09 – One Kiss by Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa 

08 – Instagram by DEAN

07- Random by Eddy de Pretto 

06 –Hookah & Sheridan’s by Tommy Boysen  

05 – Recommencer by Hubert Lenoir

04 – El Susto by Chano! ft. Karen Méndez

03- Sativa by Jhené Aiko ft. Rae Sremmurd

02 – Solo by Jennie

01- Solo by Clean Bandit ft Demi Lovato

And my TOP SONG of 2018 is:

La Grenade by Clara Luciani


Vannessa Paradis just turned 46 and I cannot believe it!

Maybe it’s because she has been ageless for as long as anyone can remember that I forget Vanessa first became a star at the age of 14, when her song “Joe le Taxi,” top the charts in 1987 in her native France.

She’d go on, of course, to become a wonderful actress, a fashion icon, a Chanel fixture (Karl Lagerfeld’s muse,) a wife to Johnny Depp (and then ex-wife,) a mom to Lily-Rose. And she sailed through all of it with her indelible je ne sais quoi.

Her particular voice, unique beauty and magnetic presence made of Vanessa an icon.

Below two of my favourite songs:

Happy birthday icon!