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Tune Of The Day

Tout va bien by OrelSan

Et si les bâtiments explosent c’est pour fabriquer des étoiles.

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642 Things To Write About: That Day In Paris

IMG_2174That day in Paris… I got lost.

The French multinational I used to work for sent us to France (Marseille, L’île de Bendor, and Paris).

During our day off in Paris I decided to go on my own instead of hanging with the rest… My closest friends were girls, but being gay didn’t mean having the same interest.

The girls were more into exploring the fairytale side, and I was more into exploring the real life.

My roommate during the trip was a hot male coworker whose main interest was pussy, and to follow him to a whorehouse was not on my list either.

Anyway, the rest of the story is hereBeautiful city, rude people.

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Two Trailers

I’ve been busy working this weekend, so I haven’t had sex since Friday or even watch a movie ’cause I passed out of exhaustion. But I’ll resume my hobbies this week.

Reading news online and watching YouTube clips, I found the trailers of two films I may watch. The Predator and Sauvage.


There’s a certain degree of innate silliness to the Predator franchise’s movies that you just kinda got to roll with if you actually want to enjoy them. Thankfully, The Predator’s final trailer makes it clear that as gruesome as it’s gonna be, it hasn’t forgotten it needs to make you laugh as well.

I was a kid when the first movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger came out. That was 1987.

By this point, you know the drill. The Predators land on Earth, take stock of their surroundings and decide which game is most worthy of their desire to hunt. 

The answer, of course, is humans, and as the heroes of this deadliest game are forced to fight for their lives against an enemy that, really, they have no hope of besting.


Sauvage is a gay French hustler film that was too hot for some viewers at Cannes to handle.

The film contains a knockout performance by French actor Félix Maritaud, according to Vulture: ‘Leo is a 22-year-old male prostitute who offers up his body without guile, wanting little from his clients besides a fleeting touch or kiss that feels like love. It’s an exposed performance in every way, as Maritaud is astonishingly vulnerable or unclothed in just about every scene of this sexually frank film. Whether he is navigating a threesome with a disabled client, collapsing on a street corner, or literally throwing himself at the man he carries a torch for, “I had to give my whole body to make this guy live.”’

Vulture’s critic also said some scenes were so sexually raw and dehumanising that some people “fled the theater,” scenes Vidal-Naquet (the director) said were real and necessary: “There are clients who can absolutely dehumanise you and treat you like a total object on the pretext that they’ve paid you and they own you. I found that so violent.”

One word: TRUE!

Yup, I’m watching both.

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Vincent Cassel Got Married

Who cares about it right? North Americans probably don’t even know who Vincent Cassel is (he’s a famous French actor) and although his marriage should be a normal irrelevant thing, there’s a big buzz about it because his new wife is 21 year-old. Vincent is 52.

According to People magazine Vincent Cassel has officially made the transition many actors hope to one day make: from being a guy who was dating a woman half his age, to being a guy that is now married to a woman half his age. 

Vincent (whose role as an older dude trying to get with a much-younger ballerina in Black Swan now feels just a touch method) married French model Tina Kunakey on Friday. Tina is now his second wife… His first wife of many years (and two daughters) is no other than Italian GODDESS, Monica Bellucci.

Now nobody should care about the age gap, it works for them and it’s cool. In fact, many of my ex boyfriends and all my fuckfriends are half my age. Their energy and my experience together makes it for hot memories, and for sure Vincent and Tina enjoy the same stuff.

The real question is… How on earth this guy scored such hot women?

I mean La BELLUCCI and now Tina… Vincent must be a sex beast! I mean, he’s not the typical “handsome” but he is definitely a man with good and bad angles.

I personally would hit it bcz I’m kinky af, and so are his ladies.

Regardless, congratz.

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Tune Of The Day

Ti Amo by Phoenix

It’s not love but wait.

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Pride Post

Today was the culmination of Pride week.

Unlike other cities, the gay events in Montreal are divided in two. Divers/Cité (kinda like Gay Pride minus any pride and full parties) during the end of July. And Pride (more of community stuff) mid-August. 

Although I have attended the parade in the past (the last time 3 years ago with one of my exes, Joseph) I’m not really active in these events. Semi naked dudes don’t get me hard and the excess/superficiality of most guys during those weeks annoys me.

However, I’m a shark and there’s plenty of fish in the water during that period… Fish I’ve enjoyed whenever I was single and  in the mood for it.

This year I missed all that.

Divers/Cité because totally forgot about it, and Pride because I worked. It’s clear I’m not into the “scene” but it’s evident that my kind of fun is more private.

That said, to mark the celebration below some gay ICONS over the decades.









Happy Pride! 

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Tune Of The Day

Lonely Lisa by GODDESS Myelène Farmer

Y a pas de génie sans grain de folie… 

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