Timeless Classic Of The Day

One More Time by Real McCoy

Let’s do it again, show no shame just call my name.


Raw Vegan Cakes

Juliana is a Berlin-based chef who creates unique cakes using only raw, vegan ingredients.

Creating under the name Culinary Dots, Juliana’s cakes have the most unique designs, often featuring beautiful bouquets of flowers.

Each cake is made so precisely, and with so much detail, it’s hard to believe they’re edible! Plus, Juliana also shares tons of recipes on her website so you could recreate her cakes at home! 

These are possibly/no definitely, the most gorgeous cakes I’ve ever seen.

Though how someone could actually cut one is another matter altogether!

Buh Bye America

U.S. News and World Report have released their annual rankings of countries.

Taking into account factors such as quality of life, power, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, and citizenship, the study ranked the United States 7th this year behind Sweden.

That’s down three spots for 2016’s ranking… because making America great again was the most self-destructive decision ever made.

Switzerland finished atop the 2017 rankings as world’s best countries.

Canada, ranked second on the list.

The other countries are The United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.