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ThumbnailOn Tuesday, Pelosi, either inadvertently or purposefully (more like it ’cause this lady is pretty smart) exposed one of the dumber and more pernicious rules of decorum in the American House of Representatives.

Pelosi gave a floor speech about Donald Trump’s infamous, racist comments about freshman Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, before the House was set to vote on a resolution condemning Trump’s remarks.

Towards the end of the speech, Pelosi referred to Trump’s comments as “disgraceful and disgusting,” adding, “and these comments are racist.”

As mind numbingly stupid as this is, it appears that you cannot call the president a racist on the House floor, even if that president has done something racist.

Welcome to the United States, where it’s somehow considered more taboo to publicly describe a racist as a racist than actually saying something racist. And nevermind a racist rapist!


Regardless, great speech for the occasion. The masses should like that whole Jesus thing… and that “take it up with the parliamentarian, bitches” exit was great.

Side effect of that whole “rules” battle: That speech will now be read & reread & repeated & examined for a long time, so it gets an amplification.

And in the process, if that dippy rule gets changed, then we will have taken another babystep forward in civilisation.


manta ray

A well-known, approximately 30-year-old massive Manta Ray in Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef known as Freckles surprised divers when she approached them and paused, appearing to ask for help.

Divers Jake Wilton and Monty Halls noticed that the ray had fishhooks embedded under one of its eyes. The patient ray seemed to understand that the divers could help remove them. After several tries, they did.

Said Wilton to BBC News: “I went down for a dive [to check up on her] and she stopped and hung around for about 30 seconds above me – it was pretty wild. They have self-awareness and can recognize individual manta rays, so she could have recognized me.”

It’s no secret that humans are a vicious virus that is killing our planet.

However, this video is not only proof that sea creatures feel pain/discomfort from hooks that penetrate their bodies. It shows as well that there is still some humans that care for other living creatures, and therefore our planet.

So, there’s a lot going on here. I’d previously read about this story of an Instagrammer selling her bath water (listen: who hasn’t?) to “thirsty gamer boys” but did you know there was a herpes rumour twist? Of course there is.

Belle Delphine, who has 4 million followers on Instagram and 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, sold her bath water to people through her website and people bought it (why did I go to university?). Afterwards, a rumour began about people who had allegedly contracted herpes because of the bath water purchased. Well don’t worry, it was just a rumour! So you can feel free to drink up all the dirty bath water purchased over the internet that you want!

Snopes says that you “thirsty gamer boys” out there are in the clear! Well from the herpes bath water, at least–I’d imagine you have other issues to deal with if you’re buying some stranger’s bath water because you think she’s hot… But at least you can sleep knowing this rumour is a certified LIE!

Selling out bath water?! This is an entrepreneuse!!!

Look at this businesswoman: bathing ten times a day just to keep up her supply and demand!

So here’s where things get creepy…creepier. A rumor started that people got herpes. This was all because of a Twitter account which has since been found to be fraudulent.

I guess some people don’t really know about how STDs can be transmitted….

Anyway regardless of virgins ignorance and old perverts, if you buy someones bathing water, you deserve all the herpes!!

I haven’t blog about politics (one of my favourite subjects) in a while, specially the embarrassing circus that is the American politics. In part because I got fed up of anything Trump, in part because there’s more entertaining (and less toxic) subjects I focused on.

However it seems I’m no the only one who got fed up of the trashy Trumps…

She is not a holder of elected office. She has no business travelling with her father and sitting with him in photos of actual world leaders. And she has no intellect to interject herself into conversations like these with zero to say.

The French government released this, so I would call that allowing Ivanka to hang herself.

Here, an Indian diplomat spells out how Ivanka is like a dim-witted member of the Saudi royal family, an apt comparison, and where the U.S. is headed if the Americans can’t get her dementia-addled dad defeated in a year and a few months.

Intrusa is Spanish for intruder, and that’s what she is.

Because making a billion dollars off of basic-ass mall makeup wasn’t enough for Ky-LIE Jenner (read KarTrashian,) she went ahead and launched a basic-ass skin care line.

And it’s a bit of a mess! Which surprised no one.

The internet called Ky-LIE out for using cheap skin-damaging walnut particles in her facial scrub. The internet called Ky-LIE out for possibly faking positive reviews. And now the internet is calling her out for a laughably bad facial cleansing demonstration.

Ky-LIE tweeted a short video of herself using the Ky-LIE Skin foaming facial cleanser.

Ky-LIE, with one of those childish (and disturbing on adults) Snapchat filter on her face squirts out some product, then proceeds to wash her face for a whole seven seconds before rinsing it off.

As she dries her face, a huge makeup smear can be seen on her towel.

I think it’s amazing that Ky-LIE has any fans at all considering that her old face is ALL OVER THE INTERNET. She’s fake through and through.

With the industrial amounts of makeup she uses, she needs WAY more than a pump of wimpy foam and two splashes of water to remove all that warpaint. Also, those nightmare fingernails and wig are the cherry on top of the fuckery.

Seriously, that “cleansing” routine is so lazy and indifferent it could’ve written the Game of Thrones finale!

There is not one single thing that is real about ANY of the Katrashians. 

Six years ago, the eyes of the internet were dusted with shards of glitter when we all watched the Prancercise unicorn, Joanna Rohrback, prance like an uppity gay stallion prancing past their haters. And today, we get knocked over by another equine wonder, but this one is all athletic and shit.

Some horse girls grow up to be annoying blond pop stars who actually never grow up (see: Taylor Swift) and some horse girls grow up to become horses in the body of a human woman, like Ayla Kirstine! 

Ayla Kirstine has gone viral in Germany (“gone viral in Germany” is the new “I’m famous in Germany“) thanks to social media videos of her galloping around like Tarzan if Tarzan got raised by Seabiscuit’s relatives instead of great apes.


When I first saw that video, I reached for the BenGay (which becomes BenGayer as soon as I slather it on my body), because my old back and joints started to hurt. Then I wondered if this was a fetish.

It’s definitely a fetish… A creepy one!

USA Today reports:

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a near-total abortion ban Wednesday, putting in place one of the nation’s most restrictive laws on the procedure and all but guaranteeing legal challenges. The governor had been quiet about her intentions after the Alabama Senate gave final legislative approval to the bill Tuesday night.

“To the bill’s many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God,” Ivey said in a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon, a statement that also noted the law may be “unenforceable” amid the likely filing of lawsuits against it.

Even God hates it when his name is used to justify nonsense.

Each day that I read news from America, I cannot be more grateful to be Canadian and live in a First World progressive country where women has the right and freedom to chose what’s best for her.

Canada is a secular country, so we don’t have this type of issues where politicians mix up religions and faith. They keep that at home and rule the country with COMMON SENSE!!!

On the other hand, Gov. Kay Ivey is the same person who said she would support Roy Moore because he was the republican candidate even though she said she believed the victims.

Ivey was willing to put a pedo in office just because he’s republican… The double standards of morals is nauseating.

If life is so precious give Americans healthcare, ban guns, etc.

But yeah they won’t! Life is not so precious after all.