My 2000-Year-Old Double

Some people believe that everyone has a twin. And maybe that’s true… if you need proof, just visit an art or history museum! People around the world are finding themselves in the collections of renowned institutions and are snapping pictures with their artsy doubles.  

Museum doppelgängers exists throughout the ages. They’re commonly in Renaissance-era paintings and pieces of pop art, but the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City is going back even further. Their project called My 2000-Year-Old Double will soon pair people’s portraits with a corresponding ancient Greco-Roman or Egyptian sculpture.

Using facial-recognition software, they will make matches for 60 sets of artwork/twins. The results will be revealed in October of 2018.

Well, there are only so many combinations to be achieved using human genetic pool. (I’m just being sour cause I never found mine).

Regardless, this is fun!!! 


Eu Vou Matar Um Rato? Not Really!

There’s a rat in your bathroom. What do you do? This guy from Brazil takes what appears to be a reasonable approach, arming himself with a broom to flush out the rat, and his cat to finish the job.

Cats are supposed to useful for catching rodents right?

The scene begins as expected, with our master rat catcher whispering confidently eu vou matar um rato (I’m going to kill a rat,) while his faithful sidekick meows menacingly in the background. Then they get to work, cockily and noisily poking around behind the sink in an attempt to intimidate the rat from its hiding place… BUT, this rat will not be intimidated…

No doubting who came out on top in this battle!

Rat 1 – Dude & Cat 0.

Speaking Of Dick…

Not since the scrunchie or the banana clip, has there been such a simple and tasteful hair tool that lets everyone know that you’re both practical and appreciate classic style.

Posted on Instagram by stylist Sheff Pavel, and not much to say about it (because it’s kind of hard to type words while you’re licking the screen).

If you don’t have time to fuck with your hair, just put it into a ponytail with help from the gorgeous peen and huevos hair tie (which is fitting since that thing is hung like a pony) and wear it with pride.

It’s also the perfect thing to wear if you want to tell the world that you’ve always got dick on the brain, or in this case, dick on the hair.

2 words: Pure elegance!!!

And The Oscar Goes To…

People at a popular outdoor spot in Australia recently got a great dose of entertainment watching an owner trying to take a disobedient dog back home. The pooch, who really didn’t want to leave the park (and probably watched too much TV), dropped on the ground and started to act dead just to get few more minutes at the park… 

The whole scene was captured by park-goer Kristen Bohlsen and the whole crowd started cheering when the canine finally got up. 

Everybody had a laugh (well, except the owner, of course) and it was great. Meryl who? Dogs are great comedians!! The end.

Mom Rat Shows Her Baby

A video showing a huge rat grabbing her human’s finger and dragging her to show off her baby is going viral, reminding us of how little we actually know about rats, one of the most intelligent animals in the world.

Rats are highly social and communicate with each other using high-frequency sounds that we can’t hear without instrumentation. They like to play together, cuddle, and wrestle.

Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist at Bowling Green State University, suggests that when playing or being tickled, rats make chirping sounds that are strikingly similar to human laughter. “Young rats have a marvellous sense of fun,” says the professor.

When rats bond with their human companions, it’s for life.

So, if they’re suddenly given away to someone else or neglected, they can even die of sadness. Just like humans, if they don’t have companionship, rats get lonely, anxious, stressed, and depressed… Oh.My.God.. I’M A RAT!!!

Oh, and the big rat we see in the video is most likely a Giant Pouched rat. These types of rats are used in Africa to sniff out landmines… Yup! talk about intelligent creatures.

The North Star

Is Canada’s Prime Minister the free world’s best hope? American Rolling Stone magazine seems to think so.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is featured in the cover story posted online Wednesday morning for their latest issue… Like it or not, the face of Trudeau over any American orange-faced-so-called politician is refreshing, classier, dignified, honourable and hotter, without a doubt.