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Gays and fun men, you can totally slay Halloween with very little creativity, very little clothing, and very little accessories. Because let’s be honest: you weren’t planning on actually wearing a shirt this Halloween anyway, so this list is perfect for you!

Throw on a speedo, slap on some paint and BAM! You’re set for a night full of treating (minus the tricks)!


Milk & Cookie


Mickey Mouse & The Tinman




Every superhero ever


A circus performer


Mario & Luigi


Fallen Angels

Lots of tricks!!

Image result for modern family  halloween tumblrThe best day of the year is here!

By day, kids wearing costumes to go to school. And by night, LOTS of adults and party people ruling the streets as zombies, super heroes, bananas, movie characters or simply with their best trashy hooker number.

It’s a wonderful day.

Related imageThere's always one person who tries to add health into your candy bag.

Image courtesy of alexa--raeRelated imageRelated image

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Happy Halloween everyone!!

The World's First Influential Bee Is An Activist For The Preservation Of Its SpeciesMeet B, the world’s first insect influencer that’s taking Instagram by storm.

The busy bee posts photos of herself travelling the world, channelling trends, and relaxing by luxury hotel pools. But B is looking for more than just a few “likes,” the tiny, fuzzy social media influencer was created by Fondation de France to help raise funds to save the bees.

“I want to please brands around the world to raise money to save bees, many of which disappear every year,” says B. “I need you: the more followers I have on Instagram, the more interested brands are and the more money I will collect.”

Agriculture is the main cause of the disappearance of bees, with 24% dying in Europe each year. As pollinators, bees play a vital role in our global food system. In fact, they’re to thank for one out of every three bites of food we eat. Without them, food would be scarce, and many ecosystems would begin to die out.

B explains, “Protecting bees means protecting the planet, but also humankind.”

Save the Bees InfluencerSave the Bees InfluencerSave the Bees InfluencerSave the Bees InfluencerSave the Bees InfluencerSave the Bees InfluencerSave the Bees InfluencerSave the Bees InfluencerThe World's First Influential Bee Is An Activist For The Preservation Of Its SpeciesThe World's First Influential Bee Is An Activist For The Preservation Of Its SpeciesThe World's First Influential Bee Is An Activist For The Preservation Of Its Species

Bees were declared the most important living being on the planet at the 2019 meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London and we all depend on them.

Let’s protect our bees!!

Tarot began as a card game and became a tool of occult divination. In that form, with its usually elaborate illustrations, the tarot deck found a major cultural role as an art object.

The Salvador Dali tarot deck, whose limited edition was published in 1984, has proven to be enough of an object of desire to gain the attention of Taschen.

Next month they’re bringing out a new edition of Dalí’s tarot deck, boxed with a companion book by tarot scholar Johannes Fiebig.

“Legend has it that when preparing props for the James Bond film Live and Let Die, producer Albert Broccoli commissioned Surrealist maestro Salvador Dalí to create a custom deck of tarot cards,” says Taschen’s description of the product. (Bond fans will remember Jane Seymour as Solitaire, the tarot reader whom Roger Moore fatefully encounters early in the picture.)

Even though Dalí and Broccoli ultimately couldn’t come to an agreement, not least over the amount of money upon which the artist insisted, Dalí decided to see the work through to completion on his own.

Image result for dali tarot cards taschen

Dalí created a tarot deck that Taschen can now pitch as a “surreal kaleidoscope of European art history,” a kind of psychedelic course in Western civilisation presented across 78 cards.

Dalí also worked himself in, making an appearance as the Magician and the King of Pentacles, and including his wife Gala whose interest in mysticism surely encouraged her husband’s own enthusiasm for the project, as the Empress.

The occult meets surrealism in this classic by master Dalí.

Some humans love Christmas, some others whatever else, but nothing compares to HALLOWEEN!

Below 10 reasons why Halloween is the best day on the calendar, EVER!

1 No big meals to prepare:


You don’t have to spend half of the day cooking for your guests. Instead you fill the tables with candy and call it a day. Not only you save money, but you prevent people from getting fat… or kill them if they’re diabetic.

2 Costume parties:


Need I say more?

3 Gay costume parties:

Seriously, gays win on this one. Perhaps some of us are sex-obsessed, and some others full of other issues, but we are also very creative and have fun like no other.

Feeling like a kid again:


Truly, every adult wearing a costume is a kid at heart, and it’s adorable.

Slut Freedom:


No need to elaborate here.

Trick or Treating:

trickortreat_zpsbff06f1aHalloween may not be a time to give away  presents, but the ritual of giving away candy can feel just as rewarding.

7 Decorations:


Because, fantastic!

8 It’s OK to obsess over your fave characters and dress like them:


No rules here, anything is good.

9 You can re-watch Halloween movies all day long:


Thrillers, dark comedies, anything involving Halloween is fun guarantee.

10 Autumn:


Because autumn in my opinion is the most beautiful season and only enhances the whole atmosphere. The bright red yellow morning, the rainy afternoon, and the cold blue nights are a nostalgic mix that makes you smile while wanting to cry. 

The perfect mood to enjoy this sombre, yet colourful event.

Stars Are Blind by ParaSite Hilton

‘Cause I don’t find too many guys that treat me like you do…

The name Melissa in my life is very meaningful because all the Melissas I’ve ever met were power bottom whores!

The one of this story is a bit different, because she’s a top! 

Melissa is a subtropical storm that formed off the coast of New England yesterday, and when she formed, she had the Atlantic Ocean licking her tip and Massachusetts and Connecticut sucking on her one big engorged ballsack.

And of course, Twitter saw dick too.

HuffPo says that Melissa isn’t much of a pounder, because she hasn’t caused that much damage. But Melissa’s a heavy cummer, because she’s caused some coastal flooding.

But not only does Melissa look like the Grinch’s dick and one nutsack, but Melissa also looks like a little weed pipe.

Melissa is truly that top you won’t forget!