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When Cardi B is a voice of reason against you, you should know you’re a total fuck up (talking to you, individual one).

I’m not a fan of her, and she may not be the most eloquent, but she doesn’t seem like a selfish human and makes sense every now and then.


The Golden Globes red carpet was full of celebrities last night, but there was only one true star… That’s the FIJI Water girl, who dazzled the internet with a rather strong commitment to the art of blatant promotion.

While many strong-armed employees have carried trays of bottled water in Hollywood before, few can match the passion and the intensity of one promotional Canadian staffer for FIJI Water, who managed to PHOTOBOMB relentlessly during the award ceremony’s red carpet event on Sunday.

Look at her, bottles at the ready, staring into the camera. 

She was everywhere, and you could only wish for this level of commitment in your life.

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve been hit with this hot pink lightning bolt of badass fabulousness at least five thousand times.

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve already been treated for the burns you sustained while getting whiplashed by the high-flying hot pink kicks of glamour delivered by this hero who repurposed a pair of fuckme boots into a pair of dontfuckwithme boots.

And if you’re on Snapchat, you’re not even reading this since you’re like 6 years old!!!

Instagrammehesosoutheast became an overnight viral STAH, and flipped and kicked his way into hearts by letting us all know the rules of 2019, and working the soles off of those ass-kicking boots.

Some boots are made for walking, but Super Bitch’s boots are made for kicking down any hos who fuck with him.

Super Bitch had me as soon as he strut into the shot, and had me again with, “Good afternoon, bitches.

And as the cement screamed with mercy from Super Bitch nearly melting it with his hot moves, he let out several warning shots to any dumb motherfucker who tries him.

AT LAST! Someone in the United States is doing things RIGHT. 

This made the Pink Power Ranger go down to the near shop, buy fabric dye in any colour other than pink, and dye her entire self.

Because Super Bitch is the only Pink Power Ranger we need or want!

9.2 million people watched the acid-trip furries karaoke porn fantasy that is The Masked Singer.

I too watched that Lisa Frank fever dream online, and so it’s nice knowing that I probably wasn’t alone in thinking that the annoying panellists (except QUEEN Nicole Scherzinger) should’ve been wearing a mask too.

Specifically masks over their mouths for making the most stupid guesses when they probably know who the Masked Singer is.

But then again, people probably weren’t thinking that because they were too busy fapping at that huge PeaCOCK!!

Sick fucks! 

Roman Bashinsky is “sad” that his series of same-sex kisses in a YouTube video have been banned in

Russia says Gay Star News.

Bashinsky launched his social justice channel Bashinsky Time (BT) to help promote tolerance of LGBT lives in Russia and has more than 438,000 subscribers.

Bashinsky uploaded the video onto YouTube and other social media platforms Monday where it’s been viewed over 100 thousand times… Less than 24 hours later, YouTube removed the video on its Russian site.

“YouTube sends video restrictions alerts,” Bashinsky said explaining how he learned of the video’s removal.

The video does not violate the rules of YouTube.

The videos still appear under “age-restricted content” on YouTube in countries outside of Russia. But Bashinsky wants the rest of the world to share them to raise awareness of homophobia in Russia.

‘We will fight. Fight to win,’ he said.

Putin cannot last forever, but the sad think in Russia is that most of the young Russians have only known a Putin Russia, while the older ones only remember much darker times… While Americans will remember their current orange President as Putin’s bitch.

On the other hand, some of the kisses are VERY hot!

Ugh… way to make me miss my Ukrainian & Russian guy.

Chatroulette exist for 3 reasons:

1- For young dudes to jack-off in front of an audience.
2- For hos to watch young dudes jack-off.
3- For Steve Kardynal to spread his nipple-hardening, smile-inducing cheer.

That’s right! Here’s the long-lost (and best) Kardashian sister making everyone’s day.

Make my wish come true!

See what the holidays due to creatures of life? They’re so stressful and demanding that people just snap their tethers and brutalise each other on the lawns of KFCs. 

HuffPo posted this video of two inflatable snowmen who, due to a blustery day, look like they’re beating the shit out of each other by the side of a highway.

These snowdudes really go at each other. They go at it so hard that it looks like the dude who’s winning nastily rubs his snowcrotch on the other guy’s face when he has him pinned down. Hmm. Maybe they’re not fighting? Maybe this is just a peek into the brutal world of snowmen foreplay Now I feel like some sort of voyeur.

Or maybe they’re just fighting over the last piece of chicken in the bucket.