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Deadline reports that the richest couple to be on the run from the law since 2014 Beyoncé and Jay-Z, were finally honored for being huge gay icons when they finally received their very own Vanguard Award at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards last night at the Beverly Hilton.

When it was first announced that Bey-Zzz were being honoured for their contribution to LGBTQ rights, many wanted the receipts. But well, what gay hasn’t shaken their hand to Single Ladies on YouTube?

And I’m sure their presence helped GLAAD to sell many tables at their fancy gala. So there’s that!

But before we get into the “gay icons” of our time finally getting honoured for being the “gay icons” of our time, let’s get into the best part of the night, SHANGELA!

Shangela performed a medley of BeYAWNce tracks in front of Beyonce.

Here’s some of Shangela putting in WERK, honey:

You know who’s wig is not flying off tonight? Not Shangela’s. Girl has that weave glued in tight. Just like Beyoncé likes it! Bey and Jay loved the performance and even gave Shangela a standing ovation:

Now, Bey looks as if she’s aged +10 years overnight.

Is she pregnant again?

Jokes aside, I think Beyonce’s a great performer, but when she talks, lawd… She has a hard time getting the words out. Yet she has no issues singing… It’s fascinating. 

Kinda reminds of me the Warner Brothers frog. One minute singing and dancing, the next minute…

Regardless, condragulations SHANGELA!!!


I know that saliva’s main purpose is to be used as butt sex and fapping lube when your bottle of  FuckWater runs dry.

And I know that it’s second main purpose is to be used to be spit at a trick when they fuck with you and you don’t want to dirty your hands with their nastiness by slapping them.

But it also has another use, and no, I’m talking about “aiding in eating, swallowing, and digestion” (that’s not its main purpose!!!). I’m talking about using it to slick back your hair when gel ain’t around.

That’s exactly what American reporter Matt Bradley did while reporting from Syria, and he got caught on camera doing it.

During a report about contradictions in the White House’s claim that the Islamic State territory in Syria has been 100% destroyed, MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi asked Matt Bradley, who was in Eastern Syria, what the situation was.

Well, Ali, the situation was that Matt Bradley’s beauty wasn’t ready to go live, because he was caught busting out a dollop of nature’s pomade into his hand before slicking back his hair.

There was obviously audio issues, and Matt couldn’t hear Ali, which is why he got caught improvising, adapting, and later overcoming that faux pas on live TV.

Now, all jokes aside, the real problem is that he’s standing in an area of a former civilisation that has been nearly 100% destroyed… But eww, spit.

 It’s very easy to distract the masses from anything serious. 

In a riveting video recorded by a human in New Hampshire, a trio of cars get checked by The Crossing Guard King of New England who commands the humans to stop for the other turkeys so they can safely get to the other side.

Sure, one of the asshole drivers probably thought about how they could just hit the gas pedal and  have a main course for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

But they knew not to step to this traffic-stopping majestic badass!

Netflix has Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, But YouTube has Fucking Shit Up with the anti-organiser pussy.

On the next season of Tidying Up, we need Marie Kondo to come face to whiskers with her nemesis whose idea of sparking joy is messing up your neatly folded-crap.

I have a feeling that Marie Kondo won’t be able to handle the rapid fire way he throws the last three towels, and specially that cute face.

That been said, never trust a cute face they’re evil AF!

Some countries build walls, while others prefer building something a bit different… Giant moose statues, for example. Such countries are two of the greatest (and snowy) on Earth, Canada and Norway.

But despite it sounding so wholesome and innocent, it actually stirred up a competition between these two countries. A fierce competition. No matter how polite and peaceful these nations are, the moose question is serious and both of the countries are ready to engage in the war of enlarging their moose, while the world watches, happy and amoosed.

The thing is, for over 30 years, Moose Jaw, a Canadian town, had been proud of having the world’s tallest moose statue. Reaching 32 feet (9.8 m) and weighing almost 10 tons, Mac The Moose, stood tall in its glory.

But then this guy, Storelgen, showed up in Norway and Mac The Moose was thrust out of the spotlight. The Norwegian competitor is only 12 inches  taller, yet that was enough to be number one.

The news reached the headlines pretty fast:

And here’s my two cents:

I am Canadian but that silver moose looks pretty slick!

When Cardi B is a voice of reason against you, you should know you’re a total fuck up (talking to you, individual one).

I’m not a fan of her, and she may not be the most eloquent, but she doesn’t seem like a selfish human and makes sense every now and then.

The Golden Globes red carpet was full of celebrities last night, but there was only one true star… That’s the FIJI Water girl, who dazzled the internet with a rather strong commitment to the art of blatant promotion.

While many strong-armed employees have carried trays of bottled water in Hollywood before, few can match the passion and the intensity of one promotional Canadian staffer for FIJI Water, who managed to PHOTOBOMB relentlessly during the award ceremony’s red carpet event on Sunday.

Look at her, bottles at the ready, staring into the camera. 

She was everywhere, and you could only wish for this level of commitment in your life.