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Happy Bday Hubby!

Today is Hubby’s  (one of my exes) birthday but I celebrated with him last night ’cause I work this weekend. I spent my Friday shopping from books to clothes, accessories and whatever else I thought he may like. In the end I found something super nice that I wanted to keep for myself but… It was his birthday not mine. #FML

He loved his gift, the place we ate, and my job was done!

It’s always a joy to see my exes, for several reasons, but mostly because they always enhance my qualities. Or in other words, the fucktoy takes a break and my better side takes place. Anyway, I’m off to work. 

Happy bday Hubby!!

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Year Of The Dog

In honour of the Year of the Dog here’s an illustration by the excellent artist Silverjow.

The Lunar Year became part of my cultural celebrations 16 years ago when I met Hubby. Being from Hong Kong I adopted his traditions over the years we were a couple.

After him, the tradition stayed as few of my next long-term boyfriends were also of Chinese background. And the last time I properly celebrated was 2 years ago with my last hot nerd bf (PatrickA,) who was from Shanghai. 

Although, the Lunar Year is a time for millions of Chinese families to come together and celebrate, it’s also a time to endure a barrage of questions from parents demanding their kids when they’re ever going to meet someone and settle down, and those questions are even more stressing when you’re gay.

Homosexuality still a taboo in the very conservative Chinese culture… In fact three of my exes (PatrickA included) were in the closet when we met. One of them came out years later and the other one during, but for PatrickA the issue was a lot more complex as he’s the only son of a wealthy business man. And while he felt free in Montreal he also had the pressure of his dad whenever he had to go back to Shanghai…

Which I believe was one of the reasons of our breakup.

Anyhow, hopefully one day all the people dealing with retrograde cultural ideas will be able to free themselves and live a full life. In the meantime enjoy a delicious hot pot and some yummy nian gao.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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Good Fortune

This morning I went to the other island where Hubby (one of my exes) lives to have breakfast with him. It’s been a while I haven’t take a bus to go over there, but I was all excited ’cause it felt like a small trip out of the city even if it’s only a bridge between Montreal and the South Shore.

Usually he drives me wherever I want to go, but the weather was not very nice and I didn’t want him to come for me.

Once at the resto we talked about personal stuff and my finances as well, as he’s my financial adviser and pretty much the supreme ruler of whatever related to my money.

Yup! That’s how much I trust him.

Hubby is the only man who has showed me countless time (for the last 16 years) how much he cares for me. He’s like my lucky charm, so lucky that this morning he informed me I received 2 refund checks for a nice amount from different organisations…

Which I had no idea!!!

This may sound totally wrong but I tend to over pay bills. In fact, I don’t even take a look at them (that’s why I have Hubby for.) See, money is something I’m not attached to, ironically, many of my exes come from wealthy families. 

When I think about it, I believe part of their attraction for me was the fact I didn’t care how rich they were. Actually, Hubby is looking to purchase a new house.

He’s been hunting around and show me one of the few he saw… He also told me that his mom wants me to live there too haha

I gotta love the moms of my exes, ALL OF THEM were always really nice to me.

Anyhow, I feel really fortunate to have Hubby and all the wonderful exes I have. 

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There are some things that money can’t buy…

Since mostly everything was closed this morning, Hubby (aka Bello) and I decided to Dim Sum. But first he gave me a present… A prepaid credit card! #YAAAS

Jesus I love my ex’s!! 

As usual, time with Hubby is full quality. Being with him feels so natural and while I remain the same expressive person, he’s sometimes tense when my Latin blood gets too affectionate or in-your-face, so it’s funny to see him kind of nervous when he can’t stop me from saying something “scandalous” or do something sweet. 

But again, Asians have another nature and he’s no longer used to me.

Still we had a good time, and he invited me to dinner on Wednesday.

A Christmas dinner organised by his friends. Friends that were also mine when we were a couple, so it’s going to be very nice to see them all again.

In short, I’m sooo Boxing Day tomorrow.

There are some things that money can’t buy… for everything else, there’s… VISA, bitches!

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Merry Xmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS you naughty readers of my nonsense! 

As every year, I hope this post finds you happy, healthy, and surrounded by those you love… it could be your family, partner, booty call, pet friend, a pillow, a bottle of whatever you drink to handle life (and if that’s the case you probably need help!) or your shadow… the only faithful bitch that will stick with you to the end.

And may Santa bring you everything you’ve asked for, unless you were a jerk ’cause jerks are not cool.

As for myself I spent the evening with my dad and my bro. As usual I had to dress up, which I totally hate.

However it was a good excuse to wear a ring Hubby (one of my ex’s) bought me in Prague many years ago. Not only is a beautiful piece but it’s also meaningful to me ’cause he was the guy I spent more years with and the man I thought I will marry… Whom by the way I’m seeing this morning ’cause he’s taking me brunch.

Told you my ex’s are awesome! 

And speaking of… I received a text from Xavier (my last boyfriend) last night. 

I was actually surprised to see his message  because I didn’t expect to hear from him again.

And not because we had any drama but because guys not often value shit, and are so full of it… Regardless, it was sweet and a nostalgic déjà vu… As last year, PatrickA (my ex before Xavier) also messaged me on Christmas Eve.
Anyhow, later on I’m spending the rest of my day like this:

Because nothing say Christmas like getting your sparkly ass spanked! Yeah I haven’t fuck in 3 days and I’m totally due to unwrap some “gift.” 

That been said,  Merry Xmas again! Wishing you all joy, peace and health. 

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Programming Note

I don’t have time for emotions today and YET here I am.

I just finished packing and my luggage is about to explode. This is hell!

For some reason I feel like I’m missing something, when all I ever need is:

  1. An orgasm
  2. Attention
  3. $50,000

I’m leaving to the airport soon and I’m not sure if I’d be able to blog the coming days, or ever again… I mean, hoping nothing go wrong (and I’m still alive) you’ll hear from me.

Otherwise, here are my last words:

To the men of my life

Hubby: I loved you yesterday, I love you still and I always will.
Bunny: From here to the moon and back, I adore you that much.
Justin: You and I, one day, will fall in love again.
Joseph: No one misses you more than I. You marked me for life.
PatrickA: I know the song that makes you think of me. And you also mean all that to me.
Xavier: If there ever comes a day that we can’t be together, keep in your heart, you’ll be in mine forever.
My current lovers: Thank you!

This song is for all of you:

If I don’t come back give my stuff to the less fortunate, all my porn/sex toys to those who need a smile in their soul and my paintings to whoever appreciate my sad work.

Oh! One last word to my boss and to Revenu Quebec: FUCK YOU!

Take care you guys!

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Sweet Of Them

So… Hubby took the to eat and gave me few presents. One of them 2 tshirts and a pair of shorts. And by night besides his fat dick, Randy brought me some pastry as a little bday cake which surprised me because I didn’t expect him to remember anything (he has a flop memory).

However, he sincerely forgot he’s fucking a guy twice his age… So when I told him he was like “liar” and was like “Okay nevermind” lol

Anyway, it was very sweet of both to have such a nice gesture with me.

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