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Because of COVID-19, Theme Parks In Japan Are Asking Roller Coaster Riders To Not Scream

Japan amusement parks 2020 covid-19

This new coronavirus landscape we live in has been an adjustment. People have been buying inflatable suits to hug their loved ones. Restaurants have used mannequins and bumper tables to keep people apart.

Enter: Japan. Japan has some new approaches when it comes to daily life. And that includes roller coasters. Japan has been doing pretty well with coronavirus and lifted its emergency order this week, leading to reopenings including amusement parks.

To help prevent the spread of disease as people interact again, theme parks in Japan have asked that you kindly not scream when you’re on roller coasters. Fearfully shitting your pants is fine, though.

CNN says that new guidelines were issued by the East and West Japan Theme Park Associations. Guidelines include shutting your mouth as much as possible and they ask people to keep conversations to a damn minimum.

I can promise them I won’t scream… because I would never get on those things EVER! I used to love roller coasters, they were amazing to my teenage self. My current self? One minute of pure terror! 

The Robot Dogs Of Singapore

Well guys, it’s official. The end times are here. A disease is attacking the planet and forcing humanity into shelter and now, because we love to speed up our own destruction, there are robot dogs in Singapore that were supposedly created to help us with social distancing.

The current state of this world really is a really long Black Mirror episode.

The Verge says that Singapore has turned to robotics to make sure people are social distancing. Boston Dynamics’ “Spot” robot has been deployed in Singapore’s Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park for a two-week trial run. The robot broadcasts messages reminding people in the park to keep a safe distance.

The robot is controlled by remote, but has sensors to prevent collisions and will also be accompanied by a guide who will be first to die when the robot goes berserk. Flyers have been posted reminding people not to fuck with the robot while it’s on duty:

Singapore’s National Parks Board said that the robot will help reduce the spread of coronavirus because it cuts down on the number of staff needed in the park. The board is also reportedly considering using the robots elsewhere in the city.

Well there you go… When you get tired of being stuck inside due to the pandemic, put on your mask and take a leisurely stroll through the park where a robot dog will shout out a prerecorded voice reminding you to keep your distance. Not at all creepy. Robot dogs being used to enforce order among humanity?

I don’t see how this could go possibly wrong!

Murder Hornets Because 2020 Just Keeps On Going

Murder hornets: The Asian giant hornet has arrived. Bees beware. - Vox

Another day, another story that really starts to feel like 2020 es un año DE MIERDA (shitty year sounds forceful in Spanish).

Asian giant hornets, which have been not-so-fondly dubbed murder hornets, have made their way to North America. They were discovered in British Columbia last summer but there’s growing concern the insects are establishing themselves in the U.S. and Canada.

“They’re like something out of a monster cartoon with this huge yellow-orange face,” said Susan Cobey, a bee breeder in the entomology department of Washington State University (WSU), in an April news release.

Officials in B.C. issued a warning in March about the winter-hibernating hornets appearing this spring and summer after some were found in White Rock, B.C. as well as neighbouring Washington state late last year.

“The Asian giant hornet is classified as a serious honeybee predator. Asian giant hornets hunt insects for food and generally are not interested in humans (however, they have killed as many as 50 people a year in Japan,) pets and livestock. When their nest is disturbed, they will attack with painful stings, which can be hazardous to people’s health,” a provincial bulletin reads.

The queens of this species can grow over five centimetres long, while other hornets are usually around 3.5 centimetres. 

The “murder hornets” invade hives and decapitate all the bees inside in a matter of hours. Scientists worry if they gain a foothold in North America, they’ll decimate already fragile bee populations, which in turn will affect food crop production… 

Giant 'murder hornets' that kill up to 50 people a year spotted ...

Great, without bees humanity will also collapse!

Speaking Of Hell…

Darvaza Crater in the Karakum Desert

Deep in the heart of Turkmenistan’s Karakum Desert, a fiery crater glows day and night. Known colloquially as the Door to Hell or Gates of Hell, this fire pit has been burning continuously for over 50 years.

So what is this crater filled with fire and how did it end up in the desert? For those answers, we need to look back to Turkmenistan’s history…

In 1971, back when the country was part of the Soviet Union, Soviet engineers came to the desert in search of oil fields. A drilling rig was set up to check oil quality in the area, but they quickly realised that they weren’t drilling into oil at all. Instead, their heavy rig was situated on top of a large pocket of natural gas that couldn’t support that immense weight and soon collapsed.

The entire camp crumbled into a giant bowl-shaped cavity called the Darvaza crater. Measuring 230 feet across and 65 feet deep, it is enormous and soon scientists had a real problem on their hands. Not only did the collapse have a ripple effect that caused other multiple craters to open up, but natural gas was rapidly escaping. As natural gas is mainly made from methane, which sucks up oxygen and makes it hard to breathe, there was a real concern not only for wildlife but also for people living in the nearby village of Derweze. In fact, these fears were warranted because not long after the collapse, animals in the desert began to die.

Darvaza Crater at Night

That’s when scientists sprung into action and decided to burn off the gas, as natural gas can’t be trapped. They expected the process to take a few weeks, but they were wrong, the flames have been burning ever since. In fact, scientists still don’t understand how much natural gas is fueling the fire. Now, the Darvaza crater attracts hundreds of tourists a year who come to take in the strange and sinister-looking phenomenon.

Darvaza Crater at NightWomen Facing Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan at Night

Well,  I don’t think I would adventure myself over there.

It looks terrifying and unpredictable! 

TV Psychic Sylvia Browne Predicted Coronavirus in Her 2008 book

A book titled End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World, written by Sylvia Browne (who died in 2013,) a TV psychic, apparently predicted the global outbreak of Coronavirus.

The book was first published in 2008! 

I don’t believe in these so-called TV “psychics,” but those lines are undoubtedly spooky! 

Interactive Web Site Tracks the Global Spread of the Coronavirus

Johns Hopkins has created an interactive website that tracks the spread of the coronavirus around the globe.

 The site is updated daily, if not several times per day. And it shows the number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the globe (along with the precise location on a map), the number of people who have recovered from the virus, and the total number who have perished. 

I usually don’t post serious issues on my blog (unless someone had a serious dick,) but the coronavirus virus is taking on a more global dimension. That’s all reflected on the Johns Hopkins site, whose data is drawn from the WHOCDCECDCNHC and DXY.

You can read more about the interactive website at The Lancet.

Ingenious Billboard Uses Shadows to Turn Into DRACULA

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a well-known tale, which is why ad executives in the UK needed to get creative when coming up with a campaign for the BBC’s new series.

Dracula premiered on New Year’s Day and in the lead-up to the event, BBC Creative dreamed up an eye-catching billboard that gets spookier as the sun goes down.

Dracula Billboard by BBC Creative


Just as vampires only appear at night, there’s no trace of Dracula as the sun shines. Instead, once night falls, his sinister shadow emerges across the billboard. Mouth open wide and fangs out, there’s no mistaking the silhouette of the show’s lead character.

And just to help fight him off, there’s even a glass case in front of the sign that states “In Case of Vampires, Break.” What’s inside? A stake, of course.

Dracula Billboard for New BBC Series

Now, I’ve been curious to watch it (playing on Netflix here in Canada,) but I still don’t dare… See, daddy Dracula frightened me as a kid (those old school with Christopher Lee) and he still does I guess… Which is ironic considering that I’m a #vampire too. 

Regardless, that billboard is brilliant! 

Sinister Sunrise

Athens-based photographer Elias Chasiotis was visiting Qatar in late December 2019 when he captured a photo of an annular eclipse that has since gone viral.

Taken at sunrise as a part of a series, the image shows the moon covering the centre of a red sun. The timing of the photograph turns the crimson star into curved horns emerging from the horizon.

It looks like the moment the devil is waking up.