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Just in time for Halloween I found this glorious piece online that belongs to artist Dean Skinner.

North Korea nightmare, Kim Jong-Un, in all of his sociopathic glory.

Related imageWe all laughed when Tom DeLonge quit his once-hugely successful punk-pop band Blink-182 in order to follow his dream of finding aliens or some shit. Well, Tom DeLonge found UFOs.

His company, the To the Stars Academy, published videos which have now been confirmed to be legitimate. So technically he leaked private information? 

I’m not sure if this is just a hoax created by thU.S. government to justify their idiotic Space Force idea or what, but the Navy is saying that Tom was telling the truth. 

Vice reports that Tom’s To The Stars Academy posted video alleged to be of U.S. Navy Fighter Pilots seeing a UAP: Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

Here are the videos they found:

An alien invasion may not be such a bad thing at this point.

Some intelligent life form in charge would be a refreshing change tbh.

So, there’s a lot going on here. I’d previously read about this story of an Instagrammer selling her bath water (listen: who hasn’t?) to “thirsty gamer boys” but did you know there was a herpes rumour twist? Of course there is.

Belle Delphine, who has 4 million followers on Instagram and 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, sold her bath water to people through her website and people bought it (why did I go to university?). Afterwards, a rumour began about people who had allegedly contracted herpes because of the bath water purchased. Well don’t worry, it was just a rumour! So you can feel free to drink up all the dirty bath water purchased over the internet that you want!

Snopes says that you “thirsty gamer boys” out there are in the clear! Well from the herpes bath water, at least–I’d imagine you have other issues to deal with if you’re buying some stranger’s bath water because you think she’s hot… But at least you can sleep knowing this rumour is a certified LIE!

Selling out bath water?! This is an entrepreneuse!!!

Look at this businesswoman: bathing ten times a day just to keep up her supply and demand!

So here’s where things get creepy…creepier. A rumor started that people got herpes. This was all because of a Twitter account which has since been found to be fraudulent.

I guess some people don’t really know about how STDs can be transmitted….

Anyway regardless of virgins ignorance and old perverts, if you buy someones bathing water, you deserve all the herpes!!

Six years ago, the eyes of the internet were dusted with shards of glitter when we all watched the Prancercise unicorn, Joanna Rohrback, prance like an uppity gay stallion prancing past their haters. And today, we get knocked over by another equine wonder, but this one is all athletic and shit.

Some horse girls grow up to be annoying blond pop stars who actually never grow up (see: Taylor Swift) and some horse girls grow up to become horses in the body of a human woman, like Ayla Kirstine! 

Ayla Kirstine has gone viral in Germany (“gone viral in Germany” is the new “I’m famous in Germany“) thanks to social media videos of her galloping around like Tarzan if Tarzan got raised by Seabiscuit’s relatives instead of great apes.


When I first saw that video, I reached for the BenGay (which becomes BenGayer as soon as I slather it on my body), because my old back and joints started to hurt. Then I wondered if this was a fetish.

It’s definitely a fetish… A creepy one!

A new Netflix documentary, called “Our Planet,” is getting people’s attention… The documentary is ruthless in its exposé of the devastating effects of climate change.

One particular scene shows dozens of walruses plunging to their deaths, a phenomenon that is supposedly linked to climate change.

We see walruses climbing to the top of a rocky hill. Because the ice has melted, the walrus have to go far to find food and return exhausted to the only place they can sleep: on a cramped hillside.

Just heartbreaking. 

Jack Nicholson did it (okay). As have Heath Ledger (great) and Jared Leto (meh).

Now it’s Joaquin Phoenix’s turn to play the iconic villain in an upcoming origin Joker movie directed by Todd Phillips.

Joker is intended to be the first film in a series of DC-based films separate from the shared DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Joaquin’s character begins as a failed stand-up comedian who eventually morphs into a murdering psychopath…

A movie without CGI and pure acting makes it very realistic.

In my humble opinion, Joaquin Phoenix  was a great choice for portraying a truly damaged individual such as the joker.

For decades the shores of Brittany in France have looked like the graveyard of broken 80s tween bedroom dreams, because busted Garfield phones have been washing up onto land, sometimes 200 a year.

Nobody knew exactly why, until recently that the mystery of Le Garfield Phone Beach has been solved!

A farmer revealed that a major storm in the 80s most likely knocked a container off of a ship and the container ended up in a nearby cave where its cargo, the Garfield phones, have been slowly leaking out.

Treasure historians can now update their files, because the greatest and biggest treasure ever found is the mountain of Garfield phones in Brittany!