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So it’s come to this.

We all know how this is going to go. Guthrie is going to ask Sandmann if he is a bad person, and he is going to say, “No, I’m actually a good person,” or whatever the Republican PR firm his parents hired tell him to say, and Guthrie is going to ask, “How did it feel,” and he will say, “I was really scared.” She might ask, “What about the kids doing the tomahawk chop?” He’ll probably say, “Well I wasn’t, and that was wrong.”

Guthrie likely won’t ask, “You and your friends were wearing MAGA hats, a universal symbol of white supremacy, isn’t that kind of an issue?” 

She likely won’t ask, “You were this huge crowd of boys, high on your own testosterone, filled with obvious hate, who surrounded an elderly Native American veteran and taunted him with racist gestures, why in the world should anyone be sympathetic towards you?”

White teenage boys always get sympathy in America.

She likely won’t ask, “Why shouldn’t we believe what we all saw with our own eyes?” The official position now is that what we saw with our own eyes was wrong. WTF!!!

Will anyone on the opposite side of this story, Nathan Phillips, for instance, be interviewed? I guess we’ll find out.

But Sandmann’s journey of lucrative victimhood is now well on its way.

This kid will literally get fucking FAME out of being a complete shit!

Sometimes I wish Canada builds a wall. Christ.


Business Insider reports:

Gillette is calling on men to step it up. A new ad, called “We Believe” and lasting a minute and a half, encourages men to to change their behavior. It directly invokes the #MeToo movement in order to directly confront America’s culture of “toxic masculinity.”

“Gillette believes in the best in men; that by holding each other accountable, eliminating excuses for bad behavior, and supporting a new generation working toward their personal ‘best,’ we can deliver positive change that will matter for years to come,” Gary Coombe, president of Gillette parent Procter & Gamble’s global grooming business, said.

And as you’d expect, douchebags pro-sexual assault right wingers so-called men are screaming “boycott” and pouring into the clip’s comments on YouTube.

This is the clip:

I wondered what the hell they were so butthurt over? 

They call libs snowflakes, but no one whines more than the right does when they encounter beliefs that challenge their own…

Seriously, teaching men to treat women (and each other) with respect is not emasculating men! Insecure dumbfucks.

Who knew that electing a toddler president would lead to problems!

This is beyond disappointing.

Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most famous and powerful queer people in the world, has extended herself mightily to exonerate Kevin Hart for his past homophobia, seeming to overlook the fact that he claims to have apologised back in the day (but didn’t) and that he is still extremely defensive, not apologetic.

On her show, he said that he’s apologised and admitted that those tweets were wrong and felt that stepping down from the hosting gig was the right thing to do because he didn’t want to take any attention away from the nominees. That’s when Ellen, who looked like she was minutes away from putting her hand up to his mouth and saying “I’mma let you finish” the entire time, finally had a chance to add her two cents.

“What we’re going to get to see on stage with you hosting the Oscars is sophistication, class, hilarity and you growing as a person,” she said. “Because most people would say, ‘I’m walking away … ’ For you to be the bigger man, for you to say I understand …and to not pay attention. There are so many haters out there. Whatever is going on in the internet, don’t pay attention to them. That’s a small group of people being very, very loud. We are a huge group of people who love you and want to see you host the Oscars.”

Really Ellen? Who is WE? Such a fucking victim he is!

This wasn’t some lame joke you could make a free speech argument out of, this was him saying he would hit his child if he sees them playing with dolls. Ignoring the homophobia (which BTW, seriously, Ellen, you of all people?) this was not a comedian in their “stage persona” attempting being funny or controversial. This was pure, unfiltered him bragging about threatening violence against another human being.


In yesterday’s Washington Post: Who Died and Made Ellen the Gay Pope?, appropriately bashing her for trying to speak for an entire community, to grant absolution she has no right to grant.

So…. Kathy Griffin’s comedy is “too mean” and precludes her from appearing on Ellen, but she’ll have on homophobe Hart and even advocate for him? What a fraud.

I’m all for second chances, but find Ellen’s hypocrisy in this instance to be pretty blatant.

And also, nobody wants to see a talentless runt host that shit!

Last year’s most obvious evidence of natural selection at work was the ‘Tide Pod Challenge,’ with the dumb, gullible and reckless voluntarily poisoning themselves for a few likes on social media.

Well, we are only a couple of days into the new year and 2019’s stupidest craze has already arrived, with people walking around, driving and doing everyday things blindfolded to make ‘hilarious’ videos because attentionwhoring is a pandemic.

Sandra’s performance in Bird Box, where she yells at unnamed children and never opens her eyes–has really touched something in the dumbest people of the world, and they are out there doing the same…

So, Netflix tweeted an obvious warning after noticing they may be held criminally liable for dangerous idiots when they accidentally became responsible for the newest internet craze: the Bird Box Challenge where IDIOTS put on blindfolds, and lives at risk.

I know that I’m probably taking this too seriously but this feels like “disability tourism” based on a overhyped Netflix movie. These morons do this challenge, then they post it and watch it and laugh.

Do they stop and think that people live with actual blindness everyday?

It’s all fun when you can take the blindfolds off and see again.

This Bird Box challenge is both stupid AND offensive!

Hey humans, why don’t you play the Lemming challenge?

Happy New Year, let’s keep being fucking stupid with things like this.

I have no clue who this person is, but he was chosen to host the FlOpscars.

However, it seems that he tweeted some truly disgusting anti-gay hate speech within the past 10 years, and when those tweets were presented to him, he refused to apologise, instead saying he was in love with his new self.

Then, the Academy demanded he apologise, to which he said no.

Now, he has apologised, all he ever had to do, but is taking his ignorant antics and going home, stepping down as host, a gig he had recently said was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You know, I seriously have no idea who this irrelevant is but for what I’m reading he’s as funny as his homophobia.

He is clearly insecure, impossibly nauseating, and devastatingly uneducated. But like any homophobic, his fixation with gay people only shows the denial of his real essence.

He’s probably into trannies and femboys. Like most straight black guys.

People has the right to protest and march for whatever cause, but that doesn’t give them the right to vandalise and commit criminal acts. 

Over the weekend, the “gilets jaunes” (yellow vests) rioters torched cars, smashed windows, and looted stores all over. And at l’Arc de Triomphe, rioters plastered the monument in graffiti and smashed several sculptures, including one by François Rude depicting Marianne, goddess of liberty and a national symbol of the French Republic.


Even HITLER had some respect for l’Arc de Triomphe and Napoleon.

During a ceremony to revive the flame of the Unknown Soldier in Paris, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Armed Forces Genevieve Darrieussecq says the protesters who vandalised the Arc de Triomphe “attacked France.” And I totally agree.

Those are not civilians, those are CRIMINALS! Period.