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Body Ache by Britney Spears

I know you feel my fire, draw you into my flame.


Je Te Rends Ton Amour by GODDESS Mylène Farmer

J’ai cru la fable d’un mortel aimé, tu m’a trompé…

La Madrague by LEGEND Brigitte Bardot

Mon chagrin ne sera pour personne.

Everyone was predicting Gaga would win because she’s popular and all that, even Glenn LEGEND Close… A woman with many nominations and no wins, a woman who’s been acting for almost 45 years and is widely admired as an actor’s actor. A legend, an icon! 

I’ve always consider GLENN CLOSE as the GREATEST AMERICAN ACTRESS. In my eyes even greater than Meryl Streep.

This award was overdue, and the fucking Oscar too!

Bohemia by LEGEND Andres Calamaro

Primero sé que voy camino a nada, pero a veces no me importa…

Las Campanas del Amor by GODDESS Monica Naranjo

El tiempo, el mar, tú y yo. 

Vannessa Paradis just turned 46 and I cannot believe it!

Maybe it’s because she has been ageless for as long as anyone can remember that I forget Vanessa first became a star at the age of 14, when her song “Joe le Taxi,” top the charts in 1987 in her native France.

She’d go on, of course, to become a wonderful actress, a fashion icon, a Chanel fixture (Karl Lagerfeld’s muse,) a wife to Johnny Depp (and then ex-wife,) a mom to Lily-Rose. And she sailed through all of it with her indelible je ne sais quoi.

Her particular voice, unique beauty and magnetic presence made of Vanessa an icon.

Below two of my favourite songs:

Happy birthday icon!