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Tributes To Commemorate Stan Lee’s Life

Yesterday, on the 12th of November, one of the most famous American comic book writers and publishers, Stan Lee, passed away. Alongside other legends (Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko) he created such iconic heroes as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and many more, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered by generations to come.

Fans all over the world are already sharing tribute art in honour of this iconic man that not only gave us joy, but also condemned bigotry and racism in his work.

This column titled “Stan’s Soapbox” from 1968 stands out even after five decades, as the issues he touched upon are still very relevant in our society.

If we ought to remember Stan Lee for anything, it should probably be those words.

Below some tribute art in honour of this legendary man:

There’s no chance he’ll be forgotten!!

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LIVE of The Day

Kambalaya by GODDESS Monica Naranjo

Por tí, por mí, guaradaré mi libertad.

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OMG NO! Stan Lee Has Died

I’m still awake from my 2 hours of sleep last night, I was in zombie mode the whole day but I’m a sad zombie now because I just read that Stan Lee has die.

Stan Lee, who I thought would live until the end of eternity, is now making his way to the great big Comic-Con in the afterworld after he died today in Los Angeles.

Stan’s daughter tells TMZ that he was taken by ambulance from his home in the Hollywood Hills to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning, and that’s where he died. He was 95 years old.

Stan Lee (born name: Stanley Martin Lieber) is one of the reasons why many actors can put their hands under their b-holes and fart out a $100 bill when paying for anything.

He co-created iconic comics like Spider-Man, X-Men, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Iron ManThor and pretty much many more. 

This is why I don’t believe in a “God,” when humans like him (who made millions of people happy) die while evil garbage causing chaos in our world still alive.

Stan Lee absolutely changed the world!

He was a hero and showed us that it is in fact possible for us real world humans to be super heroes. We all have the ability inside us. He didn’t create a path for us to escape life through fiction, he is one of those who showed us there exists a path in our own lives for each of us to be somebody’s superhero.

RIP, Mr. Lee.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Shape of My Heart by Sting

I’m not a man of too many faces…

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Timeless Classic Of the Day

History Repeating by Propellerheads ft LEGEND of LEGENDS Shirley Bassey

Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving…

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Tune Of The Day: HALLOWEEN Edition

The songs below have the right mood for this day. Enjoy!

Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Off with your head, dance ’til you’re dead.

Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift 

Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time.

Love Song For A Vampire by LEGEND Annie Lennox

Come into these arms again and set this spirit free.

La Chica Vampira by Papa Topo

Me he convertido en su amante clandestino…

The Phantom of the Opera (techno remix) by Harajuku

Sing once again with me our strange duet.

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Baby One More Time at 20

It’s autumn 1998. Red and yellow all over. You’re in a car or bus on the way to school and the radio’s on the stereo. What kind of boring, stupid stuff are you going to have to do today?

It’s sooo early and you’re sooo tired.

Dun DUN DUN. “Oh bwoybay, bwoybay”.

Your ears tune in and you ask your mum to turn it up. It’s Britney Spears’s debut single “…Baby One More Time” and by the first chorus you’re hooked.

That was the story of most humans, but not mine.

I HATED that song so much. I hated her voice and found her boring. 

And although I still find her boring, I’ve learnt to love Britney… But more than the performer, the person that she is.

Unlike most celebrities out there looking for attention 24/7 (read: Madonna, Perry, Gaga, Kanye, Beyawnce, Cardi whatever, etc) Britney keeps it real and not desperate.

She comes, lip sync, shake her arms, her wig, cash her money and go home.

Her simplicity makes her special because she’s not trying-hard like all the rest, and yet, still making millions for it. That’s a talent.

20 years ago she was a 16 yo kid. 

Today she’s a wonderful woman, a great mum and an iconic pop star.

Chapeau Britney Spears! 

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